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Sohrai: The festival of Santhal tribe of India.

Updated on June 16, 2015
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Shyam chand majhi is a student of Ranchi university, Ranchi in jharkhand india.

Sohrai is the one of the biggest Festival among Santhal tribes. It celebrated when the harvest has been end of the season because of the production of crop they celebrate as the festival of sohrai. This festival has been cerebrates among many communities but a little bit different in the Santhal community. This Festival is cebrates because their animal helps them to grow crops in field. Therefore tribes are acknowledging them by this festival.

this festival can be organised in the month October-November month.

This festival celebrated during three days. The first day they do worship to their ancestors and bongas (sacred spirit). Worship has been done in the field where should be many trees. Worship has been accomplished other than Jaherthan (santhal's sacred place). At that field they get together for worship but before that they collect some rice and one chicks each for worship and sacrifice at that field.these days rule have changes by headmen that every individual must take part at ceremony and must carry their own rice and chick for bonga. After worship they cook the rice and chick meat.When all of them are finish the cooking they give away some of their cooked rice to headman of that village.headman of village count the patra(leaf pot of rice). the According to ceremony first of all headman should eat the cooked rice after that they could eat their cooked rice. After finishing the eating at the evening they are doing another ceremony for their animals.

First of all they took some cooked rice and one egg. After that they put them in line and animal are passed through that. when any animal break the egg through the legs.then some people held that animal and massage the oil at his horn and wash his feet. This is one kind of ceremony which is show respect for animals. after that ceremony everybody goes to their home.

From that night people are awake the animal by singing and dancing from door to door. This is continued till the third day.

2nd day of sohrai people worships their cow-shed. They bring some plant of rice from their field.they use them in worship. After worship they tie those plants to animal's horn.And in their worship, they give handiya to their god and ancestors at the name of sohrai.And prayer for blessings for their happy life and every things.

third day they enjoy the day to celebrate the last day by khuntaw(this is a practice in which bull tie to picket and one man have to shake the dry leather in front of bull.then angry bull hits the dry leather by horn.This process should be repeated for three times.and each time song will be sung by them.This ceremony has been done to all of animals whose are tied at that field.Thus they celebrate this festival.

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      Hembrom 3 months ago

      Good job Majhi, I humbly request, please take care of your grammar because many are going to read.........

    • Shyam Chand Majhi profile image

      shyam chand majhi 2 months ago from Ranchi, Jharkhand

      thank you hembrom for your comment

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