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In a Sea of Buoys

Updated on November 12, 2022
The Stages Of ME profile image

Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Are You Floating on Top or Sinking to the Bottom

One day you’re floating near the top; the next, you’re sinking to the bottom. Have you ever wished you could see ahead of time which way your day would go? Standing firm is challenging. Therefore, we need faith as our anchor.

Today, which is it? Are you standing securely, holding up under pressure, or sinking? Is your buoy tipping a little, or is it feeling weighted and heavy?

On any day, we may start in one position and end in another. Life is a continuum. We sometimes forget the days that proceeded, whether positive or negative. But, we do our best to learn from the past. Because of our faith and hope, we constantly push ahead. We know forgiveness, yet still, we struggle.

It doesn’t matter your age or what talents you can share. Where you live or the assumptions others think about you. None of these differ from God because you matter to God. In our daily ritual of bobbing up and down, we lean on Him to stay afloat because He is all we need.

God knows you at every moment. So think about that for a moment? Lay still in your buoyant sea and as you sway with the rise and fall of circumstance with the faith that God loves you. If He is allowing your moment, then He will also use it.

He may even allow an attack or two, causing you to experience doubt. In these moments, hold on tighter to Him. He has claimed you for His purpose, and the surrender is tedious but well worth it, as He works all things for good.

His entire purpose is the reason we live. We claim to understand His will, and yet our human nature intercedes. If this is true, why do we battle with trusting His purpose?

First, it’s because we’re human, and second, because emotional and physical pain are real. But the most important thing to remember is that we’re not alone in our experiences or trials. He will test our strength and even allow our brokenness, yet He never leaves us. He wants us to trust in Him.

Don't Clump God in With People

People let us down, and we still clump God in a pile with them. What a mistake this is! God never disappoints. When we choose Christ, we never standalone; God sends the strength to weather the storm. He lifts us back up or at the least provides the skills to ride the wave. We quickly cut his power when comparing Him to people or situations. How can we even attempt to reach others to God? He is perfect, and the rest of us are imperfect. Also, when He allows the struggle, He uses it for good.

God wants our burdens and handles them. People are not the same as they may want to take things on, but they have their troubles.

Sometimes we jump, expecting much from people. We forget they are hanging on to their buoy. They’re looking up and seeking God, sometimes losing their grip.

Rather than rafting our buoys together, we isolate and drift apart.

In these moments of isolation, we may even doubt God. When we lose faith, we are at risk of separation. Life complicates the ability to accept that our God is constant. We strive daily to resemble Him by allowing those in the sea with us right where they are in their current.

We attempt to hold and lift one another in the trials. Always subject to the reality that we are human and need help.

As buoys float, we can too! We either push one another under or band together, holding one another up. It’s tough keeping ourselves afloat unless we band together, adding buoyancy to those around us.

We should do so without expectation, always responding with our heart, ensuring we are listening to and relying on our King.

Imperfect people make mistakes. Some actions are selfish, others are selfless. Finding a balance is crucial as we float through life. Some of our efforts help others, and some allow us to learn and grow through the experiences.

We will do both messing up and becoming part of the solutions. As we seek God, we will continue to learn, and the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to us in His timing as long as we keep floating together for His purpose and not our own.

Bethany Today She Held On!!!!!!! And God's Timing Came to Be!!!!!!

Rafting Up For The Ride

Water rushes over your head when the shark attacks come, making it challenging to get your breath. Know this God is lifting you as you hold fast to the buoys in your everyday life.

If you don’t feel you deserve His grace, remember He paid your debt, and you’re free to love and live because He died! I hope you understand everyone is holding firm to their buoys. We’re not perfect; we’re the same, living in faith, believing in grace.

I hope you see people on your ride inviting you to raft with them. The brightest will dim, and you can light them back up as they ignite you. Reach out, act, forgive, explore, and believe in faith. Everyone is worth it because that is the way to love.

In the moments when you see others acting out, remember they resemble you, holding on to their buoys. Keeping afloat is easy sometimes, and you need a little help.

Admitting our imperfections is perfect because this makes us real. To be authentic is to accept imperfection. You will face challenges in everyday life. People will be stronger as a whole if we raft together; love binds as we reciprocate the same.

Please understand the learning process is a continuum. Our convictions and experiences come from our Jesus, who lives. The trials are a part of our story, and God will bless you, for He is our strength in all circumstances.

There will be days we don’t understand, and to imagine how He will spin it is evading our mind. We are living in the experiences and not the future of His victory. Our flesh is weak, but His promises are perfect. He has terrific plans even when not aware of how He uses our story for His.

Psalm 71:14

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more

Romans 5:5

And hope does not disappoint us because God has poured His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.

Daniel 6:26-27

He is the living God, and He will endure forever. His kingdom will never be destroyed, and His rule will never end. He rescues and saves His people; He performs miraculous signs and wonders in the heavens and earth.

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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