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Spirit of Fear

Updated on December 9, 2012

Don't let fear rule your life!

No other spirit can cripple a believer (Christian) as the spirit of fear. Fear brings about doubt and unbelief, hinders a believer from doing what God called him/her to do, and ultimately lead to sin. Satan uses fear as an effective method to distract the believer from accomplishing all that God has for him/her. Let me give you an example of how destructive fear is in a believer’s life.

God told me years ago that He wanted to use me to save hurting souls (lead them to Christ). When I first received this revelation I was ecstatic because my life had purpose and meaning. However that excitement was soon replaced with fear as I realized that I would have to talk to a lot of people. Public speaking is not one of my strong points (or at least I’ve told myself this long enough to believe it). The thought of having to speak in front of people terrified me. Satan knew this and used fear in an attempt to prevent God’s request from taking place. As a believer I was suppose to reject the spirit of fear and put my faith (trust) in God. Instead, I chose to embrace the spirit of fear. I allowed fear to rule my life and it didn’t take long before doubt settled in.


Doubt is the opposite of faith. God hates doubt because it is a direct opposition and counter attack against trusting in Him. Every believer is required to have faith. Our whole salvation is based on faith (John 3:16)! This is why it’s so important for a believer in Christ to maintain faith and put doubt in its proper place…out of his/her mind. Because I had doubt in my life, I began to question whether or not God really spoke to me to begin with. This hindered not only the work God had for me, but also my walk with Him (as one doubt led to another and I began to question everything that God had ever told me).

The Truth (God's Word) Sets Us Free

I went completely off course because I stopped believing that God would use me. I was so crippled with fear that I told God He must have made a mistake in choosing me. God immediately directed me to the Bible. He showed me 2 Timothy 1:7 which states: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind,” (American King James Version). Fear in itself is not sinful for the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom (Proverbs 9:10): however, fear that results in a person disobeying God is sinful and should be eliminated. When God tells us to fear Him, He is telling us to show Him reverence and respect above all others because He is the Alpha and Omega. When God tells us that He didn’t give us the spirit of fear, He is speaking of cowardice behavior (a lack of courage). The command to, “Fear Not,” is mentioned numerous times in both the Old and New Testament. This is because God knows that fear hinders action/results.

Stand up to Fear

I was able to let go of fear and walk onto the path that God laid out for me when I read 2 Corinthians 12:9, (My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness, NIV). This let me know that God was in complete control. In the areas that I am weak, God’s strength and powers will be manifested (made known). Don’t let fear rob you of the things that God has for you to do. Know that God can and will use anyone who is willing. He will see you through and put you in places that you never dreamed you would be. I’m a living witness to God’s awesome power. Step out on faith and embrace all that God has in store for you! Be Blessed!


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    • Alicia M Phillips profile imageAUTHOR

      Alicia M Phillips 

      6 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thanks JetterV7! Can you imagine how powerful all Christians could be in their walk with Christ if fear was completely overcome!?

    • JetterV7 profile image


      6 years ago from Angola, IN

      Very nice hub Alicia. Fear does have the power to destroy us if we let it. But thanks to the power of God, we can overcome it. I feel that this hub will be useful to many people. Welcome to HubPages!!!

      God Bless.


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