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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 12

Updated on August 20, 2012

Reincarnation as it pertains to spiritual development and 'channeling' skills

Wecome to Spirtual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 12.

In chapter Eleven, I mentioned that I would ask my Higher Self if He would comment on Reincarnation. There is a great deal of literature on Reincarnation. But from the aspect of developing of one’s ‘mediumistic abilities,’ particularly as to improving one’s ability to communicate via Automatic Writing, there does not appear to be a lot of information around. Here, I ask that Higher Self explain, for both myself and the reader, Reincarnation as it pertains to both spiritual development and ‘channeling’ skills.

Automatic Typing

Well put, Tom.

Now, let us see.

It is easy for a medium to get into trouble

In becoming a medium one first needs to ensure that one is safe. It is so easy to get into an awful lot of trouble. You see, Tom, I have so devised the ‘strata’ on which my beings (my ‘human’ beings, anyway) live that there is ‘overlap’ as I have explained. This overlap between the various planes of existence tapers -not a good word, Tom. But then, neither is blends. Fades, maybe? Anyway, I think you know what I mean, moulds-into, super-imposes-itself on that which lies next to it.

For example, take a train moving along a railway line. It comes to a curve. The rails bend but the train is apt to want to progress forwards towards the outside of the bend. In other words, to keep going on its same track. Only the swivel on the bogey turns, and the whole weight of the train is then transported along behind, swinging the ‘entire’ train onto the new direction, that is, keeping it ‘on the rails.’


Be guided by your intuition

With mediumship, one has to be kept ‘on the rails’ by the ‘bogey’ of ones own discernment. This discernment stems from one’s own instincts, one’s own intuition. This intuition is provided by the highest part of one’s own being, the Me, in them. That is, that guidance which appears so vague and nebulous in the beginning- but so insistent that, if they go against it, they feel they haven’t made the right decision- grows increasing stronger and gradually ‘affirms’ their decisions.

This comes about by dint of practice and, as I’ve already said, remaining alert and aware at every stage. It also comes from their desire for self-improvement. Also it comes from the spiritual part of themselves (which is Me) that is working through their little selves in other areas of their lives. Such areas are how they think about things. What they read. The company they keep, even. For such things, taken together, make up the character of the man or woman seeking to develop their mediumship.


The overall character of the medium is important

What I am saying here, Tom, is the overall character of the medium is important to the task (of becoming an efficient medium or channeler)

What has this to do with Reincarnation? Everything. Every thing and everything- because you and every human being in my worlds have gradually evolved from the simplest of organisms over myriads of years (Yes, beyond your comprehension, for you are older than the Earth itself) Each step of your forward progress has brought you to where you are now, and each step in your forward progress will take you to greater and greater ‘Self Realization.’ Yet, you will never realize Me until the end of a million million years and then some. For I go on forever. As do you.

So do not concern yourself with what you are becoming other than to know that you are ‘becoming.’ In both senses of that word ‘becoming,’ that is ‘moving towards, and ‘are beautiful.’

To get back.


What you deem as Nature is Me

Your life has evolved by the countless adaptations made. More and more of Me has been added to you. What you deem as Nature is Me. Or, to put it more accurately, (added) by those of My magnificent creations which are involved with the creations and developments of lesser beings such as yourself.

The sun, the moon, the stars in the firmament, are not the dull, lifeless, non-organic ‘non-thinking,’ and ‘non-sentient’ objects you perceive. They are gods compared with you. Indeed, you are a god compared with my lower life forms. This is how it is in the ‘worlds of relativity’ which have been created by Me, and by you, so that you might experience who you are.

In Reincarnation in the narrow field of human development, so that a human being can practice what you call mediumship, there are a number of issues.

The first of these is one’s previous inclination towards spirituality. If you’ve largely been a ‘pragmatist’ (if I might define the ‘worldly’ man as such) then you will not have the same natural ability as that person who has been a man of ‘the mind’ and the ‘heart.’ A person’s interests can be gauged not only by what he does for a living, but how he spends his leisure moments

The person who chooses to serve selflessly is more likely to develop the ability to channel

The man who chooses to serve selflessly, and to develop himself in the many ways you have, for example, Tom (No, I am not flattering you here. I know all your shortcomings and misdemeanors- including all of those so called sins of the flesh, etc.) is much more likely to become a medium or channeler than one who has chosen to serve himself and, maybe his family, at the expense of the community at large.

