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Spiritual Answers - from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 5

Updated on October 28, 2011

What is looking at the scene - our Higher Self?

Thought you might like to see a few scenes as I saw whilst landing upon MacQuarie Island in 1976
Thought you might like to see a few scenes as I saw whilst landing upon MacQuarie Island in 1976

We all have a Higher Self.

Welcome back to 'Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue.' Here is Chapter Five:

For a great many years I was only partially convinced that the messages I received via Automatic Typing came from outside of myself. My boyhood conditioning was so strong that the very idea of being contacted by ‘spirits’ seem utterly preposterous- at first. Yet I realized I wanted to believe. There was a need. Finally, I accepted- tentatively. Well, maybe...

As time progressed, my belief that the contacts were who they claimed to be waxed and waned, like the phases of the Moon. I’d be keen for a while. I’d believe. Then I wouldn’t. I’d say to myself-

“How come I never receive anything I don’t already have some knowledge about? This is ‘self-delusion,’ Tommy boy. You don’t really believe in this,do you?”

Then came the first revelation.

Then came the first revelation. A spirit entity claiming to be my maternal grandmother (whom I’d never met in life) asked me, “Arthur (my first name) “Just where is Nambis?”

It was in 1969. I’d been writing a novel with a background set against the town of Madang, in Papua-New Guinea which, in my manuscript, I’d called, ‘Nambis.’ I’d been working on that book for months- yet my contact didn’t know Nambis and Madang were one and the same!


After that, I had to believe...for a while Then the skepticism returned.

Once again I swung back again to believing.

Later, another incident occurred which made me swing back towards believing.

“Oh, Uncle Tom, you look like Father Christmas.” A reference to my long beard. (which I was well aware I had)

Then, “Oh! So that’s where you are, Uncle Tom. Right down there. I wondered where you’d got to. Is it cold?”

This from an entity claiming to be my recently dead niece, Karen. Karen had ‘died’ in the Granville Train Disaster that had taken place on 18th January 1977. Karen had not been aware I was living on the sub-Antarctic Island of MacQuarie, even though I’d been there for more than two months! Here she was contacting me, because she was concerned for her mother’s grief.

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Yet still the old skepticism would reassert itself. That first revelation had not worked in its entirety.

“This is a part of me. Must be some sort of overlap of the mind, etc..”

Countered by: “Well, if it is, I must be a bloody genius. I can take three and four-sided conversations, from seemingly different personalities, at a speed that I certainly could not record them at if I were trying to consciously create them. No, nobody can be this imaginative this quickly. There has to be more than one mind working here.”

Gradually I relented. Things were explained to me. And I have come to accept these explanations (Though even this matter is not considered closed and final. A ‘closed mind’ is a mind which has ceased to grow)

Both aspects of our minds are true.

The explanations given were that both aspects of our mind are true:

One- We do have sub-personalities or sub-parts, and

Two- We are able to be contacted by other entities via our subconscious.

This, once again, gets back to that greatest of Divine Dichotomies:

We are One: We are Many

Here is the explanation as best I can recall it.

Firstly: We are One.

We are all One but seem to be separate. Looked at through our eyes, felt through our finger tips, listened to with our ears, it is quite easy to distinguish me from you. I am here. You are there. When I feel my body with my finger tips I feel sensation at both my finger tips and where I’m touching. However, if I’m touching you, I feel only at my finger tips, not in your body, etc..

But we are not only our bodies. A revelation so few realize.

But we are not only bodies. We have minds. And here it gets a little dicey.

I have my thoughts and beliefs and you have yours. Separate? Seems so. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Neither do you know what I’m thinking. We might learn a bit through body language, facial expressions, etc., but, I do not know exactly what you are thinking and what verbal thought is going on in your head.

But what about deeper levels of the mind? What about Carl Gustav Jung’s concept of The Collective Mind? What about Archetypes common to both of us? What about Racial Archetypes? National Archetypes? Where do our individual minds blend to become a Collective?

We are all in contact with one another at deeper levels of our unconscious minds.

The explanations given to me by my spiritual guides and contacts is that we are in contact with one another at various levels of Unconscious Mind. At certain levels, below consciousness, we are linked to those closest to us. Our wives, parents, brothers and sisters- Those we are close to emotionally. At even deeper levels we are linked to an even wider range of human beings. And at deeper levels than that again, we are linked to all human kind. At the deepest level -we are linked to everything! Indeed, we are everything!

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Another revelation: Contact via Automatic Writing is not necessarily contact with the ‘Conscious Mind’ of that entity who claims to be communicating with us. My conscious mind might be receiving information from an unconscious part of another. In this way it is possible for two or three, or eighty-dozen different Automatic Writers to receive information from the same spiritual entity. And at the same time. Seems incredible. But life is incredible. And if eighty-dozen people claim to be receiving divine inspiration from the same entity, say, Jesus Christ or The Buddha, at the same time, who am I to say that that is nonsense? The explanation would be that we are all linked to that entity (and to each other, by the way) at some level.

No one dies. The 'Life' which we are has continuity.

Oh, yes. And as no one dies, i.e. no one’s soul dies, the mind-matter which surrounds (one could even claim to some extant is this entity with whom we’re in communication) is available to any of us at any time. It matters not whether that person is currently living upon the Earth Plane or not. All we need do is develop the qualities and the skills that will enable us to participate of it.

