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Psychic Abilities: How to Sense a Danger Before it Happens

Updated on July 14, 2013

Developing a Sixth Sense for dangers is one of the greatest and most useful abilities that we can have. Who wouldn't like to sense incoming dangers like Spiderman? Some Psychic Abilities are true and this special use of the Sixth Sense is one of them. A simple Self Hypnosis suggestion will do it, you just have to practice. No practice no gain.

The Amazing Spiderman

Before proceding have a look at these other articles: Hypnotism: Write Your Own Positive Affirmations and Psychic Abilities: Develop Your Intuition and Sixth Sense. The instruction on this one work on their own but it's better if you read those two first as they give you a general understanding and detailed steps.

Spiderman Cartoon

How to Develop Your Sixth Sense for Dangers

How can we acquire Spiderman' Sixth Sense in the real world? This simple Self Hypnosis technique will do it having your Subconscious Mind to warn you of incoming dangers thus helping you to remain safe and alive.

After having read Hypnotism Explained: How to Hypnotize Yourself proceed as follows:

Desired outcome: to be able to be instantly aware of incoming dangers.

Say to yourself:

Dear Subconscious, you know everything about me, at any given moment you receive millions of information from my senses, from inside my body and from the outside world and you do a good job at processing and using them. Everyday you do a wonderful job keeping me alive and safe from dangers.

NOW, I know I CAN increase my awareness of incoming dangers by being more receptive to your signals about threats. A better communication between us will surely greatly increase our safety; I'm sure you agree with this. I just ask you to use always a specific signal to warn me, like a shiver on my nape. In this way whenever there is an incoming danger we can act as fast as a lightning and remain safe and alive. So I'd like to establish this new permanent directive:



Repeat the above two sentences three times each.


Repeat three times.



Spiderman - We Are


The Sixth Sense to be aware of incoming dangers before they arrive is definitely one of the most important Psychic Abilities to possess and it's available to everyone, you just have to follow the above instructions. The Subconscious Mind can perceive dangers far before our Conscious Mind becomes aware of them.

Increasing our ability to perceive incoming dangers receiving better and faster signals from the Subconscious Mind increases our awareness and greatly reduces the possibility that something can hurt us. Developing your own Spiderman' Sixth Sense you can become like a common spider which is instantly aware when something touches its web.

What do you think of this Self Hypnosis technique to get the spider sense? Would you leave a comment, rate it and share it? Thanks.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

The-Amazing-Spiderman-Sixth-Sense Comments

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  • Michael Carnevale profile image

    Michael Carnevale 

    2 years ago

    Does this actually work. If so (Because I tried it) how long will this take until it will work. And how will it work. What I am asking is, how can you hypnotise yourself to get spider sense. Please respond soon thank you.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    i love it!

    i kinda have this ability to.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks for posting this up. It actually worked for awhile.

  • Dr.Ope profile image

    Olive Ellis 

    8 years ago

    Thank you Hypnodude. Useful information. I sometimes think that I have some psychic abilities and want to know how to increase it. Will be following

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks Hypnodude:) interesting reading for my morning and I want to know what my body is capable of nice place to start!! Many Thanks

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 

    9 years ago from Minnesota

    Great article hynodude. I must say though that unfortunately, at times, I have this too much and it creates Anxiety. You are right though that it is good to keep aware of what's going on around us. :)

  • mulberry1 profile image

    Christine Mulberry 

    9 years ago

    Paying more attention to those little internal signals can certainly save you a lot of grief. Some say that is exactly what makes up "intuition". I think how well we use it and how much we tune into it varies by person. My husband accuses me of being too cautious in some situations but if I feel there's danger, I don't consider that wimpy, I consider it smart.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Definitely it is, because it works. Glad you appreciate it, Betty. :)

  • Betty Reid profile image

    Betty Reid 

    9 years ago from Texas

    Interesting technique. I must say it's worth a try.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks to you Patti for your appreciation and the rating up. Our subconscious can do so many things for us that I wonder if we'll be ever able to know all of them. :)

  • Patti Ann profile image

    Patti Ann 

    9 years ago from Florida

    Excellent! Rated this one up! I have spoken to my subconscious about many other things - I'll have to add this to my list. Thanks!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Money, I agree with you that sometimes it's scaring when our Sixth Sense works well, but better know in advance than later. :) Thanks for your kind words, the rating and sharing. Have a great Sunday! :)

  • Money Glitch profile image

    Money Glitch 

    9 years ago from Texas

    Hey Hypno, this is sooo cool! Performed a similar confirmation statement years ago, to enhance my sixth sense. Hehehe, didn't know exactly what I was doing, but it worked and still works well years later. Sometimes it works so well, it is a little scary. :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Rating up and Digging for you. :)

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks M Selvey, glad you liked it. Actually writing about Spiderman Sixth Sense has been a great fun. We forgot that we have a sense for dangers, but we can learn again how to use it. At the end it's a matter of attention. Thanks for your kind comment. :)

  • M Selvey, MSc profile image

    M Selvey, MSc 

    9 years ago from United Kingdom

    I agree that as a species, we have largely lost our ability to tune in with the vibrations around us. This ability certainly contributed to the survival of early man. Even the mismanagement of supermarket trollies is certainly a sign of people's ignorance of their environment.