Now, there are many people who serve selflessly. Your own country, Australia is ‘awash’ with goodwill in that department, Tom. But not all of these people would make good spiritual mediums. Those who choose to labour at tasks which involve them in little human contact and concern for others, for example (would fall into this category) The keyboard and computer man, such as yourself, Tom, but who is working towards his own gratification, and not really concerned about the service he is providing.


Elisabeth Kubler-Ross did actually see the woman who had died

The person who visits hospitals to talk with the sick and the dying would be very much in My sights for spiritual mediumship. He or she is endeavouring to bring comfort to those who are feeling poorly- perhaps even fearing death. This is why Elisabeth Kubler-Ross proved to be such an effective medium that she was introduced to one of her recently departed patients with whom she had formed a close bond. She did actually see the woman who had died. They did actually converse. And she saw this woman who had died so clearly, and heard her so clearly, that this friend was as real in Astral body-form to Elisabeth as she’d been when she’d been residing in her physical body in a hospital bed.

This type of mediumship is available to every one. They do not even have to desire it. Indeed, to desire it is to say that they have not got it. When it comes, it comes of its own accord. It comes when a spiritual being -in this case you, as a human being- have reached a level whereby it is almost automatic.


What holds most people back is disbelief

What holds most people back is disbelief in the continuity of life. The doubt! Remove the doubt and you open up the doors.

So, as an automatic writer, or as one with any other sort of mediumistic ability, you need first to develop some faith. Once sufficient faith is reached (it does not need to be complete acceptance, even the ‘possibility’ that it could be true is enough) then one is ‘off and running.’

In your case you were skeptical. You believed in God. You had to. I had already ‘revealed Myself’ to you, as you recall. I was there with you in your time of trouble when you called out to Me in your agony of mind. So you believed in Me. It was therefore only logical to your mind that if I came to you (as I did) then I had created an eternal being- you. The next logical step (this was all at your personal subconscious level, by the way, Tom) was to accept that if you are eternal then all other people must be too.

God allows the rain to fall on the so-called wicked and saintly alike

You had no hang ups with Christian concepts of one having to ‘accept Jesus Christ’ for eternal life, or any of that nonsense, Tom. You were well aware that a God who allows rain to fall on the so-called wicked and the saintly alike, does not discriminate in His ‘selection’ of who goes on to eternity and who does not. ‘What applies to one must apply to all,’ you reasoned, and you reasoned aright.

Once you begin to seek in earnest you cannot fail to find

So, because you realized you are immortal, you realized that every one else is, too. Knowing this, the next question was, naturally. “Where do these people go when they die?” Where do their personalities, characters, and characteristics go?

They have to go somewhere, if they are immortal. This led you into your search for answers. This then brought you the necessary answers. For to seek is to find. Once you begin in earnest to seek you cannot fail to find. It is one of my most basic laws. You bring into your life that which you think about most, and the more enthusiastically, and the more energetically, you pursue a certain subject the more energy you bring to it. It therefore has to do your bidding. A law, Tom. A Law.

All right.


Automatic writing is a natural corollary to one's writing skills

You chose Automatic Writing over other types of mediumship because it was put to you by your friend, Rex Bunn. Rex told you about Automatic Writing. Up until then you had only the vaguest notion of this type of communication between the Worlds of Spirit and those of you who are still extant upon the Earth Plane. You had a natural ‘bent’ towards writing, developed in other lives which have gone before. Automatic Writing was therefore a natural corollary.

Those who will find it easiest to succeed with Automatic Writing will be those who are:

1) Seekers of the Truth

2) Of a literary bent.

3) Use every opportunity to practise.

4) Discuss their progress with others who are also involved in mediumship

of some type or another and,

5) Are willing to progress beyond the mundane contacts such as relatives and

friends and to ask the bigger, more important philosophical questions of life.

6) And who do not propose to use this gift as a direct way to earn a living

or livelihood (This last certainly applies if one is not to become tempted into

telling lies and falsehoods to please the reader)

Why did I say that last?


These messages have come to you from Me

You are already worrying that you might fall into this category, thus rendering this work you are doing now ineligible for ‘putting forward’ for publication. “Would it be ethical?” you ask.

Of course it would be, Tom. This book has been written by you -and it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway- by Me in all honesty. You have made nothing up to please another. These messages have come to you from Me, and from those parts of your ‘little self’ which are most noble. Naturally, you have made mistakes. Just as naturally, you have not been able to take down exactly the messages I have presented to you for further presentation to others. But ‘to your own self you have been true.’ Even a God cannot ask for more than this.

So go ahead and submit this to whosoever thinks it might be worth their while to publish. Because whatever you and I say, Tom, it is their ‘little self’ which will make that decision. And whatever that decision will be, it will be the right one.


