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The Ultimate Guide to Spending Quality Time with God

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Key to a Spiritually Fulfilling Life

God is our life and everlasting love. Spending quality time with God should be the top priority of every believer. Setting specific times aside for God every day will increase the quality of our lives in every area. A strong sense of peace will also follow us on our daily journeys. Our situations will turn from negative to positive.

But without spending time with God anything can happen to us. The stress of the daily grind can steal our peace, joy and hope. Our relationships with others, including our spouses, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers will suffer as well. Our health will always be a challenge if our days are filled with stress and dreariness. Therefore, choosing time to spend with God is one the most wises choices we can ever make.

Harnessing the Habit of Gratefulness

Our day must begin with gratitude and thanksgiving. If we awaken from our sleep, we have been privileged to see another day of life. We have an opportunity to smile again and to fill our minds with loving thoughts toward God and our neighbors. When we are thankful for what God has done for us, no matter how small, we open up our lives to receive more blessings. Having a sense of gratitude is an attractive force. It brings recognition and rewards. People are inspired in our presence because of the positive vibrations they experience from being around us. In such a heavenly state of mind, we express the love of God wherever we go.

One thing to be thankful for when we awaken in morning is God’s protection. We thank Him for keeping us safe from hurt, harm and danger while we slept during the night. We must remember that if we open our eyes in the morning, there were millions of other people who did not open theirs. A chance to live another day is a blessing. When we go to sleep at night, the assumption is that we will see another day. But as reality stands, our assumption could be wrong. We know everyday someone who experiences the opposite of our hopeful assumption. Therefore, God is well pleased when we acknowledge our vulnerability to danger and embrace His love and protection for us. He becomes our shelter from fear and uncertainty. By all means, thank God for all the things He has done in your life. Regardless of the largeness or smallness of these blessings, God is worthy to receive our thanksgiving.

Reciting Two of the Most Transformative Prayers

After ten to fifteen minutes of thanksgiving, I am mentally illuminated by reciting the Lord’s Prayer followed by the 23 Psalms. These two prayers set the foundation for my entire day. The Lord’s Prayer touches every area of our lives: humility, forgiveness, strength, deliverance, worship and praise. The Twenty-Third Psalms is equally powerful and effective. It offers a sense of divine dependency, fulfillment, peace, restoration. It eliminates fear of circumstances and offers a sense of intimacy as well as divine protection. Reciting these two prayers from a heart of sincerity will shut down the forces of darkness around us and lift our minds into a dimension of divine mystique. In such a state, the enemy is forbidden.

Bible Belt of America

Going within the Secret Place: Meditating on God’s Presence

The quality of time we spend with God around noon depends on our daily lifestyle. If we are working on a job, meditation on the presence of God within us may be our only option. Nevertheless, this method of going within to the secret place is very powerful. First of all, it acknowledges God as a divine resource. We are no longer depending upon our own strength and power to confront the strains and stresses of life. God delights in this type of devotion. Whatever task we are doing becomes easier to perform when we go within to seek God’s supernatural strength and power. The more we connect inwardly with God the more of Him we see in our performance as well as our co-workers around us. The attitudes of our bosses and our comrades may changes for the better. A sense of unity and excitement stirs within the atmosphere and production often increases. This is all due to the miraculous effect of going within and focusing on the innermost part of our being, thereby acknowledging God as the source of all our strength and goodness.

I begin to practice this powerful ritual while working at major insurance company as a claims processor several years back when I was a young man in my twenties. Many times I found my job overwhelming to a point that my lack of timely productivity begins to interfere with my co-workers, who would sometimes neglect their work in order to help me catch up with my quotas. After having a considerable amount of patience with me, my boss called me into the office and gave me a week to get it right. When I went home that evening, worried that I might lose my job if I didn’t perform, the wisdom of entering within the inner temple of God gave me hope. I had gained this knowledge from my extensive reading of biblical scripture and sacred truth.

Faith that Makes a Big Difference in the Workplace

I remember reading the biblical verse that says, “Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world.” So in my prayers of desperation, I gave all my worries and cares to God regarding my job. I no longer worried about my fate. In fact, I experienced a fairly good night’s sleep. The next day when I arrived at work, I begin to go within several times an hour, sometimes a minute, and then two minutes, other times five minutes, all the while performing my daily duties. What I found out to my amazement and joy is that I was not only meeting my Quota but was also finishing up my tasks several minutes before I had previously done. At the end of the day, I was delighted to witness the power and presence of God working within me. I practiced turning within all week long with prevailing results. Finally, I realized I was fully vindicated when my boss told me he had seen a 360 degree turn around in my performance. This is the power of turning within to God when you are running on a busy schedule at work, at home or at in the community.

Church upon a HIll
Church upon a HIll | Source

Your Time with God

How Much Quality Time with Spend with God?

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Bedtime Talk: The Comfort of the 91st Psalms

In the late evening or at night before bedtime, talk to God. Thank Him for the day He has given you and the blessings of kindness and peace you experience throughout the day. One of the most comforting prayers one can recite before bedtime is the 91st Psalms. The effect of this prayer upon our sleep is beyond wonderful. It takes us into a dimension of heaven where God covers us with His wings of love and protection, far beyond the reach of the kingdom of darkness. When the power of the 91st psalms is instilled in our consciousness, we will fear nothing while we asleep in our beds. In fact, our thoughts and dreams will be free of worry and fear. In our dreams we may find ourselves conversing with angels and dwelling in beautiful places that are beyond imagination. You will be amazed when you awaken with the peace, joy and strength gained from a beautiful night of sleep.

Hunger for the Knowledge of God: Spiritual Books, CDs and DVDs

Spending quality time with God means continually to increase your knowledge of Him. Therefore, on Sundays you should find a good biblically sound church that takes a step by step approach to studying scripture. Try to learn as much about the trials and triumphs of the great holy men and women of God throughout the ages. These spiritual pioneers demonstrated the miraculous results of intimacy with God. The walked, talked and listened to the still small voice of God day and night. By pleasing God with their time and effort they became divine icons in the world of the supernatural. The more that we know about the greatness of these divine icons the more love, faith and power we will experience.

Reading good spiritual books, listening to CDs and watching DVDs are other ways we can spend time with God. Our knowledge of Him just grows and grows. We become spiritually wise to the point that our traditional perception of how the world should work undergoes a dramatic change. We begin to see as God sees, hear as God hears and think as God thinks. God captivates our minds, hearts and souls with the wisdom and knowledge of the immortals. In this state of mind, we see the thoughts and beliefs of the world as vanity, just major obstacles to the church and the people of God.

The Need for Divine Guidance

However, on a cautious note, we must ask God for divine guidance in choosing our books and other resources. Without the guidance of God’s Spirit, we can get caught up in some forms of spiritual teachings that do not line up with the teaching of Christianity. Any knowledge from teachings that denies the existence or minimizes the nature of Christ must be abandoned. God honors Christ and Christ honors God. They reign in oneness. Therefore, it is crucial to be a part of a deep bible believing church where members are always reaching out to share, support and strengthen one another.

When we spend quality time with God, we live large with Him. As a result, there is no end to the daily miracles of love and grace we will receive from those who are around us. Many will call us peculiar and desire to experience the peace, joy and purpose that engulf us. Others will be reluctant to acknowledge the glory of God upon us but will nevertheless respect us for the peace and prosperity we bring to the table of life. Spending quality time with God is the beginning of the rest of our lives.


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