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So Long, The Adventure Begins

Updated on January 24, 2012

so long, so long

The Adventure Begins

Any of you who have read my postings before have realized that I write with the purpose of sharing my story. I write in hopes of offering perspective and help for people who may be drifting. I’m a big city kind of smart alleck who loves sarcasm and sentimentality in equal measures.

This will be the last Abundant Old Soul Hub Pages. I’m not an old soul anymore. I'm simply an Abundant Soul. Facebook Pharacies, Twitter Twits and MySpacemen have drifted into the cybersphere of vaccous jibberish.

Guess what!!!!!!! Life is Great!!!!!! Life is Good!!!!! I teach. I tell. I trumpet gratitude. I have something to say. I have lots to learn. Look out world!

I’ll be writing on hub pages and other places, so look for me. Here's a hint- I now watch miracles happen. I have recently published an article in Teaching Wisconsin!! I have a series planned, with an accepted proposal for the same publication. Wisconsin Teachers- Watch for me!!!!! Miracles happen!!!! Miracles exist!!!! Be a Miracle Watcher and you'll see the miracles. Believe it or not!!!!!

The New Ten Commandments, if I may be so bold: Oh,, why not?

1. Thou shalt believe

2. Thou shalt be mindful

3. Thou shalt ignore those who hate you

4. Thou shalt stay away from Butinskys; they don’t have time for goodness

5. Thou shalt look for miracles- they happen

6. Thou shalt accept Goodness

7. Thou shalt reject hatred, racism and any other isms.

8. Thou shalt see with more than thine eyes. See with thy heart.

9. Thou shalt....... see the eighth commandmant.

10. -----------------------------Thou shalt fill in the blank. ( choice theory you know)

There’s no tenth commandment? Who said I could count?

I bid you peace



see the goodness!!!

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