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Solving the Mystery Behind Ufos

Updated on November 20, 2019

Trying To Solve The Mysteries Behind UFO's

Over the years there have been many UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings reported. Sightings usually consist of people spotting strange lights in the sky. There have even been reports of UFO's actually landing on the Earth. These strange events still remain a mystery to this day. Even the term UFO which was coined by a U.S. Air Force officer in 1951, explains how little we know about the strange phenomena.

Do you believe UFOs are a real phenomenon?

Many people would agree that the existence of UFO's is a real phenomenon. However, it has been a daunting task to try to determine exactly what these mysterious objects actually are. This is because it is extremely rare to come across any physical evidence. Also, witness reliability tends to vary. It's often extremely difficult if not impossible for the witness or witnesses to reconstruct the event in which they are reporting. It's not unusual for witnesses to become confused with what they are seeing, and then wrongly interpret what they actually saw. This kind of misinterpretation of observations usually becomes even further distorted and altered over time by memory loss.

Alien Sculpture
Alien Sculpture | Source

Investigators & Hardcore Skeptics

Another obstacle in solving the mystery of UFOs may lie with the investigators themselves. Too often investigators are either one of two extremists; hardcore skeptics or eager believers. Inevitably each extremist reaches completely different conclusions. The end result of the case being investigated, usually become even more confusing. Even with all of the controversy surrounding UFO cases, a very high percentage of Americans still believe in their existence.

UFO's Are More Common Than You May Think

The Visitors
The Visitors | Source

How Common Are UFO's Sightings?

Past surveys indicated that as many as one adults in eleven, around thirteen million people, had actually seen a UFO.

A REAL UFO Crash!?

The tern UFO has been around for a long time. In fact, one of the first reported and documented UFO incidents occurred on April 17, 1897, in the small town of Aurora, Texas. According to the local stories a UFO crashed into a windmill exploding and ejecting debris and a dead alien body. The story has many similarities to the most famous UFO crash story of all, The Roswell New Mexico Crash, of 1947. The big difference between the two stories was that the crash of 1897 went public and had no alleged cover-up story. In fact, it is said the actual alien body from the UFOs wreckage was buried at the local cemetery in an unmarked grave. This story is just one of many thousands of stories from around the world of UFO sightings and close encounters. UFOs have been showing up in human history for years.

Aurora UFO Crash Actual News Paper Article

Clues in biblical art

In fact, much famous painting has images of UFOs hovering high above. One example of these famous paintings is the painting called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino". It was painted in the 1400s by the very talented Domenico Ghirlandaio. The painting depicts the Madonna in prayer as an angel is presenting Saint Giovannino to her. However, if you look over Madonna's shoulder a disk-shaped object can clearly be seen. Below the UFO a man and his dog are looking up at the disk-shaped object.

"The Madonna With Saint Giovannino" by Domenico Ghirlandaio

What did I really see?

UFO witnesses from all walks of life have found to their displeasure that what they thought was a UFO, could be easily explained away as a phenomenon of nature. Shooting stars, comets streaking across the sky, lens-shaped cloud formations, planets, and even our son has been mistaken for a UFO.

Nature has a strange way of making these types of objects appear to be something they are not.

The Night Sky Can Often Play Tricks On The Mind

Far off worlds
Far off worlds | Source

The Deceptions of Nature

Atmospheric Conditions

The Earth's atmosphere is constantly changing and these changes can create strange looking light displays that may be interpreted as UFOs. Changes in the Earth's atmosphere can also make stars and planets seem magnified. These magnified celestial objects can easily be misinterpreted as UFOs.

Ball Lightning

A rare phenomenon of nature that is usually interpreted by people as a UFO is ball lightning. Ball lightning is a luminous, electrically charged, spherical object which may vary from gumball-sized to several meters in diameter. Ball lightning has reportedly been seen pulsating through the air. The unusual phenomena normally last far longer than its cousin the lightning bolt; which only flashes for a split second before disappearing. There have even been stories of ball lightning rolling across the ground than over a person.

Solar Pillars

The phenomena known as sun pillars or light pillars are also responsible for many mistaken UFO sightings. A light pillar is basically nothing more than a reflection of light. These amazing looking light displays can be seen low to the horizon as the sun rises or sets. Light from the sun reflects with ice crystals creating a pillar of light. These types of light pillars can also come from the moon or even from more earthly sources such as streetlights.

