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Spiritual Answers From the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 13

Updated on August 4, 2017

Our momentum is governed so strongly by our habits

So we are like a railway train hurtling down a track. Our momentum, which is governed so strongly by our habits, wants to keep us on that straight line. But ahead the line splits and heads off into two directions. One goes to the right, the other to the left. But unlike a railway train, where the switches have already been pulled and the train has to divert down the track ‘opened to it,’ we are often obliged to make our choice as we ‘hit the intersection.’

Which choice is the right one?

All roads lead to God, but why take the 'great circle route'?

Such an important question. Or so it seems. Either choice is the right one, according to what Higher Self has already told me. All roads lead to God. But why take the ‘great circle route’ and go right around the world? The shorter path will be quicker. It also involves a lot less pain and suffering. But knowing which is the shorter path is the crux of the decision.

We are governed by our choices. But our choices are governed by our intent.

And our intent is governed by what we believe in. More precisely: our intent is governed by who we believe we are.

Ask that sacred questin: "Is this who I am?"

So when it comes to making a decision, try always pick your highest vision of ‘who’ and ‘what’ you think you really are. Ask that sacred question: “Is this who I am?” Answering that, from the heart, will enable you to pick your highest conception, your clearest word, you grandest feeling about yourself. In that way you will choose the ‘correct’ fork in the road. Your choice will lead ‘optimum’ advancement.

What has this to do with Automatic Writing? It will enable you to bring your highest motivation- highest in the spiritual sense- to anything you undertake.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Remember, once you start in on this in earnest, you won’t be taking it on simply to ‘contact the spirits.’ You will be taking it on so that you can evolve to the point where you can hold (and record) a ‘two-way conversation’ with the Highest Being it is capable for you to hold a conversation with. I call Him/Her/It my Highest Self. You might call this entity God. The label is not important. The desire to have a ‘pipe line’ to this sort of wisdom, insight, inner-guidance, is.

In his now famous book, Conversations with God, Book One, Neale Donald Walsch has taken down writings which have virtually thrown a lot of religious dogma flat on its ear. Who knows what you might take down? But whatever it is, if your heart is true, your motives pure, you, too, will take down truths which could well change the way you and other human beings view the world.

You are part of the Infinite Creator

You can compromise here. You can go for lesser things. But then, you will probably be contacted by ‘lesser’ spirits, with messages which fall short of what you could take. You will get ‘lesser’ messages to start with (But many of these will still ‘boggle your mind’ with their profundity. There are an awful lot of wise spirits on those higher planes)

However, you are a fragment, a minuscule part of The All. You are a part of the Infinite Creator. You are a fraction of God. But your size does not make you any less important. Jesus Christ is not ‘more important’ than you. Gautama The Buddha is not ‘more valued’ than you. A saint is no ‘more significant’ to God than a so-called sinner. No fragment of God is any less precious to Him than any other. How can it be? It is part of Her. So because you are the same (no better, but no worse; no lesser and no greater) you are entitled to the very best Automatic Writings to which you are capable of receipt.

Earnestness, sincerity- these are so important.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Of course, you need to know that you should ‘develop’ yourself. If you can’t read or write you cannot take down Automatic Writing. At least, not as a conscious medium. But the better you can write, the better your Automatic Writing will be. The more words you know, the more subtle, the more accurate and precise will be that which can come to you. Your words, remember? The vocabularies being used are your vocabularies!

So read widely. Write often. I’m not necessarily talking about Automatic Writing here. I’m talking about writing for your own development. Write letters to friends. Write essays. Write a book if you like. How about an autobiography?

What I’m saying here is that you need both heart and mind involvement.

Let me explain it this way.

Openness means willingness. It means trusting that the process will work

In order for a man or woman to become proficient at, say, painting pictures, he or she needs two complementary essentials: Creativity, and Craftsmanship. The two go together. Each is the other side of the coin. Without the Creativity aspect few ideas are forthcoming. Without the Craftsmanship, the ideas are there, but there is no way of capturing them on canvas. One must learn one’s trade. In painting one learns (I’m not a painter, so I admit to guessing here) fundamentals. How to select and prepare a canvas. How to select the right brushes and paints. What to put on first, etc.

In Automatic Writing, one also needs to work on two areas: Openness and Skill. Openness means willingness. It means trusting that the process will work. It means a burning desire to find out about oneself and about The Truth. It means persistence, perseverance, patience and all of those things which have gone before in this book. Skill, means developing sufficient of the means, namely your writing skills.

