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Speaking Spiritually

Updated on February 4, 2011

What Can ACIM Do For You?

From ACIM (A Course In Miracles) we see the lesson plans: I have given everything I see..all the meaning that it has for me: and: these thoughts do not mean anything, and I am never upset for the reason I think and I see only the past and I see nothing as it is now and my meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world and I am upset because I see a meaningless world and I am determined to see: I am determined to see differently: I do not perceive my own best interests; I do not know what anything is for; I have invented the world I see; God is my source, I cannot see apart from Him.

These lessons are the very first page of the workbook and may be considered even more important than the text to do, or at the least just as important as the flowing text, because the workbook is a training of your thoughts about how to create your own mind climate to true perception. Not knowledge gaining, but preparation for knowledge gaining; wisdom and knowledge are given by the actual experience within daily life of the lesson plans.

Since we make the choice to train our thoughts therein, and this daily, for the choice is never taken away, called free will, it cannot be true that Course is any kind of brainwashing cultish device. One thing we retain, even in our ignorance is the ability how we shall spend our time on earth and what we shall think, do and plan and love, or we may delay our own progress in spiritual growth by going on our way as usual and therefore if you do as you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. That's your sovereign choice; and you may say, it is given of the creator the ability to choose this or that.

I mention the brainwashing thing as one whom I formerly prized in my youthfulness and naivety studied the Course and came to the most peculiar decision that the Course was brainwashing him!

Giving over such power of the written word to say "it" was brainwashing you is to leave the power of choice as being outside of you and was doing your thinking for you. It's truly amazing how twisted our thinking can be in this world. If it were true what he said, then just watching a commercial on TV would be a very dangerous thing for such a mind as this.

I truly think most serious Course students are beyond such a weakness as being afraid to look closely at our thoughts and find the meaningless in most of them; it gets downright humorous after awhile with the practice.

Even the great void of nothingness leads to the exhilaration of realizing the value of your free will, your choice to follow a faithful and good thought versus a meaningless thought pregnant with fear and insecurity. Another thing ACIM says is "thoughts leave not their source, as well, I am entitled to miracles." Therefore whatever you think, it stays with you, like a weed or a flower it will thrive in your consciousness backyard. If you're thinking something simply dreadful, that's a fear thought. Root it out or get to the root of a fear thought and then you're moving along. Course or any other book does not plant fear thoughts. They come from ourselves.

I am sorry to say that we, my brother and I have not been able to discuss seriously the changes that ACIM brings to the child of God and the benefits either. The nothingness state, golden silence to myself, and fearful to him stands between us as yet and this must be allowed for a time, the distance between any brother and yourself is a strong illusion to see beyond, and all in linear time that we have also been given, along with the choice to delay our learning.

Yet I have heard him calling to me and in my heart I am my brother's keeper as I repeat the lesson plan God goes with me wherever I go and I have invented the world I see. My first responsibility towards my brother is to see clearly that he is the son of God; Since only God sees us both clearly, there are situations called for in our life where daily knee bending is what we do; in other words you give it to God and hold not to grievances, so very easy to do is to hold to grievances, but that is yet another delay tactic. Have faith, for all things pass away in this world and pain is of short duration in the overall scheme.

These lesson plans cause a seeker after knowledge to enter the silence. Each lesson is a teaser that unfolds the next lesson. Always there is choice to see where the next lesson plan will take you. Being brave means exploring the self and the changes within self lead you to the step where you are always listening for God.

The Holy Spirit as it is termed within ACIM is what all of us have in common and it will become the only voice we can hear and therein our safety lies from falsehoods. You will know them by their love, so let that suffice for the day.

Your holiness envelops everything you see is another lesson plan and this is where you are headed. If I am brainwashing you, well, by Jove, give me 30 whacks with a wet noodle!

Now for my long term friend, I say your resistance has spurred me on to express my firm conviction in Course's truth. I am the holy child of God and so are you my friend and let none put us asunder. Now, goodness, where did that word come from? It means divided. What God has made can appear divided for a time; there is no meaning in being divided but there is meaning in coming together. My opposite is needed for contrast purposes. Division is painful, but faith inspires me forward that I have found my true path and for this my cup runneth over with love and gratitude.

There is no relationship unless two are relating. Remember that in times of trouble and strife. The true nothingness you may fear entails an act of force against another and the false supposition that one has the "right" to be forceful over another. In our heavens there are locales for those who enjoy forcing the issue upon another until they change their minds. Love is allowance and knowing you are safe in God, as you have chosen the truth that you are the Holy Son of God. In truth, there is nothing to fear because fear is an illusion of threat. Project not fear and insecurity upon another, neither reinforce their made-up fears. In other words if China likes to deform their feet into tiny shoes, let them have their experience of having tiny feet and leave them alone with that; it's not your issue. Some things belong to God and some things belong to you to solve, learn the difference. When you are able to grow to the point of "bigness" where you are extending the kingdom of God rather than making a withdrawal on funds you do not have in the bank, well then, watch what happens and enjoy!


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      I have the full set of the Course In is interesting...yet strange in it's own way....I actually have two full sets (there are 3 hardbound copies in a set. If you know of anyone that wants to buy a set...I am willing to sell one of them.