Its A Big Universe Out There

Distant Planets
Distant Planets | Source

More influences that you can shake a stick at!

People have been obsessed with UFO's for many years, and UFO's in films likely helped influence many people's imaginations. From modern-day films like "Independence Day", to classics such as "The Day The Earth Stood Still"; movies have set our minds racing. Are we alone?

UFO's on Film

Sightings of UFOs have been around for ages. The notion that we are not alone in the universe has sparked our imaginations and has inevitably led us to produce films on the subject.

Scary UFO Movies

As human beings, we crave knowledge and would welcome meetings with other intelligent beings. We imagine that our first meetings with extraterrestrial beings would be prosperous, and helpful to mankind. But some filmmakers have other ideas of how our first contact with aliens would be. These filmmakers may foresee a more sinister first encounter; as portrayed in one of the most famous UFO films of all time "War of the Worlds".

In the movie "War of the Worlds," people cringe in fear while men from Mars invade our planet to destroy its inhabitants; namely us. The Martians use technologically advanced crescent-shaped spaceships that are equipped with snake-like death rays. These death rays shoot laser beams of light which instantly vaporizes anything and everything they come in contact with. Yikes!

They want our resources

There have been many other films over the years that portray a similar apocalyptic demise from alien beings. The mini-series "V" tells of a story in which lizard-like aliens pretend to be our friends, but really have evil plans in mind for mankind. Their plan was to steal our precious resources such as water and to kidnap our people to be used as slaves and to be eaten as food. A horrible demise indeed.

OUR Annihilation is Imminent

More recent films that portray evil alien invaders include "Independence Day". This modern-day blockbuster spared no expense with special effects and great actors. Thus, making the movie even more believable and frightening. Like "War of the Worlds" the aliens in this film had far superior technology and had plans to use it to destroy the human race. The aliens in this movie looked a lot like the Grays commonly described in alien abduction stories. Large heads, big black bug-like eyes, small children like bodies and the ability to communicate telepathically. These aliens were on a mission. Their mission was to move their entire civilization from planet to planet sucking each planet dry of all resources and life, and our planet was next!

Its these types of films in which make us a little more fearful of what our real first encounter with E.T. will be like.

They may not be all they scary after all

All films about aliens are not as frightening or malevolent as the ones mentioned. After all, who could ever be afraid of the charming and cute E.T.; who just wanted to go home. It was E.T.s affectionate nature that made us fall in love with an alien. Or who could forget the glowing angelic like beings of "Cocoon". These Beings were on a mission of peace to retrieve their friends that were left behind on earth many years before. These friendly aliens shared a pool that had rejuvenating abilities with some elderly people living in an old age home. That was sure nice of them, wasn't it?

These types of films remind us that aliens could be nice. Either way, films on UFOs and aliens have inspired our imaginations; whether for good or for bad. After all its in our nature to imagine, to fear, to wonder; what's out there, and who's our there? Well, only time will tell. Let's just hope they're friendly!

Here is a Sketch Of Yoda that I personally drew to help show a nice Alien in film

Yoda - Graphite Pencil Sketch
Yoda - Graphite Pencil Sketch | Source

UFO Abduction Stories

Have you ever thought that you were abducted by aliens? Well, you are not alone. Actually, alien abduction claims happen quite frequently. They happen to a variety of individuals. Most people describe the experience as a distant dream, except they were not asleep. Some abductees claim the extraterrestrial beings forced them to medical examinations that generally had to do with the reproductive system specifically.

Moreover, some state that the aliens informed them about the dangers to come, with regards to environmental abuse or nuclear weapon use. Some abductees believe the abduction experience to be terrifying, while others view the occurrence as satisfying or transformative.