Well, maybe there’s more to it than that. For as far as I know there is no way we can draw to us secrets and private things we are not supposed to know. If this were possible, the unscrupulous would be already doing it. Obviously a Higher Intelligence has set up some Natural Laws prohibiting such exploitation.

But to get back to the Divine Dichotomy.

We are One: we are many.”

On the surface we appear separate; that's hardly a revelation.

On the surface, we appear to be discrete, separate containers (physical bodies) in which our minds reside. But straight away we know that we can go ‘outside’ of our bodies with our minds. We can do this instantly and at any time with our imaginations. We do it also, seemingly involuntarily, when we sleep. (And also seemingly involuntarily when we are awake- when our minds are not being consciously directed by our will)

We don’t know where our own, personal mind begins- or ends. Most people haven’t a clue about what their mind is. Yes, even our learned psychologists. bless them Psychologists and psychiatrists know an awful lot about behaviours. Or medicos know an awful lot about the brain’s construction, its substances, and the like (The brain and the mind are not the same thing, by the way) No, it seems that those who have the more expansive and meaningful knowledge of what the mind is, are those who have objectively viewed it machinations through meditation. For they’ve experienced mind rather than thought about it. Theoretical knowledge is never as accurate as personal experience.

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Unfortunately, dear reader, we live in a world where Scientific Method is still regarded by many as having more credence than our own experience. But I won’t go further into that here. The revelation is that Science doesn't believe epithanies and such.

Sub-personalities and the Divine Dichotomy.

We are One: We are Separate.

Within our own personal psyche we often appear to be more than one. We can argue with ourselves about an issue. One part of us wants the last piece of chocolate cake, the other part says, “No, let Johnny have it.” Like an old Walt Disney Cartoon, it’s as if we have a little, pitch-forked devil on one shoulder, and a little winged and haloed angel on the other.

There are at least two parts of us resideing in the same mind-body.

In another scenario, one part of us wants to leave wife and kids and take off ‘on a jet plane to Rio with our gorgeous secretary.’ Another part of us realizes we would never do such a thing. The compromise, if we cannot decide- an affair with the secretary. Yet, still, there is inner turmoil. So we know that there are at least two parts of us residing within the same mind-body which are not in harmony.

But there are even more than two parts.

Years ago I obtained a copy of Carl Jung’s work, Secrets of the Golden Flower. Jung had travelled to Tibet, way back in the 1930s when that country was very remote indeed. He’d studied the Tibetan Llamas- especially observing their meditation techniques. In his book he’d published a number of diagrams, pictures, drawings, etc.. One of these particularly depicted our sub-personalities.

Carl Jung's revelation, courtesy of a very interesting Tibetan wood cut.

It was from an ancient woodcut. In a sort of cartoon-like diagram, a series of four pictures were depicted. The first showed a man sitting on a rug meditating. Above his head was a little figure, also meditating. The second picture showed the man still sitting on the rug. Now, above his head two little figures were sitting. The next picture was very interesting. The man was still sitting on the rug. But above his head were four little figures. (And the chances were that there could well of been more than four, but there was insufficient room to show more than four in the space available)

But it was the fourth and last picture which was the one that, to use present day slang, ‘blew Jung away.’ In this last picture the man still sat meditating upon the rug. Now, though, above his head was one gigantic figure which ‘streamed magnificence.’ This radiation was shown as a sort of aura. The meditating figure (below) had at last come to realize what he is. This last picture depicted the state of Nirvana: union with the Divine. In this last picture the man knew- at the experiential level- that he was (and is) God.

Spiritual Answers from The Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

So yes, we have sub-personalities within us. Yes, these are parts of us which appear to have little wills of their own. Yes, the strongest one of those little wills wins when we make a decision and act on it. But, if we amalgamate- synthesize is a better word- all of these sub-personalities, bringing them into alignment and harmony, the sum total becomes greater than the whole. We then become the God-like figure the man in the last picture was experiencing. This God-like figure is what I call our Higher Self.

Now, this Higher Self is not a discrete Being subject only to itself. This Higher Self is linked to and is part of every other being’s Higher Self. It is God All Mighty. It is One- yet its parts are separate.

In an earlier conversation, my Higher Self planted in my mind the following scene in order that I might more clearly understand His relationship to me (my little self) and to The All.


Revelation: our individual self is like the tip of a finger in a stream.

The scene is one of a man kneeling by a stream. The end of one little finger tip is immersed in the stream. I (the little self) am the finger-tip immersed in the stream. Which, by the way, is referred to as ‘The Stream of Consciousness’ in the ‘Realm of Relativity.’ My little self, immersed in the stream, has mistakenly identified with it. It is therefore unaware of what it is. It thinks it is a part of the stream. It does not realize it is a finger tip conjoined to the whole man.

This whole man is, in this instance, the Higher Self. The full man. And the full man, of course, is part of the scene. The scene is part of The All. The scene is that which is so enormous and magnificent that it cannot be comprehended. But within that scene are a myriad Higher Selves, all conjoined to All That Is.

But I’ve said enough. It is time to hand over to the Higher Self for the next chapter.


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  • lmmartin profile image


    8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

    As with the last hub (and sorry I didn't come back to leave a comment) this is, for some reason, difficult for me to understand. This is not the fault of your writing but a difficulty of my own earth-bound mind. Very interesting, and much food for thought. Lynda


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