Everything which happens is right

This is because every thing which happens is right. There are no mistakes in the universe. There is only a perception on the part of those who (at present) do not understand, that a mistake has occurred.

Yes, I know that you understand this intellectually, Tom. But in your habits, in your ‘innermost thinking’ you still have not accepted this. You will. But that is likely to be way in the future.

Believe, Tom! Believe!

You see, Tom you are able to do whatever you want with you life. I shall repeat that, because it is important.

You can do whatever you want with you life.

This is absolutely true. Make no mistake about it. It is absolutely true.


You are immersed in 'mind-forms' which have been created by your little self

Self: Now, wait on a minute here. What about the person who is a paraplegic? What about ‘Superman’: -now confined to total inactivity because he cannot move any part of his body below the neck? Are you telling me that he can choose exactly what he wants to be?

Automatic Typing

You do not understand, Tom. You are thinking from the little self. You are immersed in the ‘mind-forms’ which have been created by your little self and the selves of many others who have not realized the truth. I talk here of the Higher Self, that part of you that really rules over what you do, and do not do, with your life.

Your Superman, who deliberately became a paraplegic so that the world would be drawn to people with similar plights as his, chose that even before he manifested into this world and then because, out of worldly desire consciously, and out of Higher Self’s determination that he should become famous so that he could ‘have his accident,’ was well aware that what would happen would happen as it did.


The Higher Self has no desires of itself- except its wish to expand its consciousness

You cannot comprehend that, ‘that which is you, is that part of you which is the Uninvolved Observer.’ The Higher Self which is talking to you now has no desires of Itself- except its wish to expand its consciousness. This ‘expansion of consciousness’ takes in not only the middle but the extremes; the highs and the lows, and this includes the deepest of troughs and the highest pinnacles. A deep trough it is indeed to take the plunge into total physical inactivity when you live in a world where physical activity is the sole object for being there.

Yes, Tom. The Earth Plane is one in which you are to utilize your body to perform acts. It is a world of action. And that action is supposed to take place to enable you to become more and more adept at action. You become more skilled with each experience upon the earth plane.

Do you think a monkey can play a piano?


Can a monkey play the piano?

It has the same amount of digits on its fingers as you do, Tom. In theory it should be able to reach every key on that keyboard you are typing on now. But it does not have the intelligence to appreciate what can be achieved on a keyboard, be it computer typewriter such as you are using now, or piano notes.

I tell you this that you might understand why Superman chose such a seemingly devastating life. He has made more spiritual progress in this particular lifetime than in the last half-dozen. He has suffered, and now he knows.

What does he know?

He knows that he is alive. He is alive and well. Yes, ‘well,’ Tom. His faculties are intact. His head is able to program what he thinks and feels (I’m not talking about bodily sensation here, but emotional feeling) and he knows, deep in his heart, that his life has given great meaning to those who are sympathetic to the plight of others. He has become an icon for the condition of ‘quadriplegia.’


You DO choose to be whatever you want

So do not think that you cannot choose to be whatever you want. You do choose to be whatever you want. You have chosen exactly that life which has manifested. Unconsciously this is what you have done. Also, Consciously. Every conscious choice is made by your little self, in accordance with how it has been programmed by itself, and every unconscious decision and action is made by those parts of you that lay beneath the surface. Not all come from Higher Self. Some come from Lower Unconscious self, if I might put it that way.

All right, I’ve said enough on that, and I’m pretty sure that you do not as yet understand. This much you will understand, Tom.


You can alter your choices at any time

Your life is going along the way it is largely because of your choices. You can alter your choices at any time there is an occurrence where a choice needs to be made. Normally you choose to choose as you ‘usually’do. You do not seek change. However, there are occasions when things are outside of your normal routine. ‘Murphy’s Law’ prevails perhaps, on these occasions where your Higher Self, Me, has placed a situation before you where you have a golden opportunity to make a ‘different from routine’ choice. When such an opportunity arises stop for just a moment to reflect. Think or, rather, use your intuition.

“How shall I act now?”


Do not 'rationalize' an intuitive answer away with habitual thinking

When the answer comes, the ‘verbal’ answer in your mind, or from another person, or from a book, or even from your intuition, do not rationalize it away with habitual thinking patterns. Go for what you know you should do.

This advice applies not only to you, of course, Tom, but to everyone.

Self Thank you for that. On reading it through, it does make a lot of sense- good sense. But could you elaborate a little more on Reincarnation before we bring this chapter to a close, please?

Automatic Typing

Of course, Tom. It shall be my pleasure.