World wide abduction claim cases

Abduction claim cases have been around for years. The earliest abduction case, that has been noted worldwide was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961. Betty and Barney were a typical American couple. Both Betty and Barney claimed to be a victim of an extraterrestrial abduction that occurred on September 19th through the 20th. They declared that they were abducted while they were coming home from a trip to New York, Ontario, and Quebec. The couple was traveling on an isolated road when they saw a bright light in the sky, just south of Groveton, New Hampshire. Thinking it was a shooting star, Betty and Barney continued down the isolated road. Suddenly, the light in the sky stopped near the moon. On second thought, Betty considered the light as being that of a communication satellite. She urged her husband to pull over so they could get out of the car and get a closer look. Apprehensive of the presence of bears, Barney pulled out the pistol he carried for just-in-case situations. Betty's sister, who was traveling with the couple and who has confided to Betty that she has sighted a UFO several years before, placed her binoculars to her eyes and observed the object as it moved across the moon. It has been documented that she saw multicolored lights coming from the object. The family, unaware of what the object was, made their way slowly down the street while the object was getting even closer. Finally, the object stopped about 80 to 100 feet above the car. Barney ascended from the car with his pistol and the binoculars at hand. Through the binoculars, Barney noted that he saw 8 or 11 humanoid figures within the object. As the object came closer, Barney feared for his life and ran back to the car. Once inside the car, he started down the road again at full speed. Out of the silence of the night came a loud buzzing sound that shook the car. Betty reached out of the car and felt a vibration that tingled from head to toe, as did the rest of the family. When they got back, each of them was having nightmares of the occurrence. When they confided in a psychologist with what happened, they were each separately interviewed and gave the same story. To prove that this was a legitimate story, they were told to drew what they saw and they each drew an identical picture.

Abduction Stories Are They Real?

Where's My Ride
Where's My Ride | Source

Telling the difference between an abduction experience and a dream?

So how can you really tell the difference between an actual abduction experience and a dream? There are signs that make it clearer that you have been abducted. First off, if you've had an unexplainable missing or loss of time of more than one hour, you may have been abducted. For example, abductees say they experienced such occurrences while doing daily tasks and all of a sudden 3 hours have passed and they are on the same task.

Unexplained scars or markings

Abductees say that they have also been paralyzed while in bed with another being in the room. Likewise, the abducted may have unusual, unexplained scars or marks, such as a small scoop indentation, a straight-line scar, a triangular marking, or scars on the roof of the mouth, in the nose, or in the ears. Another sign could be a memory or a repetition of a dream involving flying, an extraterrestrial being, an examination, etc. Furthermore, the abducted could have multiple UFO sightings. Moreover, abductees often claim to have a sudden awareness regarding the ecosystem, vegetarianism, the cosmos or are socially conscious. Their explanation for this is that the aliens told them about the struggle mankind will suffer if they don't break the habit of abusing the environment. The abducted may also claim to have physic abilities that they just acquired. Having acquired a strong phobia all of a sudden might also be a sign of abduction.

To summarize, many individuals may have had occurrences with aliens. However, they may not remember. UFO experts believe that extraterrestrials may have the technology to wipe the human memory clean. But it would seem that this technology is not without flaw. Since many people from around the world have memories of being abducted by extraterrestrial life forms.

Abduction stories with eerie endings

Next, I will review two famous abduction stories, both with eerie and chilling tales. The Hill Abduction & The Cash Landrum Incidents are two different abduction encounters that have sparked my interest as wells as many others. The details and the physical evidence of these stories show something REAL must have taken place. First, we will review "The Hill Abduction".

What Do They Really Want?

Alien Sculpture
Alien Sculpture | Source

The Cash Landrum Incident

This is a story about a UFO encounter that two middle-aged women and a youthful boy of 17 had one December night. It was shortly after Christmas, and Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby were coming home from a late-night dinner. The year was 1980 and the three were driving down a long desolate Houston Texas road when Colby noticed something bright in the black night's sky. The object seemed to be moving towards them, its bright lights lighting up the pines below.

After the incident was over Betty dropped her passengers off at their house and headed home. Upon arrival, Betty started to feel sick. Over the next few hours Betty, Vickie, and Colby developed burn-like blisters, diarrhea, and nausea. Among the three victims, Betty Cash had the most severe symptoms. Betty was so blistered and sick that she was hospitalized as a burn victim for two weeks. It was several days after Betty's hospital stay before the doctors heard the amazing story of how the burns and sickness occurred.

Many other witnesses saw the strange lights in the sky that night. The townspeople also reported seeing the helicopters that night, which were later identified as CH-47 Chinooks. Although Betty's story was investigated for many years the craft was never identified, and the government disclaimed any ownership. The local military base also denied having any helicopters in the area that December night. To this day the incident still remains a mystery.

As it approached, details of the strange glowing object became clearer. It was a diamond-shaped object which had flames shooting out from beneath it. The three occupants of the car were surprised and frightened to see such a strange and unique craft. The next thing that happened was even more shocking, the craft slowed and began to hover over the road as if it was preparing to land.

