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True Ghost Story: So It Was Halloween Night And I Was The Last One At The Skatepark.

Updated on January 26, 2015

So it was just like any regular day in the fall, I swore. But little did I know... It would turn out to be an event of nightmares. Okay so I got up that halloween morning, ate breakfast. (Only because my mom would always get mad at me if I didn't eat breakfast so I pretty much got that down now but anyway) I got up, chomped on some cereal and fruit and I was out the door, on my way to the park. This is how I would usually start my day, go skate the park for a while with my friends, then at lunch head down to the stores and get some food, maybe hit some skate spots on the way there and know just have fun, not really plan anything.

So after we had ate, we just skated the park all day. Saw some pretty awesomely weird costumes. I wanted to dress up but I was so busy that week, I forgot to buy a costume but regardless I had a pretty fun day. Now it was around 5:30 pm at this point and everyone was leaving, because where I'm from, it gets dark pretty early in the fall. I was supposed to be getting picked up at this time too. Now it was 6:00 pm and I was the last one at the skatepark.

I am not one to get afraid of ghosts or things of that nature so as usual I wasn't thinking anything of it, being alone there at a brand new skatepark where they don't have all the lighting set up yet so the only light is in the parking lot. I was sure they were still coming. So I just kept on skateboarding, couldn't really see. I made it work, couldn't really try anything to hard so I started getting angry. Then I eventually just stopped and went to sit down on a barrier in the parking lot. I had to have been sitting there for about a full hour. Just listening to the music on my phone with my earphones in. You would have sworn it was a ghost town where I was. It was so quiet. No vehicles. Nothing. Now I was starting to feel isolated. There was literally no people around but me.

I started thinking of walking home but I was just so exhausted from earlier that day. It was 8:00 pm now and I was cold, exhausted and I decided to start walking if no one showed by 8:15 pm. So during that fifteen minutes. Something unexplainable happened. Something straight out of a horror movie. Okay here's what happened. So I started feeling extra, extra cold and I wondered why. Because I was good up until this point. I took my ear buds out to observe the environment for while because it just didn't seem right. And before I could get my left ear bud out I felt what I can identify as... fear. I don't know how. I don't scared of these kinds of things I was telling myself.

I was overtaken by fear and isolation. I knew something was there so I looked up and I saw a flying man. Well it appeared to be a white figure resembling a man. It came flying from behind the building just across the street from me. And it flew as if it were one with the wind. It was not nice. It stopped moving when it saw me see it. About.. just a few feet from me. Yeah. It had no face. Well no facial features is the best way I could describe it. The thing. Whatever it was. Brought all sad and evil feelings with it. It stared at me. It stared at me for about 30 seconds, which felt like 5 minutes. It was evil. After staring at me directly face to face for a while, I was frozen but I remembered this time when I was a kid, I saw what appeared to be a shadow person.

I just stared at it and tried to stay brave. And it worked! So I did exactly that and the thing appeared aggravated that I was so calm and collected. Then it flew away. Faster than any bird or plane you have ever seen. It flew away faster than the speed of light. But I could still see it as clear as day as it flew away. Like a streak of white flying faster than our fastest jet. A streak of white. NOT white light. A streak of white. I felt what it was, and it was not nice. I felt as if I was emptied of all my happiness for about 30 seconds. I'm not exactly sure how I was able to see it as clear as I did while it traveled through the air. While it flew away. I just don't know. All I know is whatever I saw could have did way more harm to me then it did if I hadn't acted courageous. That night changed my life.

This Demon above is somewhat close to what I saw.
This Demon above is somewhat close to what I saw.

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