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Spirit Releasement - Fact or Fiction?

Updated on September 10, 2015

Discover about spirit releasement - an article and spirit releasement video by psychologist and reincarnation pioneer Andy Tomlinson

The Unexpected Baby

Heather considered herself to be in good health. She was an energetic woman who held down a day job as well as working as a Reflexologist, a Shiatsu practitioner and healer. But she felt there was something not quite right and could not put her finger on what it was. As I scanned Heather's energy field she became aware of an area around her lower body that felt different. As she focused on that area the thought, ‘Baby’ came into her mind. Baby talked through Heather's voice and in the dialogue it turned out that Baby had been very distressed to discover that its life had been cut short before it had properly started. Baby had been so desperate to experience the Earth plane it did not go to the light, and was drawn to Heather because she was warm, loving and her thoughts about having her own baby. I invited a nanny from one of the nurseries in the spirit world to join them. Baby was shown how warm and loving a nanny could be and how it would be taken care of until it was time to incarnate into a new body. Baby left Heather's energy system willingly. A week after the session Heather said she felt that "Something had been put to rest" and had a wonderful feeling of inner peace. In fact she couldn't stop smiling!

Was this a spirit releasement or was it an imaginary dialogue with a sub-personality part?

Spirit Releasement – Fact or Fiction?

There is a debate about the reality of spirit attachments. Michael Newton, who introduced the amazing spiritual world of life between lives in his book Journey of Souls, takes the position that spirit attachments do not exist. This was based on the accounts of thousands of clients who, in their life between lives, never mentioned they had a spirit attachment. Indeed, I witnessed many discussions between his life between lives graduates on the internet on this very subject. Some followed Newton’s reasoning and others found the amazing reduction in client symptoms after releasing what appeared to be spirit attachments. This controversy extends in other areas of psychotherapy and a number of schools don’t teach the subject, taking the view that professional acceptance of therapy is threatened by merely mentioning this name. Hollywood seems to be playing its part to terrify people with their horror films on the subject so it is perhaps understandable the need to be careful when this subject is discussed.

So what is the evidence for spirit attachments? Although not the first to write about them, William Baldwin’s book Spirit Releasement Therapy was a breakthrough in documenting many of the techniques that could be used with spirit releasement although his coverage of what he called demonic seems to come more from his cultural root influence. Medical doctor Louise Ireland-Frey in her book Freeing the Captives introduced more respectability in the subject. Both gave examples of clients whose therapist followed a protocol assuming the presence of spirit attachments and their client’s symptoms of intrusive thoughts, loss of energy, negative emotions and unwanted behaviours immediately improved. However, just because a client has an improvement of health does not constitute proof of what caused it.

Spirit Releasement

Spirit Releasement Research

The research I did with Ian Lawton in his past life book Wisdom of Souls made a small contribution in untangling this subject. The research subjects had previously experienced a life between lives regression. In the second session interactive communication was established to the evolved spirits of light called by a variety of names such as Council, Elders and Wise Ones. In the following narrative I’ll simply refer to them as Elders. These evolved spirits are beyond the need to reincarnate on Earth and review a soul’s life plan and the final preparation before incarnation. Working in a group they have a collective knowledge far greater than any individual spirit. Also, because the client is in deep hypnosis, conscious mind interference is minimized. Structured questions were asked about a range of subjects including spirit attachments. The reliability of the information was established by looking for consistency between the answers from ten different groups of Elders working through ten different subjects.

All the Elders confirmed that after death some souls do not immediately return to the light realms and remain earthbound for a variety of reasons – they are not aware they are dead, wanting to stay with loved ones on the earth plane, fear of going to the light, the attraction of staying in the material world, and sometimes because the unsolved negative energy they hold makes it difficult to respond to the pull home. When a person with spirit attachments dies some attachments may leave of their own accord. Others remain attached until the soul has crossed over and gone for energy healing. At that time they are removed by a lattice work of energy filters and given a choice of continuing to be earthbound or going to the light. This happens without the client’s soul being aware of the process. It is worth remembering that following physical death consciousness is often in a confused state and in physical life most people are unaware they have a spirit attachment. So it is not surprising that life between lives clients do not mention they have had a spirit attachment removed.

My research with Ian confirmed that spirit attachments can either be lightly attached at the edges of a client’s energy field or are deep inside on a hook. The hook is when a client went through some emotional crisis earlier in life, which provided an opening in their energy field for the discarnate to enter. It’s like a form of psychic resonance – the unsolved emotions of the discarnate and the client’s current life issues. This is important to know because after the spirit attachment is removed the client’s current life issues need to be resolved to remove the hook. Otherwise this is an opening for other discarnate spirits to attach in the future.

The subject of what Baldwin referred to as demonic possession was clarified in the research. The Elders advice was that demonic forces are just in the minds of people. If they expect to encounter them they will. It reminds me of a spirit attachment that had all the appearance of being a demonic and after gently asking what it was feeling, through floods of tears a young boy answered and was gently returned to the light. Of course there can be difficult energies to be cleared but they are less likely to be encountered.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

It may be worth quickly reviewing the way of dealing with spirit attachments. Detection can be achieved by scanning a client's energy field, pendulum signalling, intuition or various kinesiology tests.

The first check is to establish if any of the attachments can be removed without communication. Normally these are on the edge of a client’s energy field and are ready to go to the light with the help of a spirit guide.

Other attachments may be unwilling to go to the light or want to stay with the client so communication is needed. Though some therapists may encourage the client to talk directly to the attachment, I find it easier to allow the attachment to talk through the client. This also causes the client’s conscious mind to disassociate taking them into deep trance – useful for later regression work.

Communication initially is aimed at weakening the hold the spirit attachment has on the client – reminding the attachment it is dead, that it is not in its own body, and that the client does not want it. Following this initial step the strategy is to find out what is needed for it to go to the light – reunited with a loved one, recreating some aspect of the human world, or overcoming any fear. With these and other intuitive insights spirit attachments are eager to return home.

Finally the client’s energy field needs filling with healing energy and any hook removed through regression therapy. My book Healing the Eternal Soul (Andy Tomlinson) goes into these techniques in more detail. When I’ve taught these approaches to students on my training classes they enjoy doing the work because it’s quick, done with love, and allows them to use their intuition.

Some Last Comments

Unlike exorcism that is confrontational, a spirit attachment can be shown the same concern as a person. What Heathers case demonstrates is how a spirit attachment responds to loving and compassionate treatment.

Spirit releasement therapy does not resolve all of a person’s problems and other therapies will be needed for remaining symptoms that truly belong to the client. However, it is a therapeutic approach that can accomplish a lot in one session.

As for is it real, as the saying goes, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck … it probably is a duck”.


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    • profile image

      Doris Lebrón 

      5 years ago

      Very interesting! Very useful too!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      5 years ago

      Interesting topic. I'd never heard of this before. You're clearly very knowledgeable and have organized the info well here. Thanks so much for sharing.


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