    A fun and powerful hub! An up-rating from me!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Nothing is silly if it works for you. Actually I find it a good way to use a movie. Like books some movies can be very useful and inspiring tools. I'll promise I'll think about an ebook. :)

    Thanks Support Med for your always kind and inspiring words. And for the rating.:)

  • Support Med. profile image

    Support Med. 

    9 years ago from Michigan

    Your article and portrayal of it are very well written and demonstrated. I love the Spiderman movies! I videotaped a scene from the first movie onto my cell phone; it gave me the strength to continue on as I was travelling by public transportation and sometimes (especially in winter), I would be so cold (even when bundled up) that I'd feel like crying and just felt plain tired, I would look at the video on my cell phone and see Spiderman flying through the air and then landing with that awesome stance and I would feel like, OK, I can do this! It may sound silly, but it worked for me, It's been on my phone for 3+ years. Also, I agree, sensing danger before it happens is a great gift and I agree that it occurs when our senses are sharpened. When we are 'new to it' it is somewhat frightening. Experience is key. And, I agree with LadyE, you would be a great teacher. Your English speaking skills may not be as you would like them to be, however, that's another reason why we have books. Hope you look into publishing one soon (even one that is self-published). A good read, Rated up!! And much success to you!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Hi Olga, thanks for your kind comment.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Hi Hypnodude,i like your articles.:-)Very interesting!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Hi Kaie, that's very interesting. Well, I prefer to sense incoming dangers and be ready than the contrary, but that's my opinion.:) Thanks for the kind comment, and have a great day too!

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Maita, your words are always a pleasure to read, I know you're working a lot these days so I appreciate your coming here. Thanks for the rating and have a great day!

  • Kaie Arwen profile image

    Kaie Arwen 

    9 years ago

    Love it! Have to tell you though........... I already have that sense, and I don't always like it ;-)

    Have a great day!


  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    9 years ago from US

    This is very healpful H, I need this one in these times now, am writing hubs etc, sense and troubles when you go out and every move you make, Spider sixth sense always make us alert as well, Rated it up again H, Thank you, Maita

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    You met him wavegirl, than that's really interesting. If you haven't already written a hub on Universal Studios it would be an interesting subject. Thanks for your always welcomed appreciation. And xoxox to you.;)

  • wavegirl22 profile image


    9 years ago from New York, NY

    I dont like spiders but I love Spiderman. Especially after I met him on the kewlest ride ever at Universal Studios in Florida! And like every idea you have, you know I am going to be trying this!

    Have a great day


  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Mike, your comment is very much appreciated because those two are the reasons why I wrote it. Actually Peter Parker in my opinion is the most human Super Hero. And his abilities are simply cool (?). Have a great day!:)

  • Mike Lickteig profile image

    Mike Lickteig 

    9 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

    I gotta admit, you drew me in with the title to this one. I may have to try this, not just because I grew up loving Spider-Man comics, but because it would be a very practical ability/awareness to possess.

    Thanks, my friend.


  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks Spider Lady, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment.:)

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Hi Ron, I agree with you. Superman is the Number One, only that I haven't been able (yet) to find powers to use in our daily life. Thanks for your much appreciated comment.

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Hi Lady_E, well, I just don't know. It might be that you see things that I'm not seeing at the moment, which is interesting. The Web seminars could be an interesting idea, but I should find a good English speaker before, my spoken English is pretty awful.:)

    Thanks for your kind comment.:)

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 

    9 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    Being a spider lady, I just had to read this. Interesting take on Spiderman.

  • a2z50 profile image


    9 years ago

    Spider Man is my second most admired super hero. The Big "S"

    Superman must be the greatest ever. That's just me.

    Great Hub Thank you!


    As Always also Rprcarz50

  • Lady_E profile image


    9 years ago from London, UK

    Very interesting Hypnodude. I'm beginning to see a spiritual element to this or am I just seeing things?

    Wow, I wish we could have Web seminars on your topics.

    Best Wishes. :)

  • hypnodude profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Italy

    Thanks msorensson, for the fast and positive comment. I'm glad you like it. Have a great day!

  • msorensson profile image


    9 years ago

    Cool, hypnodude. Thanks!!


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