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Solution To Cobweb Attacks

Updated on December 12, 2017

Cause, Result and Remedy to Spider Web Crossing


Do you or someone else always experience cobwebs crossing you at odd places? If your answer is YES then it means you are battling with NO flesh and blood but with principalities and powers of spiritual wickedness in the high places. For short, you are being oppressed by a wicked WITCHCRAFT activities. This involves some demons and entities who resemble wild animals of this world formenting havoc in your life.


Beloved of God. The result is that you will always have failures whenever you are about to hit a breakthrough. This is a serious issue that must not be taken lightly at all. Just think how crafty spider can be, that's the characteristic of the demon that is fighting you. And again, this demon has no business with common person, but wants to deal with people with the mark and anointing of a king. Remember what Proverbs 30 : 28 (KJV) says about spider? Read and meditate upon that.


The remedy is that the Lord God will free you from the clutches of this demon and you'll be free again. Read Psalm 126 and learn the good things you'll experience when the Lord Jesus Christ saves you.

Mix a little olive oil with wheat flour. Burn this mixture in a charcoal fire while praying with Psalm 92. Carry the incense burner around your vicinity. Pray and rebuke by fire the spirit of witchcraft in the form of spider webs. You will surely be delivered. Read Psalm 112 and 2 Samuel 22 and learn what you MUST experience after the Holy Ritual.Please don't mind anyone who tells you it is evil to burn incense. Who tells you that is simply an ignorant agent of the demon. Perform the ritual, and receive your deliverance in Jesus Christ name.

Now there are many methods which demons adopt to contaminate your spiritual garment and then feast on it and at the end of the day, you are bound to lose it. They in most cases manifest through your dreams. You need to do something about it. Contact me on +2347067550237 whatsapp and +2348163032045 for divine assistance free of charge except some cheap spiritual prayer items you will buy around.

You can also pour some table salt at the four corners of every room in your apartment, especially the room you sleep every night. You shall have victory in Jesus Christ name.

Please come here always to read updates to how you can receive deliverance from demonic spirits in the physical form of spiders.


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