These two together.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

What will happen when you make the decision and commence with Automatic Writing is that you will become more sensitive. My late friend, Rex Bunn, who encouraged me to take up this medium so long ago, said to me, “The price of mediumship is sensitivity.” And it certainly is. You will find that you are more open to psychological pain. You will find that you cry more readily. Yes even in the movies. You will feel more frustration, anguish, and sadness at some of the foibles of human kind. At the same time you will find yourself more easily moved to joy. Tear of joy. You will catch yourself listening to the song of a bird, really seeing the beauty of a flower. Where you were once unobservant or unconcerned will come ‘observation’ and ‘caring.’ You’ll be more ‘alive.’

Growing awareness is part of God's great plan of evolution

You will not be able to escape the growing awareness which comes automatically with increasing spiritual development. In the main, you won’t want to. Growing awareness is part of what God’s great plan of evolution is all about. And you will be aligning yourself with that plan.

The closer we are in alignment with what our Higher Self wants for us, the greater the peace in our hearts.

Conversely, the more troubled we are in the psychological sense, the greater our non-alignment. When we are emotionally torn by indecision, for example, then a strong ego-desire is at loggerheads with an almost equally strong soul-desire. If the ego wins out, it becomes even stronger. If the soul’s desire is upheld, it then grows in strength.

My years of Vipassana Meditation have revealed to me that we contain a seemingly endless, seemingly bottomless, ocean of sensations which rise into consciousness and then ‘pass away.’ With a mind stilled by training, these sensations or feelings ‘float to the top’ or ‘come into consciousness’ where, impartially examined, they dissipate back into the limitless and neutral void. They leave your ‘personal’ system.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

The sensations are held in that strata of our being which lies ‘behind’ yet is part of the physical. It has been said that we human beings are made up of ‘congealed thought.’ I suspect there’s a lot of truth in this. And in that thought are held the sensations applicable to the emotions-aroused which went with it. Every thought involves an emotion of some sort. Some are weak. So weak in fact that, as Sri Satya Narayan Goenka, the famous teacher of Vipassana Meditation says, “They are written on water.” Some are so strong that they are “Chiseled into stone.” With most of us, those emotions ‘chiseled in stone’ are taken to the grave.

Yes, it is these really strong emotions, perhaps repressed for a lifetime -or even a number of lifetimes- which give us so much trouble. These deeply rooted unconscious feelings dictate to us, often against our conscious wills. They cause us so much trouble. We find ourselves fighting with ourselves; unable to resist sudden bouts of rage, or terrible jealousies or fears.

State what you want

Automatic Writing might not be able to get rid of these fears. But you can have explanations given to you as to what those fears are. You can be instructed on how you can go about ridding yourself of these. Once again, it is a case of ‘Seek and you will find.’ State what you want, in your side of a conversation, with your Spirit Guide, Teacher, or Guardian Angel. And certainly when you reach the point where you are in contact with that highermost part of yourself: Higher Self or God, say exactly what you want to find out about yourself.

Your exercise in Automatic Writing will be more beneficial to you than the most intimate of personal diaries. Because of this you will, in all probability, want to keep what is recorded a secret unto yourself. Do this. Yes, especially if you feel that you might be embarrassed if others read of what you have written. It does not matter. The practice, initially anyway, is almost sure to be for your own benefit and not for others’ eyes. Yet, as time progresses, and the messages become less personal and more directed towards humanity at large (and they probably will, if you progress as I and others have done) you may well feel you would like other people to see them.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

So try to remain fairly systematic, professional even, in your approach to Automatic Writing. Instead of using odd scraps of writing paper, use the sort of note-books or pads which can be kept long-term. Number and date them. In the early days I even use to write in the time I commenced and the time I finished. This last was probably going a little too far. But at least I can go back through my writings to particularly years- right to the very day I took down a specific message. In this way I have a very good idea of how I thought, and felt, about a particular subject at that time. You can do the same.

You will grow in sensitivity and awareness

With Automatic Writing you have an enormously valuable tool. Used wisely, it will change your life for the better. You will grow in knowledge. You will grow in sensitivity and awareness. Beliefs, previously held in the bonds of convention, will give way to your own wisdom. You will truly be your own man, your own woman. But most important: you will be able to communicate and record conversations with increasingly higher beings until- if you really want it- you will be able to converse with God.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you, Paradise7. Yes. If you can quieten the mind and are genuninely sincere in your desire for contact by your Spiritual Guidance, whatever it may be, it will be forthcoming.

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

    Lovely hub, thank you! I'm learning to tune in to that still voice.