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Song of Amazement

Updated on October 6, 2009


Fill me this day with love for others, with hope for tomorrow, and with a resilience born of God.  Teach me to honor those in my life with a smile and awesome song.  Walk with me through the forest of my jumbled mind toward the shores of a silvered sea, touching the sands of remembrance with the wonder of innocence.


Let me breathe in the wonder that is your fragrance oh Lord. Let your love cover me like gentle raindrops on a spring night. Let me feel the breeze of anticipation of your presence engulf me in the marvel of the moment.  Lord let me know your love.


Amaze me with the knowledge of your love for me.  Surround me with songs of angels and effortless aspiration.  Cover me with the warmth of your love. Sing to me a song of amazement filled with your awesome unfaltering love.


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      Anna Hand 8 years ago

      SING IT!!!SING IT!!!SING IT!!!...I want to hear this from your voice with good back-up on DVD...Love it!!!...Anna