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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 11

Updated on August 21, 2010

Trust in the process. With patience, persistence and perseverence it will work

Welcome to Chapter Eleven of Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self.

As a ‘How to do it’ book Divine Dialogue (at least the part my little self is playing in it) does not appear to be particularly helpful. I’ve provided some detail on how I ‘did it’ and how it ‘progressed,’ but that’s about all. Also mentioned was willingness, trust in the process, and perseverance, once the phenomenon begins to manifest.

It will change your life because it will change your thinking

However, I cannot help thinking that the start up, the initial movement of that writing instrument, be it nibbed-pen, ball-point, felt-tip or pencil is the ‘sticking point,’ to all of this. But, for the life of me, I cannot think of any other way which can enhance or ready you for your first sally into the ‘occult.’

For the ‘occult’ is what you will be introduced to by this practice. My old Oxford Concise defines that as: ‘Kept secret, esoteric; recondite, mysterious, beyond the range of ordinary knowledge; involving the supernatural, mystical, magical.’ When you succeed in this practice it will change your life. Make no mistake about that. It will change your life because it will change your thinking. And when we change our thinking we change the way we look at the world. Indeed, how we see the world.

But all of these changes, I believe, will be for the good- provided care is taken at the outset.

You will encounter spiritual planes closest to the Earth plane

Depending upon your present level of spiritual development, you will encounter spiritual beings first on levels closest to the Earth Plane. These planes of existence are oftimes referred as Lowest Astral, Intermediate Astral, and Highest Astral. It is to be noted that the word is planes, i.e. plural. How many planes there are within one particular ‘field’, for example, the ‘Intermediate Astral Planes,’ I don’t know. I shall ask Higher Self, later. But, initially, you will find it easiest to contact the lowest ranges.

Here is what the psychic researcher, George W Meek, in his book, After We Die, What Then? has to say about the Lowest Astral Plane.

The Lowest Astral Plane is not a nice place

“This dark, dismal, dangerous and often frightening world, which the Bible describes as ‘outer darkness, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth,’ is peopled by greedy, self-centred, unloving, resentful persons. Often they have fierce bodily desires and lusts. They may be drug addicts, sex perverts, alcoholics, murderers or suicides. Also, this is the habitat of the less desirable ‘creatures’ of non-human lines of evolution) Traditionally referred to as Hell, Hades, or Purgatory, it is the human and non-human astral bodies of this plane that attach themselves to the magnetic auras or astral bodies of persons living on the earth plane (an act of obsession) Such a ‘possessed’ person may act abnormally, be judged insane and institutionalized or commit suicide.”

Enough to frighten you off?

Knowledge should prevent you from falling into any traps

I hope not. For I expect that you would need be a very weak-willed and wicked sort of person to attract such ‘possession’ to yourself. And you’re not. Why do I think so? It is my opinion that any person who has persevered with this book to this chapter would not fall into that category. Most people do not become’ possessed.’ But to be ‘forewarned is to be forearmed.’ Knowledge of the plane should be enough to keep you aware of ‘the traps.’

And what are these traps?

I guess this is a personal interpretation and you might not agree with it. But if you get any contact where you are flattering told that you are ‘special,’ that you have been singled out for rapid advancement, etceteras, that you have special powers and will be given more and the like....providing that you... Be careful!

Most genuine seekers do not find themselves communicating with the lowest astral plane

If you are encouraged to lie, cheat, be unfaithful to a spouse or partner, inflict pain, take revenge, anything of that nature, then chances are you are dealing with spiritual entities who do not really have your interests at heart.

Most people, I reiterate that, most people, who take to spirituality because they are ‘seekers,’ do not find themselves communicating with these lower levels. At least, not for long. Instead, they are up there among the sorts of people they are themselves. Ordinary, average, caring people. People like you and me. And these reside on?

The Intermediate Astral Planes.

Let’s see what George Meek had to say about these levels.

The Intermediate Astral Planes is where the majority of people go

“Here the person ‘awakes’ minutes, days, or weeks after departing the physical body (or months, years, or centuries after arrival on the Lowest Astral Plane)

This is primarily a rest and rehabilitation region complete with hospitals and their staffs and institutions of learning and teachers. Help is given to persons who are dis-eased souls; persons who had traumatic experiences and/or sudden death; persons with mental, emotional, or religious hang-ups.

