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Songs of My Deliverance Part 2: His Love Takes Good Care of Me

Updated on January 9, 2016
Though the rain falls, the wind blows, the storm is on the sea, I know God's love will take good care of me.
Though the rain falls, the wind blows, the storm is on the sea, I know God's love will take good care of me. | Source

God's Love Takes Good Care of Me

God's love takes good care of me.

God's love takes good care of me.

Though the rain falls,

the wind blows,

and the storm is on the sea,

God's love takes good care of me.

The second song

This is the chorus I woke up to my first morning on the psychiatric ward. It was 5:00 a.m. and I couldn't sleep anymore. A part of me was glad to be there. I felt safe being away from the overwhelming stress of my world on the outside, but as I had never been in a psychiatric hospital before, I was filled with apprehension. So far all had gone well upon admission. Jack Nicholson and Nurse Ratchet had not met me at the door. The decor was lovely and the few faces I saw were "normal," even friendly. But at this hour, all alone in my room wearing hospital pajamas 4 times too big for me, I was very fearful and anxious about the day ahead.

What a comfort that little chorus was to me. It was not audible, but it ran through my head all day long. It is a song we always sang at prayer meeting. As I lay there with that chorus going through my head, I tried to pray and cling to the promise in this little song. I called my best friend at 6:00 a.m. and talked to her awhile. God used her greatly to comfort and love me. My door was open and a few hours later a group began to meet in the group lounge right outside my door. I was terrified so I closed my door, but not before I managed to get a glimpse of the patients as they sat down for a morning therapy group. They all looked so "normal." People like you and me. Hmmm. My Hollywood idea of nut houses was quickly dissolving.

Soon I was visited by a social worker. Right after that I was visited by a nurse. They both asked all the same questions I'd been asked the night before by the ER doctor and the admitting staff on the unit. They wanted to know why I was there, did I feel like harming myself, yada yada. Of course I needed to talk to these people, but just not one right after the other. But they were so very nice.

Very shortly I was very anxious to talk to someone other than the staff. Enter Pastor Chuck. When he walked in it was like a breath of fresh air. I was embarrassed at my appearance and for the reason I was there, but he put me at ease immediately. I spent the next hour confessing some sins, my concerns and shame about being a Christian in depression and on a psychiatric ward, and all the other life worries I had. He opened his Bible and began to speak into my life, reading about David, Elijah, Jeremiah, and Job, who all dealt with depressed feelings and hopelessness. He gave me scriptural assurances that my sins were forgiven. And then we prayed. It was the best therapy I received the whole day...actually, the whole stay. That day God sent my pastor and the little chorus as His way of loving and taking good care of me. This was my 2nd song of deliverance.

© Lori Colbo 2011. All rights reserved.


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