The object of Reincarnation is to experience life at higher and higher levels of being- on that particular plane you have incarnated into. On your first arrival on that particular plane you are a ‘newcomer,’ in the sense that it is your first opportunity as a sentient being to experience the environment there. On a later incarnation, you have more experience. You are therefore able to achieve and experience more. The emphasis being on ‘experience’ here, Tom

We gradually work towards higher levels of responsibility

As time goes by, and you reincarnate over and over again, you gradually develop the skills needed to work into higher levels of responsibility -if I might put it that way- upon that particular plane.

We will take the Earth Plane of Existence, because that is the one upon which you currently reside.

When you first arrived on the Earth Plane you were barely human at all. You had a sense of self. You’d moved from being a lower-level entity to that of being a humanoid. But you were indeed primitive. And you lived in an almost unimaginable community of primitive beings.

Lower than the apes? Well, perhaps not, for you were already beginning to distinguish things which apes cannot as yet comprehend: ‘right from wrong,’ for example. The concept of sin.

As the millennia progressed you rose to more awareness. You could identify opportunity, and even manufacture such opportunity. These things were done by you ‘little self,’ which was now an evolving ego. And this evolving ego grew in intelligence

There is only one way to enlightenment, and that is to travel the upward road

Largely ruled by your passions and emotions you were easy to anger. You had little control. In fact what control you did have was used for the direct purposes of averting injury to yourself by others who were stronger, fiercer, or more powerful than you. When you wanted to incur favour, when you wanted to defer to the strong, you were able to suppress your feelings.

As you’re aware, such suppression did not help you in becoming better, only more fearful. But it also made you more cunning.

In those days, you would have been a schemer concerned only with his or her own ends. Yes, Tom, you have incarnated as both a man and a woman -so many times that you’d go into treble figures. But that is the way with all human beings upon your plane. There is only one way to enlightenment and that is to travel the ‘Upward Road.

To return.


We all progress upwards

Instead of becoming a warrior, in one particular life you chose to become something a little more sophisticated. You became a man who was adept at healing- a medicine man. You were born into a time whereby being the medicine man gave you not only prestige, but a certain immunity from what others of the tribe were subject to. This life brought you great opportunities to observe. In this life you made progress as never before.

It is not my intention to detail how and when you changed, or your failings and triumphs, there are just too many to go into here. But this is what happened to you, and this is exactly the same sort of thing which happens to all humans. They (you) progress. They move up. They become more clever. They become more adaptive. And, after a great deal of suffering, eventually come to realize that they are more than their physical bodies

It is possible to stagnate for many a lifetime

Once this stage of realizing that they ‘could be more’ than their physical bodies arises in their minds there is no turning back. There is no turning back, anyway, Tom. But it is possible to stagnate for many a lifetime with little forward progress. But once the realization that one is more than the physical body becomes permanently fixed within the core thinking of a particular individual, a ‘search for meaning’ begins. It might take many lifetimes to establish itself and become permanent but it does eventually become so.

Then the man who was once so primitive becomes a Seeker. I say, ‘man’ here, Tom, but the same applies to women. Really I should say soul, for a soul manifests almost alternately in one sex or the other. It is rare for a man to go more than a few incarnations without changing to his opposite gender. Three or four or five lifetimes, sometimes more. But mostly one changes more often than this. A balance has to be maintained.


God is everything and every thing

You might wonder what sex God is. God has no sex. God is sex. And God is love. God is everything and every thing. But I won’t go down that track.

The seeker becomes established on the path of seeking.

Once the seeker -who has generally traversed many lifetimes, hundreds, possibly as many a thousand or more- becomes established on The Path, it does not take very long to evolve to the state where the ‘option of leaving the Earth Plane permanently’ occurs.

you cannot fail. No one can fail

You are in the earlier stages of becoming established on The Path. You will find that you are on the path, and then you will progress rapidly. This is as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. You cannot fail. No one can fail. Every one of My creatures, my creations, evolves. They cannot fail to do so. But with human beings the opportunities (for advancement) are multiplied by the choices they make. You can evolve unconsciously- as you have over your other lives to date (with one or two exceptional areas of progress) or you can choose to evolve consciously. When the latter choice is made, progress is rapid.

Your progress is assured.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 12


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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you Paradise7. I think that's the whole object of the game.

  • Paradise7 profile image


    8 years ago from Upstate New York

    What a moving and reassuring viewpoint!! I always thought that we do evolve, and that this isn't our first incarnation. I hope we moved towards peace, love, true friendship, hope and spiritual fulfillment, as well as becoming increasingly complex in our physical manifestations.


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