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Updated on July 9, 2017

Spirits are best defined as souls that after leaving the body at death have refused to cross over and that could be due to several reasons but the most common believe is that the souls of the dead that remain or linger as spirits, do so, because they have died prematurely or before the stipulated time of death.

Because the spirit retains its memories after death and its will, the spirit appears to be able to choose, and some spirits may choose not to cross over, even if they have died at the stipulated or preordained time. This is especially so if the spirit is overly attached to material possessions or someone or something that it dearly loves.

Dying at the predestined or preordained time doesn’t necessarily mean dying at an old age and some people are fated to die young. Others may opt to die, for example commit suicide or agree to euthanasia, because they cannot cope with the burdens or material existence or the pain that results from an illness or an injury.

Life today is not simple especially because we tend to get detached from the spiritual side of things and become overly concerned with material possessions and that drive to succeed and acquire wealth can turn against us especially when we don’t realize it or acquire the rewards that we deem fitting or we are entitled to. It’s always good to understand or appreciate that there is a higher power at work and we all have our roles to play in the master plan.

We also have to take into account that the stresses we face today might be due to the existence that we have led in our past life or lives and those sins may come back to haunt us in the present life and therefore, where possible, it is always good to live a good life, but that of course does not mean that we throw caution to the wind, for example don’t invite homeless strangers over to stay with you because you feel that by doing so you’ll accrue good karma.

The chances are high that when you come back or return home from work the next day, your house will be empty. Reason, temperance, prudence and diligence, always pave the way to a better existence.

A large percentage of spirits that linger or refuse to cross over do so either because they have become overly attached to their material possessions or their loved ones or because they have unfulfilled needs for example a desire for revenge that has not been met or satisfied.

The latter are normally classed as angry spirits or malicious spirits and they are a lot more likely to possess than the former class or category of spirits who have a higher propensity to haunt say for example a house that the dead person overly loved or treasured and the spirit may choose to remain there even after death.

Just because someone dies doesn’t automatically mean that they’ve reformed and realized the error of their ways and have miraculous been transformed. The spirit still retains its past memories and the chances are high that the spirit despite not having any shape or form is still going to retain the characteristics of the body it occupied when it was alive and therefore if the person who occupied the body was a particularly nasty person then the chances are high that the spirit will be malicious and if that spirit refuses to cross over then it will have the tendency to possess.

Someone who was not afraid to kill when he or she was alive is hardly going to be afraid to do so when he or she is dead and that is one of the reasons why, during exorcism, we find that the possessed person speaks or says all sorts of vulgar things, or sometimes even drives the body it has possessed to do criminal acts or acts no other sane person would do.

I admit some of it may be exaggerated but it is not always demonic possession that drives the possessed person to say and do these things.

Possession is not always a disease of the mind and it is not only people who are mentally infirm that are possessed. I think we have all come across normal people that sometimes make us wonder if the person is possessed because they are overly driven or overly zealous.

We have to understand that it is not always possible to help others or drive away spirits that have possessed someone or haunt a particular place. We have to remember that we are dealing with an undefined type of energy and no one knows how it will react and that is one reason why exorcisms don’t always work.

What we can do however is to prepare for death and accept the fact that it is going to happen and prepare ourselves for the next stage and when we do die and the soul leaves our bodies the transition will be a lot smoother. Lead a good life and when the time comes say your goodbyes be secure in the thought that a new journey awaits.

© 2017 Kathiresan Ramachanderam and Dyarne Jessica Ward


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