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Spirit Cooking - Ritual Dinner

Updated on December 6, 2016
Spirit Cooking Recipe
Spirit Cooking Recipe

Cooking, something the world has been doing for thousands of years. A simple process which involves the preparing of raw food which is placed in a pot, by combining, mixing, and heating the ingredients to a desired state. When regular people cook their food to eat it is simply because they are hungry and need something to eat.Something which gives them the nutrition their body demands. But when people practice spirit cooking it does much more than filling empty tummies. It also fills their soul.

What Is Spirit Cooking?

  • Forget about the Pasta and Cheese mix. Throw away the succulent leg of lamb as you won't be needing those when you are cooking up spirits. Spirit Cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema, which was founded by alleged satanist, Aleister Crowley. It is the art of using blood of self and the blood of animals to write and create detailed instructions on walls, statues and furniture such as tables on how to invoke and connect with spirits or demons. It also involves the consumption of weird combinations of "food" to also invoke the evil spirits. An example of this weird combination of food would be " Fresh bread with semen."

Marina Abramovic - Spirit Cooking
Marina Abramovic - Spirit Cooking

Who Introduced Spirit Cooking

Spiritual Cooking has been around for a very long time, but has become quite popular today because of leaked conversations and videos of some elites who have been practicing the art. The art was again brought to the forefront by a woman named Marina Abramovic. Abramovic is a performance artist known for her gory performances and occultist rituals. Marina is said to be a 70-year-old Yugoslavian performance artist. She has done some collaborations with Lady Gaga and Jay Z. She has even used herself as part of her spirit cooking by allowing thousands of persons to use various objects on her to do whatever they pleased. One of the most famous rituals was back in 1974 where Abramovic placed 72 objects on a table. These objects included; loaded gun, a rose, whip, hand cuffs, honey, needles, olive oil, scissors, scalpel, just to name a few. A sign was also placed beside the items that gave descriptions of what the items could be used on her to do. The audience was given the go ahead to use these items on her in anyway they chose. There were no limits. She was tortured for six long hours, the action of the audience included cutting, stripping, beating and even contemplated murder when one audience held the loaded gun to her head with his finger pulsing on the trigger.

Marina had been known to have strong ties with top brass people of great influence and have even invited many of those persons to her spirit cooking rituals.

Spirit Cooking Recipe

Talk about a combination of some of the most gross things to use and consume. then you get a good spirit dinner. The menu of spirit cooking involves use if the following main ingredients.

  • Blood
  • Breast Milk
  • Sperms
  • Saliva

How The Ingredients are used

  • The blood can be blood of animals or blood of humans. One particular kind of blood which spirit cookers find as delicacy is the menstrual blood. The blood is used to write various spirit cooking commands on walls, boards, paper cloth etc which invokes evil spirits. The blood is also drank by practitioners of the ritual. It is one of if not the main ingredient in spirit cooking.
  • During certain ceremony, when they have quite a few number of audience present. One of their main Spirit cooking recipe is to full a tub of blood and have a person lay in that tub of blood. Then persons would all enjoy drinking the blood off that person using spoons.

Breast Milk usage in Spirit Cooking

  • The breast is part of nourishment phase of new life. This symbolizes the nutrition of demons and spirits for them to grow and manifest strength within the body. Breast milk is collected and is drank by itself, scooped off the body of individuals or drank straight from nursing moms. Some practitioners will do little twist in flavors by combining the ingredients such as having freshly squeezed breast milk with a little blood.

The Sperms usage in Spirit Cooking

  • This represents strength and fertilization. The drinking of sperm strengthens the invocation of demon spirits and also symbolizes the manifestation and growth of that spirit within. Sex has a lot to do with demon practice and the sperm is normally associated with an act of sex.

A spirit cooker can use thousands of recipes, it depends on what the practice is about that day and the audience involved in such practice. Everyday items can be used in this rituals, items such as body parts (fingernail, eyeball etc) knives, needles, cobwebs, just to name a few.

Spirit Cooking
Spirit Cooking

Spirit Cooking Cannibal Ritual

Many people pay tens and thousands of dollars to be part of this twisted idea. It has soften been believed that Satanist do consume the flesh of human beings. This cannibalistic idea being portrayed by Spirit cooking depicts just that. During the mimic cannibalistic ritual, a life like human sculpture of a cake is brought on on a stretcher and placed on a large table. This human cake is made of ingredients which you would find in any cake, except it may contain blood. The human cake is then sliced up as though you would cut up a human being and pieces of this blood cake is distributed to attendees. During the distribution of this blood cake, freshly squeezed breast milk or sperm dip is passed around for patrons to enjoy.


Spirit cooking is not a fun or weird pastime which is just a big hoax to swindle weird rich people out of their money. It is part of a larger cult of satanism. It is a new trend that many will follow without even knowing what portals they are opening and what beings they call within themselves. All i can say at this point is if you feel like doing or eating something weird, its better to order a pizza and then boil it and consume that more than to get yourself involved in forces you do not understand.


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