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Some of the energetic reasons for why bad things happen to good people...Part 1.

Updated on February 24, 2014


Energetic charges
Energetic charges
Interaction of chakras
Interaction of chakras
The circuits in the body
The circuits in the body

Let me preface this Hub by clearing stating...

The One/Source/God is 100% sovereign. Nevertheless, how everything plays itself out is a bit of a wild card experience. Humanity is on the earth plane for a plethora of reasons. Two primary reasons are for humanity to experience the Illusion and to experience the perfect love of the Divine.

The Illusion is available to humanity so that beings individuate and experience real free will and free choice. The ego is humanity's coping mechanism and lower chakra survival agent during the Illusion and its many "tests."

Perfect Love (The Divine) is available to humanity so that human beings remember that they are an inherent part of the that humans realize they are one part of Source making love to another part of that human beings discover wholeness in their hearts and in their lives while they are fully inhabitants of the earth plane.

Ultimately, Source oversees the process of life while ensuring that life itself (the product) winds up where we started from: unconditional love. The process occurred because Source wanted relationship. On the earth plane we often assume that means two or more parties. But, in truth, the most important relationship around is with the Self first. In this context, God relating to God as us...human beings and creation in its entirety.

Christianity is my spiritual birthplace within this incarnation. But, I now see all religions as a part of the individuation quest. Does that mean Jesus was not real? On the contrary. It just means the "story" of Christianity is a path toward the ultimate product---or as stated above: Life itself. Within the Illusion, the path feels and looks solid but, in truth, it is condensed vibration that is highly malleable. That is why the story has changed and shifted over the course of time. I believe the last time I checked, there were over 35,000 sub belief systems within the Christian paradigm and at least 8 whole books termed The Bible.

Now, understand, beyond the earth plane it is not about a "story." Nor is the biggest part of it (if ANY of it) an Illusion. Only the earth plane is that way. The earth was specifically birthed to bring humanity to life as individuated sparks of the Divine. As I learned as a child, and I think it is still relevant within the Illusion as it remerges with the Divine through spirituality, God wanted company.

The Basics of Negative Energies and Positive Energies

"An electric charge can have either positive or negative polarity. A voltage or potential difference between two points of an electric circuit has a polarity, describing which of the two points has the higher electric potential."

"Light, matter and antimatter are what physicists call "positive energy." And yes, there's a lot of it (though no one is sure quite how much). Most physicists think, however, that there is an equal amount of "negative energy" stored in the gravitational attraction that exists between all the positive-energy particles."


noun \pō-ˈler-ə-tē, pə-, -ˈla-rə-\

physics : the condition of having positive and negative charges and especially magnetic or electrical poles"

"If you want to make changes in your life, you must look to the causes, and the causes are almost always the way you are using your mind — the way you are thinking. You cannot think both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. One or the other will dominate. The mind is a creature of habit, so it becomes each individual’s responsibility to make sure that positive emotions and thoughts constitute the dominating influence in their mind."

"Physics is the science of energy. Physics tells us all energy has polarity, as we have said. This means emotions have both a positive and a negative charge."

Concept of Sovereign:  Old Paradigm
Concept of Sovereign: Old Paradigm

What is soveriegnty?

It is absolute control. Are we then fated to this existence or that existence? Maybe within the Illusion. But, when we learn we have choice, we become free to truly live through the process of choice. For some human beings that means carte blanche. For some human beings that means a series of educational stepping stones that provides more and more freedom in their choices. For some human beings, it means arduous struggle to experience themselves as free.

But Source is 100% perfect LOVE...embodied, ethereal and effective. The Illusion is the only trap that provides false evidence appearing real (FEAR) of anything outside unconditional LOVE. So an awareness of this logically spells out that humanity is here to expand into love not dissolve into pain, damage or complete and utter separation from its Source. In saying that, it should also logically flow that when the Illusion is removed by choice (at whatever level of understanding and individuation development), LOVE IS first, last and always.

From my old paradigm: The King of kings. From my new paradigm: One Love.

False Evidence Appearing Real
False Evidence Appearing Real

What can carte blanche in freedom of choice mean?

I am not into the New Age Movement but I know a lot of New Agers. I am far too syncretic and earthy to be New Age. However, the New Agers have revolutionized the human thought system. They are not the only people or group to practice manifestation from thought principles but they have caused the process to go viral over the planet.

Basically, thoughts are things. When one truly gains an awareness of this, one is free of the Illusion. Carte blanche means someone is adept at creating his/her thought system which causes life to be absolutely malleable. Suddenly there is no longer victimization. There is only creation.