Betty stopped the car about seventy yards from the craft, and the three looked on in awe. As they watched the hovering craft it began emitting a loud eerie beeping sound. Amazed and curious, they overcame their fears and exited the vehicle for a better look. Upon exiting the car they felt an intense heat coming from the craft. Screaming in horror Colby convinced his grandmother Vickie to get back into the car. The heat from the craft was so intense that Betty too was soon forced back inside the car.

Soon after returning to their car the strange craft began to move away. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, a fleet of 20 or more military helicopters appeared from behind the tall wooded pines. The helicopters approached the strange glowing object and attempted to surround it as it sped away. The three followed in their car as they watch the diamond-shaped UFO and helicopters fly off and disappear into the distance.

"Here, Cow, Here"
"Here, Cow, Here" | Source

The Hill Abduction

Barney and Betty Hill were driving their car along an isolated road in New Hampshire. There were very few cars on the road that night as they traveled south on U.S. Highway Route 3. It all began on September 19 on this frightening, yet exciting night in 1961.

The Hills were on their way back to their home town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire after vacationing in Canada. They stopped in Colebrook, NH to have a snack and left at 10:05 p.m. As they headed south to the White Mountains of New Hampshire on this beautiful night, Betty spotted what she thought was a new star in the sky. As she starred at the star she noticed it seemed to be moving in front of the full moon. As Betty continued to watch what she thought was a star it seemed to be coming closer. It then began to get bigger and brighter the closer it got.

Barney and Betty became curious as to what this amazing sight maybe, so Barney stopped the car. The Hills got out of the car to get a better look at what they first thought to be a star. As they watched, the object changed direction. Realizing this was no star they could now see that the object had multi-colored beams of light shooting out from the craft. It was quite a spectacular sight to see. The object once again changed direction and began coming towards the Hill's car. It then followed Barney and Betty Hill for about 30 miles down the road, keeping speed with the car. If the Hills slowed down the craft would slow down as well. As they drove along the curves around the mountain the craft would fly straight over the mountain and hover on the other side as if waiting for the Hills to come around the curve. The UFO was now flying alongside Barney and Betty Hill, just above the peaks of the mountains. As Barney and Betty neared an area called Indian Head, the UFO was flying quite close at this point. Betty states that she has no fear, but is quit puzzled and curious. She rolled down the window and waved to the craft above. The craft seemed to respond to Betty and flew in front of the car and hovered directly in front of them only about 50ft off the ground.

Barney was familiar with all the military air crafts but never recalled seen anything like this. As the craft hovered in front of them Barney grabbed his binoculars, got out of the car, and thought with a closer look he would be able to identify the craft. Barney realized he never saw anything like it. Barney then began to proceed toward the craft while continuously looking at it through the binoculars. Betty is still yet in the car. As Barney approaches this object in the sky it moves into a nearby field. Barney continues to follow it on foot. As Barney nears the UFO, still looking at it with binoculars, he sees it has a big picture window. There is light inside in which Barney can see a group of what he thought were several men looking down at him. The craft then began to descend in which a wing with red lights came out of each side of the UFO. Barney then became frightened and ran back to the car in fear. Betty also fears danger at this point.

What Do Aliens Look Like?

With all the abduction cases reported you'd think someone would have captured a photo of an alien. But sadly No Photos. However, we do have some idea of how a "real" alien may look. Many people who have claimed to be abducted have given detail descriptions of their captors. In the next section, I have illustrated some images of Aliens that abductees have described. Some are pretty wild. But all are a lot of fun to look at!

Little Green Men
Little Green Men | Source

Little Green Men?

In the weeks or months that follow these people start to have flashbacks, nightmares, or anxiety. For some abductees, memories begin to become more vivid over time, and they eventually recall what happened to them. However, it's not uncommon for abductees to seek out help with unlocking these suppressed memories. Often times abductees will use hypnosis to recall the loss of time, and the results usually reveal shocking stories.

Many people that experience missing time during a UFO sighting, discover that they were in fact abducted by aliens. Abductees' reports have many similarities which may include, how the abduction took place, what the aliens looked like, what the victims felt and saw, and even alien experimentation on them.

Although no confirmed photographs of aliens are known to exist. There are many sketches and descriptions of aliens available. Some people have vivid memories of the aliens in which abducted them. Aliens described by people are as followed:

Sightings of UFOs happen everyday!

Have you ever seen a REAL UFO?

