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Some more miracles!

Updated on March 22, 2013

Why Fear when I am here?

The mysterious helper!

Al Drucker was an aero space Engineer. Once he and his friend started to enjoy the nature by flying in an helicopter. Being an A class pilot, he could drive it. As they were enjoying the serene hills, they were surrounded by dark clouds approaching menacingly. He tried to raise the altitude to avoid hitting the hills on the way. Unfortunately, the sudden weather change and the cyclonic effects tossed the helicopter just like a toy. He tried all means to keep the helicopter flying above the hills. Unable to maneour, he tried to contact the help line. He caught hold of the microphone and blurted "Mayday, Mayday! but no response came from the other end. Finding that the fuel level alarmingly low and some parts of the helicopters got released, he cried "Oh God, i do not want to die, but i leave it to your will! He found that his friend has swooned due to lack of oxygen. While he was praying, suddenly the microphone came alive, "Are you listening! If you are listening to me, no need to reply, just move the helicopter to some degrees on the right and then on the left. Then i will be able to spot you. Then the good Samaritan has given instructions. Within 70 km, if you move straight, an air strip will come and you can land there."Good bye and good luck". The microphone became silent. Within few minutes he could see the light of the runway. Though the fuel levels were alarming, he got permission to land from the ground staff. As soon as he landed, the waiting vehicles guided them safely. The ground staff were astonished to find them safe!

They exclaimed, how you came here? There was huge cyclone which surrounds the area. The airport was in pell mel. We have not seen you even in the radar. Only after you sought permission we have traced you coming and now you are here safe. As the weather is not safe, refuel and try the Mexican route.They filled up the helicopter and tried the mexican route. They landed there safely.They found a nearby house and they wanted to rest a little before making further move. The door was open and they found that the inmates were singing some relligious song and waved camphor light to the photo of somebody who looked like an Afroasian. Al Drucker after conclusion of the session interacted with the house owner. She told him about Sathya Saibaba and his great Mission on earth. Somehow Al Drucker had a feeling that the invisible call in his helicopter might be from Saibaba. After few days, they had the chance to visit India and they had gone to Prasanthi Nilayam where Saibaba stayed. Al drucker was eager to confirm whether this might be a miracle of Saibaba? But he could not confirm the fact. But his room mate in Prasanthi Nilayam narrated a similar story to him narrating his own experience and how Baba saved him from an air craft accident!

Here, i would like to clarify certain points. First of all, Al Drucker do not know Saibaba before the accident took place. He simply cried to God to save him. When no response came from anywhere, the microphone suddenly came alive and gave series of instructions which enabled him to come out of the dangerous situation safely. Even the ground staff at the airport were not aware of any aircraft landing on their strip. The mysterious voice enabled Druker to visit the house of Indra Devi where she was conducting regular Bhajans for the locals. He came to know about Saibaba only from her and after some time visited Prasanthi Nilayam where Sibaba was staying. Though he could not get direct confirmation from Saibaba, his room mate narrated a very similar story confirming the hand of Baba in the rescue operation. Though Saibaba was living at that time in India, he could direct Al Drucker through the microphone to safety. His friend also became normal once the aircraft landed in the airstrip! All the above proves the all pervasiveness of Saibaba and his watch over the devotees in times of danger!


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