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Society should not be allowed to rot.

Updated on October 20, 2012

Some great Minds.

Why God incarnate in every age?

The ancient philosophers from the East have toiled for centuries to find our the basic Truths that govern the creation and to a great extent, the human life. If we look at the stone age, people were thriving only through 'survivor instinct'. They were in the most primitive stages of evolution. They do not have any sophistication as is obtained to day. We are all far more fortunate than our ancestors. For every little thing, they have to break their head to find a solution. The main reason is that they do not have any prior knowledge about life and every thing evolved with 'trial and error method'. In contrast, to day we have all the sophisticated tools of technology to lead a comfortable life in a dignified manner. But the question is "Do we live our lives in a dignified manner? Unfortunately the answer is a big "NO".

The main reason for the present condition of man is 'pure selfishness and greed'. Every one want to grab and none want to relent. But people in ancient society, though living in hazardous living conditions learned to live in groups to protect themselves from wild animals. They lived by 'hunting gathering'. Their needs were meager. Food to satiate hunger, a shelter to keep their grains, and fire to keep them warm since they used to sleep mostly in the open. The fire is a protection from wild animals too. Their life was full of toil and hence they had good sleep after a grueling day of hunting.

If we examine the living conditions of people now, it is by far better. They have all the resources at hand. They need not toil like the stone age people for filling their belly. This is only a general description of 'middle class people' and i do not compare with poor destitute who find it hard to find one meal a day. When the stone age people started learning through their experience, they slowly evolved to an agrarian society, tending cattle etc, consuming diary products like milk, curd etc. They started living in houses constructed with clay bricks etc. Many trades were evolved with more innovations as could be seen from "Mohenjadaro and Harappa excavations. Roads with drainage facilities and separate bathing ghats were found in the excavations. People started worshiping higher powers like the Sun, moon, fire etc. But still people were intrigued by diseases and death and natural calamities. The wise people among them started introspecting about the problems and they realized certain Truths intuitively.

They understood that there is higher power governing the creation and a set of rules governing human life is essential. Discipline was ensured among the community by promulgating certain rules for community living. Those who transgress them were outlawed.There were punishments for theft, lying, usurping others properties or woman. More and more severe punishments were meted to the culprits. Thus society was living in an amicable and peaceful manner. Nature failed many times. Either there were no rains or there were floods which destroyed everything. The fear of sin and the worship of some unknown power started in various ways. After many such experimental ways, community worship started in grand manner. People started hosting feasts in memory of the departed on certain days.

As a mark of gratitude for all the things man is endowed with, people started sacrificing certain things for God. Thus started fire rituals. People found that the rituals fetch timely rain, prosperity of the community and cattle wealth. Their cultivation yielded much. Villages combined together formed an area to be administrated by the wise and noble people. When the population thrived, more institutions were needed to govern them and protect them from aliens. Then warriors with a chief started protecting the community. They were compensated with grains and cloths from the villages. Thus the idea of a Kingdom with many people to administer, protect and to collect taxes were evolved. Areas occupied by different communities were ruled by a king. He too was assisted by some wise people who gave the king timely advice. Then worships of deities were gained momentum and temples were constructed. Trade was an essential activity to barter one thing for the other. Trade systems evolved with silver and gold coins instead of bartering. Along with this, crimes too thrived. In the beginning, the kings were considerate but later they become selfish and started looting their own citizens. When societies fell to abysmal level, the creator can not keep quiet. Hence God sent His emissaries in the form of saints and sages and for a while, there was some order.

The Ego and selfishness of man find many ways to grab everything for his own sake and morality was lost among society. At the appropriate time, God Himself descend as a 'human' and set right the things to a great extent. Devotion and disciplines are inculcated in human society. Their teachings form the basis for moral living and the people knew that sin begets sin which will end in grief and pain. Out of fear, they start following the teachings of such great people and the society is corrected to a large extent. For example, Jesus Christ , Buddha and Prophet Mohammad are some of the great people who took birth in human society to correct them. In the East also, many incarnations like Rama, Krishna and Saibaba came in human form and effected a huge transformation in human mind set.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, MsDora, you are correct. It is greed which rules the minds of the people and Nations as well. No doubt, we simply venerate the Gurus but do not follow their teachings. That is the main cause of down fall of human society in spite of so many saints.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      "Their needs were meager." This may be one of the greatest differences between us and primitive man. The more we have, the more we want. Even with reference to the gurus. We still do not live by the principles they teach, but we keep seeking.


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