This is a shift in the entire thought system of a being. It frequently occurs after a lot of practice. But, in theory, at least, it can be instantaneous.

I have seen people who think and feel they are damned and others like Wayne Dyer who cure themselves of cancer. The possibilities are endless and spectacular!

Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini

So what about energetics and "bad things"?

Within the illusion, hellish possibilities are as possible as great possibilities. Hell on earth...heaven on earth...the Void, etc. are all entirely possible. But here is the thing, Source thought of every possibility and built-in the MOST unconditionally, loving system so that earth inhabitants would never be limited to ANY of the Illusionary possibilities. That make the Illusion finite. Even the most ambitious soul will find a "Harry Houdini" release at some finite point. And by nature of the cosmic order and design, it would still be a choice of some sort.

So one must start with that concept to move forward easily.

Every pathway has a system. I am syncretic. This means I blend belief systems to find complete spiritual bliss and find my heaven on earth, so-to-speak. I was a couple years into syncretism before it rooted. Prior to that, I was just quite conceptual and ethereal with my beliefs. But one day I awoke to find that my thoughts of spirituality had a life of their own. Boy that was weird! As a former Christian who still subscribes to the infinite realness of the Christ, I was shocked at the revelation. Suddenly, I felt the rest of the world inside me...all its diversity of belief and its very life. The other religions and even Atheism and Agnosticism were tangibly real to me...not just a concept anymore.

So, suffice it to say, EVERY path to our Source is alive. And every living organism on the earth plane has structure to it. This is what I call a system.

Yogaville Yantra
Yogaville Yantra

The Pathwork is Determined by the Soul and the Divine.

A term has been coined called Soul Contracts. I think that term is malleable from Soul to Soul. But basically, it means our over Soul collaborates with the Divine and our collective life is formulated. Within the collective life, there are multiple experiences. I believe that reincarnation is one such experience. Seeing that we are infinite and not, ultimately, bound to the earth plane, the possibilities concerning the experiences are endless as well. However, my gut feeling is that if we choose to incarnate on planet earth, reincarnation is part of the program. The reason I say this, is because it would logically require a perfected being to incarnate and not become a subjective part of the process. Once karma is created, it must finish with an effect.

But there are sightings within spiritual paradigms on the planet where souls are removed from the earth quite quickly if not instantly so I admit the possibility that for some reincarnation could be short-lived or unnecessary.

I have, also, reviewed the context of soul groups like Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows. And it seems that one type of soul could learn what it needed to know much faster than other souls.

Our pathwork is determined by our personal and collective collaboration with the Divine. Pathwork can appear as a religion but it does not have to. It can be the very mundane path our life takes.

Created by John Forrester
Created by John Forrester | Source

To Finish Part 1...

Everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy. Polarity requires that a thought on the earth plane be positively charged or negatively charged. I believe this reconciles to the percentage of polarity toward one pole or the other. This accounts for the nebulous "gray" zone.

Esther Hicks has been channeling an entity named Abraham for many years. She is an adept at intentional manifestation from her thoughts in conjunction with revolutionizing the human thought system. As a whole, Abraham Hicks created an emotional scale that raises our vibrations by raising our thought processes. The idea is to incrementally shift in thought. An example of this would be moving from despair to anger and from anger to care. If one is adept, the shift can be rapid. If one is beginner, the shift is short and to the point. But ultimately, one can shift from despair to bliss.

Our thoughts are not just our conscious thoughts. They include our shadow, unseen, subconscious thoughts. Often this incorporates our bigger aspects such as our genetic line and our incarnational line. It depends on the Soul's purpose and that malleable Soul Contract. The shadow of a human being can carry with it a great deal of frustration for the conscious personality and mind. Especially in terms of thought transformation. Frequently, broader energy work will create more of dent in the transformational process rather than just doing individual thought transformation. There are many holistic energy modalities that can assist with the process. Sometimes the contract relies on a spiritual path or awakening in the everyday path to assist.

The bottom line, is that the Soul chooses this in unision with the Divine. God/Source does nothing to a Soul without the Soul's permission. However, the conscious personality may or may not know. More often than not during third dimensional experiences, the conscious personality is oblivious. It can often feel victimized; but, even a victimization thought process can be useful for Soul growth.

We are already perfect, unconditional Love. We are enough always. But our conscious mind must immerse itself in this awareness. This is part of the earth plane agreement and process. The ego must be grown up into our inner and outer Divine Self [sometimes referred to as our Highest Self]. I call it One Love and it is very multidimensional and unique.

I will define some specific dimensions of how negativity enters the human experience in the next part of this Hub series.

The NEW Emotional Guidance Scale: Abraham Hicks

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