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Some philosophical truths, we need to understand!

Updated on March 10, 2017

Mother Teresa said

Sufferings gives us insight of life!

Sufferings enable us to contemplate! It is through sufferings we learn the bitter lessons of life. Unless one suffers, he cannot obtain true knowledge. Pleasures make one weak! All earthly pleasures make one weak! Those who watch films in cinema hall become so tired when they come out of the hall. We go to cinema to get some sort of relaxation and recreation. But the cinema show makes us more depressed than when we entered in the hall. All the so called pleasures sap our energy to the maximum. A drunkard wants to enjoy the drinks and the intoxication. Once the intoxication fades, he become morose and depressed! What purpose is served by the senses? They drag man into slush. Every experience must elevate human beings and it should not degrade him. Money is the essential resource for living the life. But we need only that much which will fulfill our basic needs as well as the needs of the family! More money is more headache and problem. First one has to escape the tax net. Secondly, thieves are waiting in every corner to loot the hard earned money. Thirdly the close relatives wait on us and they pray for our early departure, so that they can lay their hands on the hard earned money! Fourthly, Doctors wait for the arrival of patients to keep them comfortable! God alone is concerned with our welfare.

Golden rule..

People are mostly selfish and greedy!

Excepting God, everyone here is selfish and greedy! Of course, the percentage may vary between people. What cause selfishness in man? It is the ego or attachment to the body! Each one considers himself as a separate individual focusing on their individual form and name! One cell has become all this as each biologist is aware! The division of cells has made this possible. Similarly the one has given rise to the multitudes of beings, universe and galaxies. This is the fundamental teachings of Upanishads! “I am alone, let me become many” is the first thought from which all the manifold phenomena has sprouted. Children play with balloons. It was a small rubber with thin skin. When air is blown, the balloon expands to amazing proportions. The sellers make different type of animals from the same balloon piece with imagination and skill. It becomes a duck or fish or tiger as the case may be to attract little children! The manifested universe is nothing but the will or projection of the thought of god! First, the mind element emanated from the self and the “super ego’ manifested in the mind which gave rise to the five basic elements like thee earth, water, fire, air and ether (sky). Whatever is perceived by the senses is a permutation and combination of the five basic elements. As the universe contains all the five elements, our bodies too are formed by the five elements. The skin is earth, the breath is air, blood is water, the mind is sky and the heat inside the body is that of fire! We cannot find a sixth element in the world apart from these five!

Helen Keller said..

The universe is the projection of the will of God!

These five elements are perceived by different senses. The earth has smell, the air has ‘touch sensation’, anger as fire, water has the taste element and all subtle tendencies are caused by the sky element. Thoughts emanate due to sky element! Hence imaginations and desire arise from the same ether or sky! When a person dies, all the above elements merge in his mind and the mind escapes from the body along with the last breath! The last breath snatches the mind! The mind is like a CD with vast memory wherein all our impressions, impulses, thoughts, words and deeds are recorded correctly. In any newly born baby, these tendencies are preserved in the DNA pattern which is the record of all thoughts, words and deeds, tendencies, habits and character. Now the scientists reveal that our DNA contain everything about the color, shape, form, gender and our inheritance over many previous births. This matching is done meticulously by a super intelligence and in Hindu scriptures, the super intelligence is called “Brahma”, the creator! As each person is born as a baby, “Brahma makes an invisible garland of good and bad and ties it around the neck of the baby, which navigates the baby in the present life which is compared to a sea! If past good deeds are more, the baby is born in a favorable affluent family and it is brought up in care and comforts. On the other hands, if the past effects are more bad or evil, the child is born in a poor family who find it difficult to feed the extra mouth! This is the reason for the differences in births of various beings in the world. Certain societies are always in need of food and shelter whereas in certain countries, the physical well being is ensured by the government.

Truth Is...

The condition of people depends upon the policies of leaders!

We are quite aware of the living conditions in different countries. Baring few countries, the rest are afflicted by economic woes, maladministration and poverty. These conditions give rise to sufferings and diseases, due to malnutrition of the babies. Only few countries guarantee healthcare to one all. Even in US and other Western countries, the concept of healthcare to one and all differs. In fact many elders are facing discrimination in health care even in Capital regimes. Comparatively the healthcare is better in certain Communist regimes! It all depends on the priorities set by the Political leaders!

Finally one thing is absolute! Those who are good at heart and generous always find their evening life peaceful and comforting while those who always commit evil deeds and hurt others end up lamenting in the later years. As you sow, so you reap! Nothing is left to chance or luck!

We need to follow certain philosophy to lead a peaceful life!

Do you consider that discrimination as the great asset in human beings?

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