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So, Is There a God?

Updated on March 15, 2015

Who In the Universe Are You, Anyway?

At any given moment, the human body consists of around 50 trillion cells, give or take. And those cells are being continually replaced. Yet the entity remains, the consciousness intact. The universe operates like that, too. Stars are always blinking on and off. Yet the universe remains. Energy, being neither created nor destroyed, simply changes form, or expression. Continually. The body, the universe, will eventually blink out as they appear, but the energy will remain. No matter the appearance, the energy remains. And there is only one energy. That's what we might call God. So, in essence, we are indeed God. Not gods. Just God. And God remains, no matter the appearance.

God is not separate or distinct from the appearance, either. The energy in the tree and the energy in the human and the energy in the star is one energy. A gazillion appearances, that is, to us. But only one energy. One power. One presence. Ultimately, One Life.

That's who you are.

Any scientist who knows their stuff will tell you the same thing.


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