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Spirit Mom Gives a Gift at Christmas 2010

Updated on December 14, 2010

Spirit Mother's Love


Over 30 years ago, while I was working at Pac Bell in Sacramento California, I met my friend Paula.  We were talking recently and I suggested for fun she should learn to intuit with a Tarot Desk of Cards.  I look at Tarot Cards for the fun and beauty of the designs, as the art work is usually unique and very beautiful.  I encourage new psychic students to practice using Tarot cards to developing their psychic hunches.

Shopping the last week in November for Christmas Gifts, I found a ‘gift box’ of “Discover Yourself” techniques with a small Tarot Desk of Cards.  The entire box was in beautiful reds, oranges and designs for the beginner intuitive to have lots of fun.  Thinking of my friend and my suggestion, I gladly thought this would be a fun to receive gift from me to her.

Getting home I looked at the box again and thought secondly that perhaps Paula would think this material was too young for her.  The contents looked to be geared to teenage girls.  Thinking I should get my friend a different holiday gift, I put this kit aside.

A few days later I got a call from “D” saying that her sister’s year death day was the 9th of December and that she and her two sisters would like to come over to see how “L” was doing. 

A couple days later she called to say that “L’s” 15 yr. old daughter would bring along her best friend and the group total would be five.  I hung up the phone and started thinking about the mother and had such a strong sense that the gift that I had put aside would be perfect for her daughter! 

Well!  I bought some cookies and had small water containers ready for the ladies on Thursday the 9th.

I always enjoy talking to small groups, as each participant afterward can easily remember more to help each other understand better the messages given.

So, as we had all sat down, my first thought was to talk to the oldest sisters and explain to them about how I started;  my afterlife beliefs to relax them and for them to please enjoy our visit.

I glanced at the daughter and to her deceased mother standing behind her.  Instantly, I remembered the gift, and it was very clear to me presenting the gift was how I would begin the group session. 

So, today’s session was to start with a Christmas Gift to “L’s” 15 yr. old daughter.  

I told the daughter about how I purchased the gift for my friend, brought it home, and decided to put it aside.  Having just released my hand on the gift, “L” made her presence known to me and suggested I give it to her daughter.  What really surprised me was the Mom’s thoughts directed to me, “She is having trouble figuring herself out, and I am not there to help.  This is “my” Christmas Gift to her.” 

Really?  Wow!

Telling the daughter this, the Mother’s energy was soft and embracing not only to the daughter but also to me at the same time.  We all rushed to find the tissue box for the daughter to wipe her eyes.  She (Mom) was sorry she was not with her during her troubling times, that this gift was to let daughter know she (the Mom) was still in her daughter’s life.

After talking to the rest of the family and they left, I paused and reflected at the Mom’s ability to direct me to buy something for her daughter for Christmas.  Clearly, I am impressed by the love of this Spirit Mom to her child and how regretful she is for not being there for her.  In our daily lives I wonder how often do we get a message from Spirit and parley that into an action or gesture to let the living know of their presence.  Perhaps that idea to help us in our career or to say “love you” to someone just because is from our constant family in spirit. 

That “thought” you just received is a soft spoken suggestion from our spirit guides or family, let us all be comforted in knowing we are not alone.         


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