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Some Glimpses Of Paranormal Activities From Rural India

Updated on May 17, 2016

Ghosts have been a mystic figure for human beings since a long span of time. We can find the mention of these paranormal beings from all cultures across the world. India is no exception in that case. From southern edge to North, West to east, many people living in villages as well as towns narrate tales of their encounter with a ghost or evil spirit. Some tells about just a visual experience while others even claims to have been beaten or harassed by them. We can neither inculcate the deed to believe in them in the minds of non-believers nor can we distract the believers from their faith in the existence of ghosts, but sharing some incidents experienced by eye-witnesses we can step forward to reach a consensus about this subject. Here you will find incidents of paranormal activities which are told by people living in rural regions of India.

The Story Of Mohinder

Mohinder was a confectioner by profession. He lived in a small village. He was a very cheerful person. He was honest too and meant for his work most of time. When marriage ceremony is arranged in Hindu community in India, a number of sweets and confectioneries are prepared from both the bride and bridegroom side for their guests. The raw material is purchased and the confectioner is invited at their own house where he is required to bake the confectioneries. Mohinder used to go for baking at the home of marriage occasionally. He would usually get back home late night.

During the winters of 1978, Mohinder got late while preparing sweets at house of marriage in some other village. The village was about 2 miles away from Mohinder's house. The path back home was completely desolate passing through farms. It already got 11'o clock when he left the marriage house. During the decade of 80s the use of bicycles was abundant in villages but people would mostly prefer going pedestrians for moderately small distances. Mohinder was walking on foot and he had also brought with himself some confectioneries for his children.

In villages, it is believed that the ghosts are very prone to tasty sweets, wine and meat. Mohinder had one thing(which could attract them) with himself. About half the way, he got surrounded by some men wearing white dresses and their faces seemed to be blur at all. They started chasing him. They were saying just one thing repeatedly,"Mohinder! Give us some sweets" and then they would laugh aloud. Mohinder never turned back, he fired a Beedi(A beedi is a thin, Indian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a tendu or possibly even Piliostigma racemosum leaf tied with a string at one end) and kept moving continuously. He had fired the Beedi because it was believed that the ghosts are repelled by fire(Burning cigarette in that case) He was terribly afraid from inside but never lost heart. The men kept shouting while Mohinder continued to move. When he got just half a mile away from his house, the men disappeared and he was drastically slapped behind his head by some invisible power. The bag of sweets fell down and the sweets shattered away. Mohinder just got up and ran away breathlessly. He got home safely and told about this incident to his family. After this incident, he never got late while returning home.


Rampal - The Barber

India is a country of festivals and ceremonies. People get together during festivals and all sort of ceremonies whether marriage, birthday or anything else. The people of India from villages as well as cities, believe in sharing all their pleasures as well as sorrows with friends and relatives.

Rampal, the barber from a small village in North India, had gone for attending a religious ceremony at a relative's home. He had his wife and a five year old son with himself. The relative's residence was about 10 miles away from Rampal's home. They attended the ceremony and left the place at about 9 PM for their house on motorcycle.

The motorcycle broke down amidst a forest in the way to home. The family got down from the motorcycle and Rampal started looking for the issue. He tried to kick it again and again but all in vain. Suddenly the motorcycle started with a kicking effort. The light of front lamp shed on a scene ahead which the Rampal describes as the most terrific scene of his life. He says that he had seen a long human foot which was about 15 feet high and 70 feet long(he could see the foot only which was covered under scope of light). The creature might be very big. The movement of this huge mystic creature was towards the deep forest and away from road. Rampal just turned off the key and paused for some minutes. He did not revealed anything to his wife who was behind him, busy with the child. After a few minutes, he started the motorcycle and found that the creature had gone away. He asked his wife to sit and got home. He discussed about the paranormal incident that happened with his wife and neighbors after reaching the home. Some neighbors suggested that the creature might be "The Jin"


The vanishing spirit

During the midnight of December, a person riding Volkswagon polo on a desolate road finds a lonely lady asking for help. The person stops the car and ask about her problem. She says that she lives in a nearby village, her husband had left her there 2 hours ago while returning from the town on a motorcycle. He had said that he will be back soon but never returned till now. She wanted to get home soon and consult about her husband. The driver agreed to leave her to the house. The lady sat on the left seat from the driver and he started riding the car. They discussed about each other for a few minutes and kept silent. About half an hour later, the man asked ,"how much away is your village now"

He got no reply from his left side. He repeated the question again and turned left. He was astonished to find that the lady had been disappeared.

The vanishing spirit has been a popular subject for the tales of ghosts found across entire India. Many people claim to have found a person disappearing from their car.


A Construction Work Over Graveyard

A construction work for an educational institution was under process aside the road away from the city. Rakesh, a person riding the bike was just passing beside it in the evening. There was none at the place.Suddenly something smashed him from behind with a hefty move. The smash was so strong that he fell down meters away with his bike. He just got up and turned behind. He sees a white dressed lady with her hair cover face completely. He asked her who are you?

and the lady ghost disappeared without saying anything to him. Tired and wounded, Rakesh reached home and narrated the incident with his wife. He got fever that night. Later, when he investigated about the place where the construction work was going on, he found that the site was a graveyard for Hindus(Where dead people are burned instead of entombment in Christianity) some years ago. He concluded that the ghosts might have been annoyed as a consequence of the desolation of the graveyard and attempting to draw fire on the passers by.

A Man Prone To Paranormal Vision

Deshmukh was a true devotee of Goddess Kali, he used to worship the Goddess many times a week. He tells about an incident when he had got the vision to see through other world dimension with the grace of the Goddess. He said he could see the spirits at a place which was entirely empty for other people. He says the spirits have been roaming around us while we are walking on a road or exercising in a playground, but we cannot see them if we don't have the true vision of eyes to see them. They exist in a dimension other than ours.

When Deshmukh had got the spiritual vision, he could find them anywhere he go whether on the road, the bus stop, the way to his home. He found it really hard to compare between the spirits and human beings while moving on the road. Only difference was that the spirits were not speaking anything and their dress was common which was white for them all. He says that he found his vision very disturbing for his personal life as he would never find himself lonely anytime. He had the one around him even when his friends or family would not accompanying. Being frustrated from all of this, he strongly prayed to the Goddess for diminishing his mysterious vision of ghosts. After a few weeks, his eyes returned to a normal vision as that of other human beings and he could start with a normal life once again.


Have you experienced a paranormal activity ever in life?

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    • profile image

      JG Hemlock 

      2 years ago

      This is true. The Devil and demons exist. Possession is terrible. Pray over your land and cast them out in the name of Jesus. They won't know what hit them! :)

    • hubber8893 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sourav Rana 

      2 years ago

      I am glad to know that you really enjoyed reading it, Harish. True that guys possessed by divine powers is a common scene in villages, but this article is about true incidents(as the victims say) faced by some people living in rural India.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 

      2 years ago from New Delhi , India

      Very interesting stuff, but the last story about Desmukh was really hair-raising and very scary. Sourav, I enjoyed this curious hub. Welcome to Hub pages, my friend. By the way, when I saw the title of this hub, I thought I would get to read about the guys possessed by divine powers, as you will be aware, is a common scene in the rural part of our country.


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