The body is still ‘material’ but of finer substance at a higher vibratory rate. Its appearance is a matter of each individual’s personal preference, usually the prime of life. Communication is by both thought and spoken word. Each person is encouraged to continue mental and spiritual growth. By such growth one progresses to the Higher Astral and Mental Planes, or is re-embodied for further learning and personal growth on the Earth Plane.”

Sounds much better than those lower Astral Planes, doesn’t it?

You'll contact people much in character like yourself

It also refers to ‘Reincarnation.’ We haven’t dealt much with that here. Maybe Higher Self would like to elaborate on that later.

I won’t go on to Meek’s description of the Higher Astral Planes other than to say they are absolutely wonderful!

All right. So you are likely to make your first contact with citizens of either the Lower or Intermediate Planes. If you motives remain high, unselfish (but not necessarily unrealistically saintly. You can’t be what you are not) you’ll contact people much of the same character as yourself, in all probability. This may or may not also involve contact with your own deceased family members and relations.

Remember, on the Astral Planes, spiritual beings are ‘attracted by thought.’ These beings may, or may not, then choose to communicate with you- once you’ve developed sufficient skill and sensitivity. I say they may not contact you because the option lies with them.

You probably will have a spirit guide, guardian angel, teacher, call him or her what you will

The chances are though, you will have a Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, Mentor, Teacher, call him or her what you will, who will be looking after your welfare. As Jesus Christ or someone said somewhere in that tome we call the Holy Bible, “First test the spirits.”

You will know by the responses you get, the guidance, the encouragement and the like, whether or not you are receiving replies from such a ‘Guide.’ And such a spirit will be ‘more advanced’ than you. He or she will be more loving, that much less selfish, that much more worldly-wise. In all probability they will identify themselves. Treasure such a contact. Nurture it.

And now I shall do as I said earlier: ask my Higher Self, ‘How many planes there are within a particular range, e.g. How many Intermediate Astral Planes are there?”

There are as many levels of heaven as the numbers of people who live within them

Automatic Typing

Tom. The knowledge you have asked for is easy to obtain. It is as plain as the nose on your face.

There are as many levels of heaven as there are numbers of people who live within them. Everyone’s reality is a little different, whatever level of existence you live on. Do you think that you see the same world as your wife? You do? Well, you are mistaken. There are shades of difference. They are subtle shades. So subtle are they that they cannot be measured by even the most sophisticated of instruments at the present time, with the notable exceptions of the sensory ranges, such as eye-sight or the hearing ranges.

We create our own world/s

You think that you all touch the same world but you do not. There are extremes in touch, as there are extremes in taste. Sounds illogical to you, I know. But you have my word on this. Each and every one of you creates his or her different ‘world of reality,’ and even though they overlap to such an extent that it seems preposterous to think that they are not identical, they are not.

So, too, the worlds of spirit. The ranges are even more extreme. There are a myriad ranges there also. In the Lower Astral Ranges there are many degrees of human suffering. All are caused by the perpetrator of those worlds. All are created by the sufferers themselves. They do not realize this, of course. Especially in the early days of their arrival on those planes. But it is their guilt, their remorse, their lack of trust, their illusions and imagery that causes them their consternation. Yes, Tom, that person who thought up ‘hellfire and damnation’ suffered that sort of thing- But only in their mind. No bodies are consumed in fires in these planes, Tom.

"In my Father's house are many mansions" - There are a myriad planes

All right. I have told you that there are a myriad planes. But there are also marginal jumps (you might call them quantum leaps) caused by what you on earth would call ‘dying,’ or ‘death.’

When are person goes into a lower plane of existence they have a life there. It might be a different kind of life to that which you are used to on the Earth Plane, but it is every bit as real. Some might claim that it is ‘more real,’ but that is simply an opinion based on their heightened observations. I have already told you that when you ‘die’ you go to an area where your senses are ‘expanded.’

Your life in the world of the Astral takes on a different perspective when you ‘die’ on one of these planes and rise into the next. Or return into Earth incarnation to learn more about the earth plane.

You rise up through the heavenly planes; you come down for further experience

It is as George Meek said. You rise steadily up through the planes of existence. You can return to lower levels if this is your wish. You cannot go to higher levels unless you have qualified yourself, in the moral and spiritual sense - yes, and even in the intellectual sense, for to live at higher levels without an advancement in perception and intuition and all of those qualities we consider as ‘advanced’ you would not be able to function at such levels. You rise up. You come down for more experiences.

