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Soul of My Soul: A Mystical Union

Updated on July 29, 2015
Token of A Soul in a Mystical Union
Token of A Soul in a Mystical Union | Source

“So I say to you, ‘Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.’

… how much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” –Luke 11:10-13

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In a spirit similar to that described in “Songs and Soul: A Spiritual Experience ”, I woke up the other day with a song breaking through to consciousness:

“Soul of my soul, heart of my heart

The greatest treasure of my life that's what you are

Soul of my soul, child of my heart

I love you more than you know, soul of my soul


The day before that, during my silent sitting meditation, a thought arose:

“Anima Christi”

And so I looked up related sites:

“The Anima Christi is a medieval prayer to Jesus in the tradition of the Catholic Church.”


Song lyrics:

“Soul of Christ, sanctify me



There seems to be an ongoing dialog between my soul and the Holy Spirit, being better perceived by my unconscious, i.e. through dreams and silent sitting meditation, and breaking through by bits and pieces to my conscious mind.

Curious as to what these bits and pieces mean to me on the conscious level, I decided to pursue related sites and in particular listen to the videos of the songs:

  • Soul of My Soul, which I consider the Holy Spirit’s response to my soul’s request to “sanctify me”

“We may be strangers

We may be worlds apart sometimes

And it's hard to accept

The things we just don't understand

So blind to each other

We only see one side of nowhere

Some things we may never know

If there's one thing you should ever know


Soul of my soul, heart of my heart

The greatest treasure of my life that's what you are

Soul of my soul, child of my heart

I love you more than you know, soul of my soul

Into this world

We come with a heart that's open wide

And the best of this life

Is all I ever want for you

The love you believe in, your every dream

Your every passion

In time I know you'll come to see

Nothin' means as much to me


There'll come a time when you'll be on your own

But in your heart you're never far from home

Every road you take

Your every living day

You will always be, you will always be

The soul of my soul


Soul of my soul, heart of my heart

Some kind of miracle of life that's what you are

Blood of my blood, light of my life

You mean much more than you know

Soul of my soul”



  • Anima Christi, which I consider as my soul’s prayer to the Holy Spirit, arising during my silent sitting meditation:

“Soul of Christ

Sanctify me

Body of Christ save me

Water from the side of Christ

Wash me, Passion of Christ

Give me strength


Hear me Jesus

Hide me in thy wounds

That I may never leave thy side

From all the evil that surrounds me

Defend me and when the call of death arrives

Bid me come to thee

That I may praise thee

With thy saints forever

…. ”

The Inherent Passion

I believe that the passion for pursuing spiritual experiences is inherent in everyone. It is our birth right and we all have the opportunity to experience the mystical union if we pray for a closer walk with God, a more conscious connection with the Holy Spirit, i.e. the ability to listen to spiritual insights as they are sent to us. All this may be is a matter of being more aware of our thoughts and feelings. Instead of being mostly on auto-pilot, we can decide in between tasks to notice what we are thinking and feeling.

The article “ Prayer beyond Thoughts: Turning Meditation into a Daily Routine “ ventures to provide some suggestions for developing more awareness.

There are other non-denominational practices that seek to develop in one a closer walk with God. Although the Ignatian spiritual exercises take their origin from a Catholic, other denominations and non-denominational practitioners have also found these effective. By following links related to a search on “St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises”, you will find some sites that provide retreat guides for free. Options are provided for either on-site (28-30 days) or online spiritual exercises (34-35 weeks).

We are in the day and age when we seek from religion something beyond rituals or lip service. This may be the reason why so many have turned their backs from their religion. They have not found what they were born to live for, a closer connection to a very personal God, where practical wisdom and inspiration for daily living become realities, where enthusiasm is a fact and not a mere ideal.

( '[Late Latin enthsiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein, to be inspired by a god, from entheos, possessed : en-, in; see en-2 + theos, god; see dhs- in Indo-European roots.]
Word History: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm," said the very quotable Ralph Waldo Emerson. ... entheos ... "formed from en, "in, within," and theos, "god."...'

- )

‘Karl Rahner tells that “the devout Christian of the future will either be a ‘mystic’ who has ‘experienced’ something, or [s]he will cease to be anything at all”’


Saints, sages and mystics are in our midst, ordinary people living ordinary lives.

We cannot be far from finding what they have found, if we persist in asking.

“So I say to you, ‘Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.’

… how much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.”

§ §§§§ §§§

Other related sites:

- “A 34 week retreat for Everyday Life”

- “The following pages present a framework for a self-guided retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.”


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