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Solution To Nightmares (Bad Dreams)

Updated on February 25, 2017

A nightmare or bad dream is a horrible dream in which the dreamer had a traumatic and emotional feeling of intensed and unpleasant experience.

This state of mind may linger on for a while in the mind of the individual and may create further negative consequences if not checked by those who are spiritual leaders and true prophets of God and servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are various types of bad experiences people have in their dreams. But I will list about seven types here.

1. Meeting with known dead people

2. Finding oneself naked in a public place or in front of many people.

3. Having your teeth removed and becoming toothless.

4. Receiving injuries on your body

5. Becoming trapped one way or others

6. Falling from a great height

7. Being chased by dogs, masquerade or a mad person.

Causes of Nightmares (Bad Dreams)

There are many countless reasons for having nightmares in you dream. Let me just mention few here. If you are directly or indirectly involved in idolatry practices you are a sure victim of nightmares. People who worship or even just paying visit to such places must receive a number of identity which will be given to you by the demons. So at nights, when you leave your body, and not strong spiritually to wrestle victoriously against the agents of the devil, your soul must be led to witness the aftermath of your earthly involvement in the sorcery practice.

Secondly, someone may have given you a charm, amulet, talisman to use to defend you against another forces of darkness. Behold, if Satan wage war against Satan, how shall his kingdom stand? All those charms or items given you to defend you will be used against you and you will lose both ways. Satan will disappoint you, and you may lose your right to God's Kingdom if you don't repent on time.

You may want to argue your case and tell me that you don't worship idols, and you never in your life contacted and witch, wizard or soceries to make a charm for you. Yes, this may be true to some extent. But have you considered the fact that your food may have being secretly poisoned? Or may be the apartment you bought or rented may be under some esoteric influence and spell? So please don't argue. The Lord's Holy Spirit don't lie or see amiss. Your nightmare is a sure indication that you are not clean in your soul and spirit, and so need cleansing which starts from your humble submission to the Divine Order of how things work.

Results Of Nightmares (Bad Dream)

Fear of the unknown is one of the first results of your nightmares. You are already being initiated into the esoteric realm of darkness. As God demands us to fear Him, so the devil is also making his claims. He who fears an idol, is a worshipper of that idol in disguise. You may even be convinced to join in the worship of the deity. In your heart you will feel spiritually weak. Your prayer life will dwindle because of that, you will not stand if the enemy face you in battle, especially if he is using the power of God and His Son Jesus Christ to fight you. In fact, you will fall flat!

Solutions To Nightmares (Bad Dreams)

Your sure solution to your nightmares is to drop your ego and come closer to your God in humility. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ if you have not done so now.Serve God only and obey His injuctions. Finding the Lord Jesus Christ is not difficult at all. If you read the Holy Bible, become very familiar with it, and listen to the voice of God in your heart. Then you will be cleansed and the Lord Himself will confirm that by His appearance to you in your dreams. Instead of seeing masquerades, you will speak with holy angels of the Lord.

I can help you also by sending you the Lord's Book of Psalms. This is a programme which will help you extract the proper Psalm for praying for praising God and praying away any life problem you may be experiencing. Contact me via my WhatsApp or SMS +2347067550237.

You can read Psalm 42 over a cup of drinking water and pray for your deliverance. If you do this with fasting, having faith even as small as mustard seed, you will be delivered in Jesus Christ name. Please read also before you go away this article on Solutions To Eating In Dreams. May the good Lord confirm His blessings in your life in Jesus Christ name.


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