Once you have risen to a particular level whereby it does not seem worth coming back to, say, the Earth Plane, then you do not come back. You go onto the Causal, and Cosmic Planes- the Divine Layers of being which lie so far from you that you cannot comprehend them at this time. There, you are already becoming what you are in your essence. Human experience is left far behind. Yet it is remembered. Oh, yes. It is remembered. No experience, in its essence, is ever lost. In this way you grow, grow, grow. But I have answered your question.

 Self:   Thank you.


Okay.   Back to Spirit Guides.    


I’m not sure whether it was suggested by me, or by my initial Spiritual Guide, U.R., that he always be the one to introduce those entities living on other planes who wanted to converse with me.  Whoever it was is not important.    What is important is that I adopted the practice.   Whenever I sat down to take Automatic Writing I would ask for U.R..  Generally, I simply say something like:


“U.R., are you able to communicate?   Or, ‘U.R…  What is your opinion on...?  such and such a subject.


The first contact would then be my personal spirit-guide, who would then attempt to provide me with the contact I wished to make.    Alternately, there would be spiritual entities waiting to be given the ‘go ahead’ by U.R. so they could speak directly to me.    After I’d been at it for some months I had, apparently, created a bit of a ‘demand.’   There aren’t that many mediums.    There are an awful lot of people on Astral Planes who wish to contact us, however.

Our spiritual guides or guardians often act as intermediaries between us and other spiritual entities

Sometimes U.R. would simply relay to me what these beings had said they wanted passed along. When this last happened, there wasn’t such a sense of ‘difference’ in styles as to when entities contacted ‘direct.’ This is because U.R.’s style was consistent and readily ‘sensed’ by me, whereas the phraseology, word-selection, mannerisms, of other entities varied quite markedly. Yes, despite the fact that ‘my vocabulary’ is used in this process, the differences in personality of those contacting me direct can be discerned.

The idea of U.R acting as an ‘intermediary’ was to ensure that I wasn’t subjected to messages I did not want to hear. Or, I guess it would be more accurate to say, messages from entities I did not want to hear from- lower level entities, for example.

As it became apparent that I was treating all of this very seriously and really did want to receive in-depth communications of a worthwhile nature, rather than just ‘time of day’ chatter, the quality of my communications increased.

You may be contacted by all manner of people, still alive or deceased. We're all linked via the deep subconscious

By quality I refer to ‘content.’ I wanted messages which came from people who had something worthwhile to say to those of us who still reside on this side of ‘the curtain,’ so to speak. They were there: we were here.

I was not disappointed. As the years rolled by and my skills in taking down messages in this way improved, a great deal of stuff came my way. Some of it came from persons I’d heard of, read about and the like. Some of it came from people who I hadn’t a clue about. Likewise, some of it came from subject matter I found interesting. Some came from areas completely outside of my ambit of interest.

An example of this last. I have no interest in acting or plays. The only thing I’ve ever acted in was a school play -in which I had no lines to read, and was simply a part of the chorus- nearly sixty years ago. Yet I was contacted by the late Wallace Beery (or an entity claiming to be so) who dictated about four A4 pages about an ‘Actors Role.’ It was fascinating, profound, and damned good advice, as far as I could judge.

Be careful when any socalled 'celebrity' or famous personage contacts you. It could be a hoax

I have received messages from so many people, many of whom were ‘celebrities’ in the times in which they lived, that I simply had to doubt the ‘credibility’ of all of this. But I was reassured that the contacts were genuine. But there was also a further explanation, it being this:

All of us have this dimension which I refer to as ‘Frequency Depth.’ Our bodies resonate within a certain spectrum. We are made up of vibrating energy; energy which, at our level of perception, is matter. Our physical bones do not have the same frequency range as our softer organs, for example. There may be ‘overlap,’ but the ranges are not identical. Our blood is different again. Our saliva, different again. Our hormones are subtler again.

Our subtlest physical (fastest vibrating) range gives way to other ranges. These are even more subtle. I’m not sure what they are. However, the way it has been put to me is that we have different ‘bodies’ (all superimposed upon, or ‘within,’ depending upon how one looks at it) of ascending order of frequency ranges.

Bodies within bodies, dimensions within dimensions

For example, behind our Physical Body we have an Etheric Body. This ‘contains’ those subtle ranges used in Acupuncture. Chi, Ki. etc.. It virtually holds our Physical Body together.

Behind this, we have our Emotional Body (along with its attendant auric fields) Behind this again we have the Lower Mind Body. (Also with it auric fields) Behind that again, our Middle Range Mind Body. Whilst behind this again lies our Higher Mind Body. There are seven in all. The last is our soul. And the soul is that ‘little self’ we identify with as ‘me.’

