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So You Wanna Be Rich

Updated on November 20, 2015

So You Wanna Be Rich

Most people dream about being rich. Many try different ways to make that happen, but without success. Others are able to reach a moderate level of wealth. Still a very few others are able to reach a high level of wealth, and are considered to be rich. So how did those few make it to that high level?

There are at least four ways to become wealthy. Many people inherit wealth, and some are smart enough to maintain that wealth or increase it. Some play the lottery and a few of them get lucky and win a fortune. Others develop their talents and commercially utilize those talents to become wealthy. Still others create something such as an invention, a book, or a song that they sell and make a lot of money from.

What about those who haven't inherited wealth or haven't been lucky enough to win the lottery? What about those who don't have a talent that they could utilize to make them wealthy; and others who haven't been able to create something that they could sell to make them wealthy?

Many of those "average" people look back and say, "if I had only done something differently, I would be wealthy today." What could they have done and what could they do today?

There are four things to remember in regard to becoming wealthy. The first is to be focused on your goal. If you don't stay focused, you lose time, and time is an important factor. You must use your time wisely and look for opportunities; remember, many get rich by finding the right opportunity and using it to their advantage.

The second thing to remember is to have positive thoughts, and avoid negativity when possible. This will help you to remain positive about your goal to become wealthy. In your quest for wealth, try to avoid scams that try to entice you to believe you could "get rich quick." These scams usually require that you pay a certain amount for either a product or information that will supposedly help you to become wealthy.

You've probably heard the saying, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Remember that the people behind the scams are trying to get rich by selling bogus products or information. Don't be their victim.

Thirdly, be persistent about your goal of becoming rich. If you don't keep trying, then you won't reach your goal. Many fail because they feel that they can't do anything about their situation, and they give up. Part of being successful is believing that you can overcome a bad situation, and make it better. Remember that people limit themselves by accepting limits. Okay, it all sounds good, but how can someone actually begin traveling on the road to riches?

Normally, people don't become instantly wealthy. Therefore, the final thing to remember is that the best way to wealth is to sell something, and make a profit. Most people get rich by making or buying something at a low cost, and then selling it for more than they paid. Then they expand this process until they are wealthy. Sounds simple enough, but where did they get the money to start their business?

How many times have you heard people say, "if I only knew then what I know now?" But most of the time it's not too late to apply what you have learned in life. One thing to do is save money until you have enough to start your business. You may have to do without extras so that you can save money. You may have to work extra hours to make money to save. But if you deposit enough money into a savings account at a bank, it could become collateral for a business loan.

You could try to borrow money from family and friends when you have a promising business venture for them to invest in. But if you borrow money, make sure you repay it even if your business venture fails. Someday, you may need to borrow from that source again.

If you maintain a good credit rating, you may qualify for one or more credit cards from which you could get cash advances. This money may help you start a small business by purchasing products for resale. These should be products that you know a lot about, and are interested in.

Is it immoral to be rich? The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. It is the love of money, not money itself, that is the root of all evil. I don't believe God wants people to be poor. He just wants them to realize that life is more important than money, and that money cannot save your soul from death. The purpose of money should just be to buy things we need. Many times people get caught up in materialism, and forget about the true meaning of life.

In regard to material needs, the Bible tells us the following:

For all these things do the nations of the world seek after; and your Father knows that you have need of these things. But rather seek the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.

(Luke, Chapter 12, Verses 30 and 31)

Being rich is not wrong, but our first priority should be to find the way to the kingdom of God. As a Christian, a person is usually in alignment with God's will, and His will is for people to have what they need. In God's eyes, people having wealth is good, if they have a good attitude when it comes to sharing and helping others in need.

You've probably heard the expression, "You can't take it with you," which refers to your wealth when you die. The Bible tells us the following:

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust corrupts, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust corrupts, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

(Matthew, Chapter 6, Verses 19 through 21)

God has promised that if you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior, your reward will be eternal life in a perfect world. Someday Jesus will return and take all Christians, living and dead, to Heaven. Those who had died will be resurrected and join those who are living. Then all Christians will become perfect and have eternal life.

The Bible tells us in the following verse: God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, nor pain, because the former things are passed away.

(Revelation, Chapter 21, Verse 4)

The only thing wrong with being rich is having a selfish attitude about it. It's okay to want to be wealthy, and to find a legitimate way to become wealthy. But when you die, your wealth won't matter. What will matter is what happens to you after you die. As a Christian, your real treasure will be in heaven.

In Summary; So if you wanna be rich, focus on your goal and take advantage of opportunities. Stay positive about your goal and avoid get-rich-quick schemes. Be persistent; if you stop trying, you won't reach your goal. If you can't become instantly wealthy, then you could make or buy something at low cost and sell it for a profit. Then expand this process until you become wealthy.

If you don't have money to start your business, try to save money until you can begin. You might want to deposit money into a savings account and use it as collateral for a bank loan. You could also try to borrow money from family and friends to start your business. Or you could try to obtain credit cards from which to get cash advances to start.

Is it wrong to be rich? The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. So just having money is not wrong; we should consider life to be more important. Money is for buying what we need; it cannot save us from death. We should be more concerned about life than our material needs. The Bible tells us to seek the kingdom of God and our needs will be met. As Christians, having wealth is just a way to be able to help others in need.

God promises that if you believe in Jesus as your savior, you will receive eternal life. Someday Jesus will return and take all Christians to Heaven. They will be perfect and have eternal life. Wealth can be damaged, lost, or stolen. You cannot take your wealth with you when you die. It's okay to be wealthy, but when you die, your wealth won't matter to you. What will matter is what happens to you after that. As a Christian, your real treasure will be in Heaven.

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    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 5 years ago from Kingston, ON first I thought it was an article about being positive and working hard to get ahead in life. Then you snuck some religious stuff in there. There is no advantage to being rich, but several disadvantages to being poor. Try hard, work hard, and always be positive. Once you have enought money to take care of you and your family, help others out. If everyone did this the world would be a better place. Voting up!