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Solitary Witchcraft: Rituals-Daily Devotion 1

Updated on December 21, 2016

Daily Devotions

One of the facts of the 21st century is that people tend to be busy. Everything from home, work, school and the like can keep us going in many directions on a daily basis. There is a perception of Wicca that implies that most solitary practitioners spend hours in meditation and ritual. This perception also seems to include the lack of children and/or responsibilities.

Often when you hear the term 'Daily Devotion' the time management conflict arises. In other words, who has time for a 'full out' ritual before heading to work? The answer is of course, You. Its not just a matter of making time to do a daily ritual but how to use your time.

Every ritual doesn't require a sacred circle, a dozen candles or an hour of meditation. What it requires is the right mindset.

My own busy schedule inspired me to create and use this devotion on a daily basis.

What you need

You don't really need anything. These are the things that I use sometimes.

  • Incense or candle.
  • A spot in or outside your home you are comfortable.

What To Do

Note: This can be done indoors just as easily as outdoors .

Go outside and stand in a spot where you are comfortable.

  • Light incense or candle

  • Take several deep breaths

  • Ground and center

  • Speak or Sign the following words


Earth Mother, Sky Father come to me.

In this place I honor thee.

I thank you for my life, my love, my joy and my home

[Express whatever task or event you want guidance for]

Sky Father, Earth Mother blessed be.

As I will, so mote it be


  • Ground and Center

  • Put out candle/incense

  • Continue with your day

The Results

I have found I can do this devotion in five minutes before I go to my car and head out to work. Since I have been doing this particular devotion I have found that I'm less stressed while driving and I start my day with calm and centered.

As with all rituals I share, you can alter this to fit your needs and your life. This is simply a guideline to help you get started if you've never done this before.


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