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Some more philosophical thoughts in my 1000th post.

Updated on June 29, 2017

Thank you Hub Pages!

Thank you, Hub Pages Team!

(Thanks to Hub pages for enabling me to post my 1000th article to day since they have provided the platform; Thanks to the readers who have gone through all my posts patiently and offered genuine comments; Finally, I thank God for enabling me to post the philosophical articles; In fact, I don’t write in the strict sense. I never prepare or plan any posts prior hand. I just open the word document and blink for a few seconds or minutes. Spontaneously, some word erupts in the mind and even while I type the word, sentences and Para continue as a dictation from my conscious. Hence I cannot claim any credit for the articles; I just type what I receive as dictation from the brain or mind or conscious) this is a fact and if I try to pen few sentences on my own, I cannot progress even a few lines. Of course, during my younger days, I had deep fascination for philosophy and I was a voracious reader of such beautiful books during my younger days. Probably, this love for philosophy might have enabled as an instrument in the hands of Almighty God. Thank you all once again)

All pervasive God!

My personal belief in the Omnipresence of God.

I believe that not a leaf moves without the Will of the Supreme! God is one and he is worshipped in myriads of forms and names. He listens even to the faint whisper from our inner conscious. He is not concerned with the words but looks at our emotion. A child may write some illegible figures. If it is put in a cover and the correct address of the receiver is written with a stamp pasted, it will reach the addressee. An artist may write a decorative letter, put it in a beautiful cover with the address written in a beautiful style. If the cover is not affixed with a postal stamp, it cannot reach anywhere even if it is put into a post box. The stamp is Faith and Love. It is enough if the cover is properly affixed with a postal stamp with the address of sender and receiver. This is what Sathya Saibaba once told a gathering of devotees and students. Hence God listens to the pathetic sobs and cries from billions of human beings all over the world since he is seated in their spiritual hearts. He is invisible in the external world since we imagine god has a particular form. No. The entire universe with all beings, flora and fauna is his form. The genuine devotee who believes in the Cosmic Form of God experiences the supreme in the creation. For most of us who are attached to the physical forms, everything looks different since we consider ourselves as separate beings from the rest.

Our True Identity!

A beautiful example from the scriptures!

A beautiful example is given in the scriptures. The Sun above is only one for the entire creation and he offers sustenance in the form of light and heat to the denizens of earth. Consider that much number of pots is kept outside with water inside. The only one Sun is reflected in each pot. But the reflections are numerous according to the number of pots. Our bodies are like the earthen pots. There is reflection of Supreme in each of our conscious! This is the analogy given in the scriptures for our easy understanding. Countless beings have born on the earth, lived for some time and ultimately left the earth by dying. What they have gained by living on earth. Animals and birds share the same instincts as human beings but we are blessing with the thinking mind and discriminating intellect. If we also spend our time on earth in eating, sleeping, mating and fearing as animals do, why should we take birth as intelligent beings on earth? Animals and birds do not hoard for their future use. The cow yields milk not for its personal consumption but for the sake of calf as well as for the human consumption! Likewise, the trees yield fruits and vegetables for the sake of all living beings including birds and animals.

Caring for the Earth!

May all the worlds remain Happy!

The rivers flow not for their sake but for the well beings of all lives, feeding the roots of trees and plants on the way. Animals, birds and human beings drink water for their sustenance. The Sun shines, the air blows, the rivers flows, the earth produce many herbs, plants and grains not for their consumption but for the welfare of all beings on earth. We are charged for water, electricity, heat and light and maintenance of civic facilities. Does God ever bill a single individual on earth for the copious water he provides through the rain? Does he calculate the energy we consume through the Sun and wind and charge us? Never, all things here are provided absolutely free by God. Our body, brain, the nervous systems, the lungs, heart and kidney are provided free to each being for their happiness. But the Doctors and hospitals charge exorbitantly from the poor patients! This reflects the sheer greed and selfishness of human beings on earth!
This is the reason why natural calamities affect human habitations more often. Many people are affected by tornadoes, cyclonic activities, volcanoes and severe floods. Many people perish in the disasters, they lose their possessions and even multi story buildings are swept away during Tsunami and floods. The reason is not difficult to find. It is human behavior, his banal thoughts, his selfish acts, the atrocities he commit against his own brethren, the violent activities he indulge with innocents, all boomerang in the form of natural disasters. When the society is full of corrupt individuals, how can we expect honest leaders? We have lost the human virtues and values. Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and non-violence are seen only in the pages of dictionaries. Mere reading of books and hearing lectures on morals won’t do. Every human being here must practice at least one human value in day to day life. In course of time, it will lead to the cultivation of other virtues. May the entire world remain Happy. This must be the prayer that emanate in each Heart!

We are blessed with the thinking mind and discrimination to know our real Identity!

Do you believe that God pervades the creation and cosmos?

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