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Someone To Watch Over Me

Updated on June 8, 2017
Dan W Miller profile image

The Vanilla Godzilla was raised and lived in Simi Valley/Thousand Oaks CA. Veteran. Divorced 1996, kids, grandkids. In Phoenix since 2000

Thank God my Guardian Angel was watching over me that night in the Phoenix V. A. Hospital E. R.

We all occasionally need help from our guardian angels. This was my last card I could play from my deck. I bet it all on God.
We all occasionally need help from our guardian angels. This was my last card I could play from my deck. I bet it all on God.
He has a plan but sometimes a guardian angel can vouch for us. Thank God mine did.
He has a plan but sometimes a guardian angel can vouch for us. Thank God mine did.

November 28th, 2008. The clock on the pale green hospital wall clicks midnight.

A concerned angel is looking down upon me as I lay on my back in the emergency room of the Phoenix VA Hospital. My flaming red body is horribly riddled with bubbling pustules.

"Oh, God! He looks to be suffering in immense pain,” the angel cries. “Poor dear. If his blood pressure drops any further below 40/20 he'll go into cardiac arrest and then he could die. Think You could do something, Boss? Oh, please?"

The Lord rolls His eyes, walks over and asks, "(sigh) Well, WHAT has he done THIS ti... oh, I see. Not his fault. Given a prescribed medication that reacted violently with his body. SJS/TENS Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. His body is fighting off what it thinks is a foreign body that has entered it - his entire mucous membrane system is burning up." He pauses before breaking the bad news.

"Hmmm... Yes angel, I’m afraid he very well just might die."

The angel begs, "But... ok, so he hasn't exactly always been... well... an angel. But he means well. He has a lot of love in his heart if people would give him a chance. Even if he DOES survive, he'll be suffering for quite a while and for the rest of his life in some way anyway. Can’t You help him, Heavenly Father? He likes to make people laugh, you know. That's kind of nice. Right?"

The angel continues to plead my case, "The hospital doesn't even know at this time what is wrong with him his disease is so rare. Maybe three in a million will get it, one in four die and one in eight will suffer blindness in some way." She starts to choke up but continues as The Wise One stares deeply into her glistening doe eyes.

"They don't even know how to treat him at this point. It's just not fair! We might be his only hope right now, Father! Oh, please!" she quickly swipes at a tear while looking down at me writhing in pain.

My Gaurdian Angel pleads my case to her Boss

The Angel of Hope pleads with Our Lord and Savior to reconsider any misgivings He might have about me. He's a good person, she contends.
The Angel of Hope pleads with Our Lord and Savior to reconsider any misgivings He might have about me. He's a good person, she contends. | Source

It's In His Hands Now

“The Big Guy Upstairs” strokes his long white beard, furrows his brow with His arms crossed and ponders for a moment then says, "Hmmm, yes, he IS rather funny at times and Heaven knows people need to laugh more often."

Continuing His thoughts, "Yes... maybe he can help other victims of SJS/TENS and their families when he recovers. But he's going to have a long, tough road ahead of him." He paused. Then after being lost in thought watching me continues, "Keep an eye on him just a bit closer, will you please, child? I think I just might have a very important job for him to do for Me some day."

A tear slowly rolls down my cheek through closed eyes as I lay motionless now, nearly unconscious on the cold grey gurney. The angel, upon seeing this, cocks her head at an angle, and faintly smiles through pursed lips and big sad teary eyes.

I don't see them nor do I hear them. Does my subconscious hear them? I don't know. All I know is that I feel this could be my ultimate time of judgement if I shall live or if I shall die and right now I really need a break.

Drifting in and out of being fully aware of my potentially fatal situation, I'm wondering if someone up above can hear my desperate plea to survive. The pain my entire body feels is excruciating! Like a battle is going on inside of it and I have no control of the outcome. Actually that's exactly what IS happening as my body fights off... ITSELF!

The Lord and My Angel together quietly watch my shallow labored breathing for a moment. Then He says to me, "Alright Daniel, the rest is going to be up to you, son. I expect updates from your little friend here" and pats the back of her tiny ivory hand with His huge, tanned mitt. She grins, staring down momentarily at her bare feet with a bit of embarrassment for the recognition. Then just as quickly she stares down at me with a concerned frown through tears.

"Just keep fighting, kid." Our Father bellows down to me, "You can get through this just as long as you always remember one thing... NEVER LOSE FAITH!”

by Dan W. Miller


Back on Earth, I had to deal with my own living Hell. Read my short story written the day I was released after two nearly weeks in the V. A. hospital

I Could Have Died - Surviving SJS/TENS Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Some frequently asked questions:

* Is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/TENS contagious? No.

* What is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/TENS? TENS is Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and nearly the same thing as SJS. They are a sometimes fatal allergic reaction to a prescribed medication.

* Is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/TENS life threatening? Yes. One in four will die from complications. One in eight suffer some form of blindness.

* What causes Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/TENS? Again, a medication reacts violently with your immune system.

For more information click on the link below.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome / Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis | DermNet ...

This is what happens. This is how it feels except from the inside out over most of your body.

Your comments are welcome! Have you ever been close to death? Tell us, please!

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  • Mamerto profile image

    Mamerto I Relativo Jr 3 weeks ago from Cabuyao

    This hub made me feel secure!

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 6 months ago from Queensland Australia

    This was great, Dan.. Well not that you suffer from SJS/TENS, but the engaging way it was written. I loved the dialogue between God and the Angel. Well done my friend. I have been close to death a couple of times, once as a child suffered severe tonsilitis, had a seizure and was in a coma for two days. Another time as a silly young adult overtaking a truck too close to a turn and a bus was coming the other way...just managed to squeeze the car between the two and survive unscathed. That one sent shivers up my spine and I thank my guardian angel for that.

  • Dan W Miller profile image

    Dan W Miller 6 months ago from Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

    Why, yes. Yes I have.