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Soul Jokes: A Spiritual Experience

Updated on April 7, 2013

The time of writing of Songs and Soul: A Spiritual Experience was a time when I had asked people whether they had had the experience of hearing songs or melodies in their dreams and when I had previously received a negative answer. Having shared through the article, I found that there are others who are likewise visited by songs in their dreams.

What about Soul jokes? Do these visit yours like they do now my dreams as well?

A friend once told me that dreams do not mean anything, that they are nothing but random firings of chemical discharges in the brain while in the sleep state.

It is such an eye opener to meet people of varying perspectives. It takes us back to the understanding that individual perception can be as varied as the individuality represented by our finger prints.

It is thus entirely up to us what we believe is true of our experiences. God visited Joseph in his dreams to provide instructions. I am of a similar belief:

God, Soul (which I use in contrast to ‘soul’) or the Holy Spirit speaks to us also through dreams.

Soul Jokes

If in the past, I have considered songs dreamt as messages, the jokes that I dream I just consider to be a reminder to lighten up, not to take the day’s worries too seriously.

Exactly what these jokes were about, unfortunately I could not recall. I just wake up with an awareness that there was a good joke, smile and then think, “Okay, Folks, back to sleep.” Maybe, in a similar manner that I kept a recorder on my bedside to record songs that I dreamt, I should go back to the practice of having a recorder handy, to record the story of each joke.

God’s Humor

Excerpts from “Conversations with God” illustrate God’s humorous side:

“Whew! You inspire me!

'Well, if God can’t inspire you, who in hell can?'

Are you always this flip?


However, it would be okay if I were being flip, wouldn’t it?'

I don’t know. I’m used to God being a little more serious.

'Well, do Me a favor, and don’t try to contain Me.

By the way, do yourself the same favor.

It just so happens I have a great sense of humor. I’d say you’d have to when you see what you’ve done with life, wouldn’t you? I mean sometimes I have to just laugh at it.

It’s alright, though, because you see, I know it’ll all come out all right in the end.'

What do you mean by that?

'I mean you can’t lose in this game. You can’t go wrong. It’s not part of the plan. There’s no way not to get where you are going. There’s no way to miss your destination. If God is your target, you’re in luck, because God is so big, you can’t miss.'

That’s the big worry, of course. The big worry is that somehow we’ll mess up and not get to ever see You, be with You.

'You mean “get to heaven?'

Yes. We’re all afraid of going to hell.

'So you’ve placed yourself there to begin with in order to avoid going there. Hmmmmm. Interesting strategy.'

There You are, being flip again.

'I can’t help it. This whole hell thing brings out the worst in Me!'

Good grief, You’re a regular comedian.”


Soul Meets Now

Sages and spiritual masters have been telling us that in our era, we will be more and more aware of our spirituality as Soul makes its connection to us more and more perceptible on a conscious level. Dreams, songs and jokes would not be an unlikely avenue for the Spirit to keep a communication going with us.

Maybe it will help to also understand that “chance” encounters or “coincidences” are not really what they seem. The book that we “happen to” read, the movie that we happen to watch, … places, people, pets, plants, things that happen into our life did not do so by chance.

It has been said that everything plays a role in the divine hide-and-seek. In the present moment, Now, there lies, beyond external forms, the Great Subtle, No-thing. If we’re still enough, we perceive the Soul of each Now simply as joy. Accepting each present moment as it is, we then understand that beyond form or the external manifestation of any event, joy is there for the taking.

Each moment that arrives, there Soul is, with It’s warm ‘Hello!’

In stillness, soul meets Soul meets Now.


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