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South Carolina Ghost Stories

Updated on September 25, 2010
The Gray Man is said to haunt Pawleys Island South Carolina
The Gray Man is said to haunt Pawleys Island South Carolina

The Gray Man of Pawleys Island South Carolina

People from Pawley's Island South Carolina will tell you of the Gray Man who is usually seen in a rain slicker and a hat and he warns people before a hurricane or bad storm that danger is coming.

He has been reported quite often on Pawley's Island South Carolina but he has been reported up and down the coast from the North Carolina outer banks south to the Savannah area. People say that the Gray Man is one of Pawleys Islands first residents and that the man was killed by a hurricane.

Over the years the gray man has been reported many times in and around Pawleys Island South Carolina. It is reported that he is quite often seen before a hurricane strikes the island of Pawleys Island South Carolina.

Beaufort South Carolina is one of the most haunted places in the United States.
Beaufort South Carolina is one of the most haunted places in the United States.

Beaufort South Carolina is supposed to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States. If you've never been to Beaufort South Carolina after a thunderstorm and drove its wet streets then you should plan a trip especially if you're into ghosts and paranormal activity. There's just something spooky about the Spanish moss hanging from the old oak trees in downtown Beaufort and over there what was that. Yes Beaufort is that kind of place. As you drive along the air on the back of your neck or on your arms may stand up and you'll wonder what just passed by you or through you.

One of the more famous tales of Beaufort South Carolina is the Frog Moor Light. Its said that someone was hanged under a tree at the old church and the strange light people claim to see is that person who was hanged looking for their head. Because you see when the person was hanged it is said that their head popped off when they were dropped during the hanging. It is a fact that the strange eerie green light has been seen for a hundred years or more.

And if that was all the ghosts that were seen it would still be a spooky place but there are all kinds of ghosts and paranormal activity reported in and around Beaufort South Carolina.

People quite often tell of seeing an old black lady in and around the Greyhound Bus Station in Beaufort South Carolina. She is described as always dressed in black with white hair and a red and black turban. She is often seen carrying a bunch of tied up bags and when people try to help her she almost always vanishes. In 1957 just down the street an older black lady who fits the description was run over and killed accidentally. Her name was Sara. People in the area say that you could ask her what her name was and she would always just say Sara. No one ever knew her last name if she had one. The story goes that Sara would always meet each bus carrying most of her belongings saying she was expecting her son but he never showed.

Many people in Beaufort often tell of seeing a burning ship just off shore from Beaufort but no one can ever get to it. It vanishes from sight if a boat does get close. People say that it's a large ocean going sailing ship and you can see its sails and people running around on the deck. The sails are always on fire. People have even told of hearing screams and seeing smoke in the air above the ship. No one has any ideal of what ship it was or where it came from.

The Joseph Johnson House also known as The Castle is supposedly one of the most haunted sites in Beaufort. People tell of seeing a ghost around the house and grounds that looks like a dwarf. Some people have claimed to see the dwarf inside the house while on the tour. The dwarfs name was supposedly Gauche and it is said he was brought to the house by the explorer Jean Ribaut.  Cries of help are heard coming from inside the house and people tell of seeing shadow people on the grounds around the house.

The Battery Carriage Inn , Charleston South Carolina
The Battery Carriage Inn , Charleston South Carolina

The Ghosts Of Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina has more than its share of ghosts and tales of paranormal activity. The Battery Carriage Inn has quite an unusual ghost. He is described as a distinguished older gentleman and he has a rather unusual habit of going into the room with female guests visiting the Inn and he lays down next to them on the bed. When he does and they scream he goes through the wall and vanishes.

Former slaves in period dress are quite often spotted in the trees near the old Charleston Navy Base.

Near the present day open air market strange lights are seen and many people claim its the ghosts of a group of pirates who were hung there in the trees.

At Poogans Porch Restaurant the ghost of Zoe is quite often spotted by people outside the building after the restaurant has closed for the evening. Many people over the years have thought a old lady has been locked in accidentally for the night. And it is here that a small West Highland Terrier named Poogan is said to haunt the front porch. The ghost of the little dog is seen quite often and it is that little dog that the restaurant is named for.

In near by Folly Beach South Carolina many ghosts are seen. Many people over the years even claim to see the ghost of Edward Teach ( Black Beard ) on the barrier island of Folly Beach. Because you see the barrier island was once one of the hiding places of the infamous pirate.

Near the end of the island near to Charleston Harbor many Civil War era soldiers are quite often seen. A confederate officer is quite often spotted on the beach walking. He looks so real that many people over the years have tried to talk to him but he walks right through them and keeps on walking. Fort Wagner was once on Morris Island just off the end of Folly Beach but the only thing now left of Morris Island at high tide is the lighthouse. Almost all of the 54th Massachusetts were killed trying to take Fort Wagner during the American Civil War. They were buried here in mass graves. Over the years people have claimed to see the battle going on and have even thought a movie is being made. But no movie is being made. It is however a hot bed of paranormal activity.

Confederate era soldiers are seen all over Folly Beach. During the American Civil War thousands of Confederate and Union soldiers fought and died all over the barrier island of Folly Beach , Morris Island , and near by James Island.

Just down the coast Edisto Island is also a place with high paranormal activity. A strange light is often seen wandering the marsh and many people claim it is a slave that was lost and drowned here. The graveyard there on the island is in a bad state of repair and over the years there have been many tales told of people seeing the ghost of a little girl dressed in a white dress there in the graveyard. It is said that she died and was buried there in a huge above ground family tomb. Months later another family member died and when the door to the tomb was opened the body of the little girl was found on the ground near the door to the tomb. Apparently she had been buried alive. Her open casket was a few yards away.

The Graveyard on Boundary Street in Newberry South Carolina is one of the most haunted locations.
The Graveyard on Boundary Street in Newberry South Carolina is one of the most haunted locations.

The Ghosts Of Newberry South Carolina

Newberry South Carolina is one of the most haunted locations in South Carolina. If you don't believe in ghosts all you need to do is visit Newberry South Carolina. In fact Newberry is so haunted that we created a Hub Page about the ghosts of Newberry South Carolina. And you can visit that Hub Page by CLICKING HERE NOW.

(C) September 2010 by thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost
(C) September 2010 by thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost

Post your comments or questions about South Carolina ghosts now.

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    • profile image

      Atwood Vacations 7 years ago

      What a great post for such a spooky time of year. We are always hearing stories of haunts passed through generations.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

      I love this piece. It was terrific! i love anything ghost. Carolina Ghost Stories are awesom. I must get there so I cn see for myself

      Will you give me a tour of all the haunted spots? LOL