According to Ruth White, author of Working with your Chakras, each frequency range is ‘anchored’ to the physical through one of the seven major chakra centres. In this way we live in all of these dimensions at the same time- even whilst still in the physical. But I won’t go further into that here.

By the time we get into those parts of ourselves which vibrate at the Higher Astral Level there is no need of a body form. We are mind. Whether we have shape at all is uncertain.

To return.

Only the physical and etheric (bio-plasmic) bodies disintegrate when we die. The rest of what we are persists

When a man dies, his Physical Body Disintegrates because the Etheric Body (which is a sort of magnetic field which holds the physical together) collapses or ‘attenuates’ What is left is the Astral Body (the Emotional Body) which now becomes the ‘outer body’ containing Mind Bodies and Soul. There is a body shape, similar to that which we had on earth, surrounded by an auric field. This last can, apparently, be seen by all who reside in the Astral Levels.

These remaining ‘bodies’ not have to travel to another dimension. They are already in it. On dying, the new realization is that we are now in the Astral World. It was there all the time. We do not know it when we were consciously awake and in the physical. Thought we sometimes experienced it in the dream state at night.

For the reader, this might seem a long-winded way to get to an explanation of how one can be contacted by celebrities and famous people. But here is one explanation as put to me by a spiritual contact

A message received does not necessarily mean that it came from a living person or deceased entity's conscious mind

When a man receives an automatic message from a spiritual entity, it does not necessarily mean that that message came from that entities ‘conscious mind.’ That is, that person may, or may not, be ‘actually holding conversation’ via the automatic pen. It could be coming from the subconscious mind of that spiritual entity. And bearing in mind that the subconscious is vast compared to the conscious, it is possible for one to receive a message from such a person without that person ‘consciously participating.

If one looks at it from this perspective, it is possible for several different ‘mediums’ living on the physical plane, to receive messages from one source all at the same time.

Sounds daft?

At the highest astral levels those that inhabit them are pure love, pure compassion

If we consider that a human being residing on a Higher Astral Plane is of the same make-up as we are here on earth...well...maybe it is daft. But it has been explained to me that on the Higher Mental Levels, for example, those entities do not have bodies at all. They are without such hindrances. They are pure intellect, pure mind, pure love. Or at least a lot less polluted in their mind-stuff than we are down here. So when a medium taps into that level and starts receiving such messages that are the ‘great person,’ why is it not possible -given the huge spectrum of mind-range this person would possess- for more than one medium to receive messages at the same time?

If a million Christians pray to Jesus Christ asking for help, and a few thousand claim their prayers were answered, who is to say they were not? It occurs to me that, if those prayers were answered, they would come down through many, many layers or planes, passing through the minds of many, higher level beings, before they eventually resonated or ‘registered’ in the minds of those on earth.

We are all One and we are all separate - this is the Divine Dichotomy

But the clincher, of course, is that we are all One, anyway.

There really is no separation between us. The Great Divine Dichotomy applies. ‘We are All One: We are all Separate.’ In this Earth Plane ‘Realm of Relativity’ we appear separate. So when we think we are being contacted by another, we are actually being contacted by another part of Our Whole Self.

And so the riddle of whether or not we Automatic Writers are simply taking stuff out of our own subconscious minds, or actually receiving data from other, discrete, spiritual entities is solved. -Both answers are right.

How does that grab you!


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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks for your comments, Tatjana. It's always rewarding to hear from people who enjoy what I place here on Hubpages. That was Chapter 11. The others, Intro and 1-10 are already placed here if you haven't had a read of them. Will put Chapters 12-14 on over the next few weeks and that will bring the book to its end.

    Marty. No, I haven't done a sixty-day challenge. Never thought about it really. But one of the reasons a lot of stuff has gone on so quickly is that it was already written (sometimes years ago) and only had to be pasted in, with suitable keywords, pics, headings et cetera added.

  • MartyWare profile image


    8 years ago from New South Wales Australia

    Hi Tom

    Have you though of doing the 60 day challenge here on Hubpages?

    I think it would be great for you as you love writing here.

    Marty Ware

    The SEO DAD

  • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image


    8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

    This is very interesting article, Tom.

    You clearly described beauty of never ending uniqueness of life-experience; "There are as many levels of heaven as there are numbers of people who live within them. Everyone’s reality is a little different, whatever level of existence you live on. "

    Thank you for pleasure of reading your great Hub.


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