See results

This is a video my son and i took which accidentally captured an actual REAL UFO on camera!

Grays - Sketch
Grays - Sketch | Source

The Grays

Aliens with child-like bodies, gray rubbery looking skin, large heads, and big bug-like eyes. These beings are said to be very friendly and super intelligent. This description of this type of alien is probably the most common amongst abductees. Could this be the same alien in which Riley Martin called "The Biaviian"?

The Sutton Alien - Sketch
The Sutton Alien - Sketch | Source

The Sutton Alien

Short fearsome creatures, with lenses like eyes and large bat-like ears. These aliens have big heads with attached antenna and long monkey-like arms. But the oddest feature of these aliens is their toe-less cup-like feet. This unfriendly creature was first reported in 1955, by a man who claimed to have shot at the alien with his shotgun.

The English "Space-Woman" - Sketch
The English "Space-Woman" - Sketch | Source

The English "Space-Woman"

In 1975 an English girl reported repeatedly being visited by a strange "space-woman". She describes this spacewoman as a small lady, with big bug-like eyes, rubbery looking skin, a large head with flowing hair, and dressed in strange clothing. The girl claimed that the spacewoman was very friendly.

Mummy Like Alien - Sketch
Mummy Like Alien - Sketch | Source

Mummy Like Alien

It was 1973 when a reported case of aliens in Pascagoula, Mississippi tells of a tall wrinkled creature with strange features. Triangle shaped ear-like projections, triangle nose-like feature, a small slit for a mouth and wrinkled slits for eyes. This creature is one of the strangest beings described but not the oddest.

The Carrot Creature - Sketch
The Carrot Creature - Sketch | Source

The Carrot Creature

A strange carrot-like creature appeared to witnesses in West Virginia in 1968. The creature was said to be over 7 feet tall. It supposedly had a beet like head with funny looking hair sprouting from its pointed top. Its body was thin and expanded as it breathed. Its arms were long and stringy with three-fingered hands that resembled roots. Its legs were long and skinny with very large feet

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi


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    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      4 months ago from AZ

      Hi Lora, thanks for the great comments. My son and I caught that ufo while playing with the video camera. We set the camera up on a tripod and pointed it at the sky to capture the clouds. I wanted to show my son how fun and easy it was to make a time-lapse video. I thought it would look cool sped up. So we set the camera to record, pointed it at the sky, and forgot about it. I mean we literally forgot about it. The next day my son and I remembered the camera was outside still. When we replayed the video, that's when my son noticed the ufo. We were both very surprised at what we had caught on video. So long story short we decided to share it on YouTube.

      I actually saw that film "Fire in the sky" a few years back. I really enjoyed it.

      Also, I'm glad you liked the Yoda drawing. Btw the alien sculpture I did was around 3' 6" tall. That one was a lot of fun to make. Thanks again, Lora.

    • Lora Hollings profile image

      Lora Hollings 

      4 months ago

      This is a fascinating article, Jason, on UFOs. I remember hearing the name of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who acted as a scientific advisor to the U.S. Air Force and his investigations into UFO sightings, and reported that some could be explained by meteorological events, others by physical objects such as weather balloons but there was around 20 percent that couldn’t be accounted for by these explanations.

      Although I’m very familiar with the Roswell, New Mexico crash, I had never heard of the 1897 crash of the alleged UFO in Aurora, Texas where an actual alien body was buried at a local cemetery in an unmarked grave. This certainly arouses one’s curiosity.

      As far as famous abductions go, I remember reading about the Hill abduction but not about the Cash Landrum incident which I found very interesting. In addition to these, one of the most famous abductions happened near Snowflake, AZ to an individual named Travis Walton. He wrote a book about it which was later made into a film entitled, “Fire in the Sky.”

      I enjoyed your video. Pretty cool! It certainly looks like a UFO to me. And your sketch of “Yoda” was just wonderful. Great job on this very interesting article! I really enjoyed it.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      4 months ago

      Definitely be safe.

    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      4 months ago from AZ

      Thanks Robert. I truly appreciate the comment. I hope you have a safe and happy day.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      4 months ago

      A good rundown of the different types of space aliens. Carl Sagan talked about the Hill abduction in COSMOS.

    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      13 months ago from AZ

      I appreciate the comment. Thank you. BTW, i did all of the alien sculptures and art work. I hope you enjoyed the images as well as the article.

    • profile image

      Amber Stertz 

      13 months ago



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