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Spiritual Answers From the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 14

Updated on August 4, 2017

The technique of Automatic Writing is simply 'to write.'

A Divine Dialogue, Chapter 14 and the final chapter of this short book.

For a ‘how to do it’ type of book there has been very little direction as to technique. That is because the technique of Automatic Writing is simply ‘to write.’ Nearly all of the emphasis has been on one’s motives for wanting to write in this manner. I make no apologies for this. For I believe right motive to be paramount. But I shall ask my Higher Self to have the final words in this volume. For He knows so much more than me.

Automatic Response

Those people who wish to take up Automatic Writing in order that they might draw closer to Me will find it decidedly in their interests to ‘home in’ on spirituality. You’ve made that plain, Tom. What you haven’t make plain is the necessity for fewer words and more action.

What do I mean by this?

You need to act as well as to write

Those who use ‘empty words’ -and words alone are as empty as ‘the clanging of cymbals’ - you know what I mean. That Bible quotation, plucked from your memory is not correct. But it is not incorrect either. Its meaning is clear. You are as empty as a drum filled with air. The sounds are there, but there is no substance. You need to act as well as to write.

In order to progress towards Me, you cannot do better than to refrain from doing things which your conscience (which is directed by the part of your soul which is linked to Me) tells you should refrain from. This means, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. No, it doesn’t matter in which order you took that down. You are a pedant, Tom. Perfection is not needed here. Meaning is what we are after.

Spiritual answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

“You should do good things, refrain from bad things, and keep purifying the mind” (meditating) according to Goenka- and according to Buddha. It is the quickest, safest, surest road to Me. Mediumship is not without its difficulties. Mediumship manifests naturally in those who seek Me. It is corollary to their efforts towards godliness. Seekers become advanced human beings, moving upwards to become superhuman beings when they have mastered themselves.

The mastering of one’s self refers to those parts of the ‘little self’ which have not yet been brought under the control of the ‘Good Will.’ The Good Will, is that part of you which is allied to your conscience. The Good Will directs, imparts its wisdom and love to the little self through the conscience. Every human being has this (a conscience) in them. Yes, even the Genghis Khans and the Adolph Hitlers of the world. No one is left without this guidance.

The mind becomes clogged with mind-forms

But the mind becomes clogged with mind-forms. These, as it has been previously explained, have little wills of their own, each seeking its own agenda which, in most cases, is simply stimulation. And the mind-forms themselves feel no pain. They feel no joy either. They simply agitate; vibrate, causing you, the little self who is the observer of all that is going on, and who, generally, makes the mistake of identifying with all of this.

So, you need to bring the mind’s agitation under the control of the little self’s will. That is essential, in the long term, for inner peace and progress.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Knowing this, do not allow yourself to become so enamoured by the messages that pour forth from your ‘Automatic Pen’ that you do not make the effort to improve yourself.

Automatic Writing is a thing which can be learned before its normal manifestation through (spiritual) progression. It is a bit like having a ‘sneak look’ at the answer sheet to a set of questions. You can know what you are going to get, so to speak. This applies to all types of mediumship, whatever it is. You can learn it. You can enhance it with practice. You can become very proficient at it. But it is a tool, Tom, simply a tool. Remember that.

Those of your readers who take to Automatic Writing will be well advised to heed what is being said here. In that way they will avoid a lot of pain and suffering.

Meditation and desire to come closer to God, these bring peace

Why pain and suffering? And how could it come into their lives through this practice?

Think of your own life, Tom. You have been practising Automatic Writing, or rather, Typing for over thirty years. But the peace which is now occurring in your life hasn’t come from this. You know it. I know it. It is coming from your continuing practice in meditation. This, and your desire to come closer to Me. Your prayers, your interest in becoming a more capable and loving human being- these are what are enabling you to come to ‘The peace which passeth all understanding.’

So, my advice to your readers is that they utilize their practice of Automatic Writing only that they might improve their spirituality.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Let Me elaborate on that. This spirituality does not mean only being more loving, more compassionate, and more endearing, in those qualities which make for a so-called ‘good’ person. These qualities include willingness to learn. Learn anything and everything. This does not preclude the person who wants to become wiser and more learned in any field of endeavour. But that field of endeavour must be, in their minds at least, a noble and honourable endeavour. If it is not, they will progress in kind with mediumship. They will not progress spiritually.

Vigour and energy must, in the long term, attentuate into stillness

Such progress, not combined with spiritual progress, will get them into trouble. This is because they will incur ‘karmic debts’ which will have to be repaid in one way or another in the future. Balance, harmony, peace, must be maintained. Vigour and energy must, in the long term, attenuate into stillness. If ‘bad karma’ is incurred by a person doing something which is seemingly immoral to that part of them which I have already referred to as their conscience, the vibrations generated and held within their mind-bodies will, later, have to be nullified by some sort of counter action which negates what has accrued.

Technical, I know, Tom. I apologize.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

But what I am saying here is of real importance to every one. Karmic debt is not so much a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of what is perceived within, by the ‘higher, purer part’ of the little self, the self aligned to Me, seeing it as wrong.

You might think that ‘Heinrich Himmler,’ for instance, had no conscience. How could such a man oversee the decimation of millions of Jews as Himmler did in World War Two? He must be without conscience, you would say. How could a man ‘with a conscience’ resort to such evil? But I tell you this. Himmler knew that he was doing wrong in the ‘eyes of the world.’ He knew it in his heart.

He didn’t have a heart?

Do not 'harden your heart.'

Don’t you believe it. He had a heart. But, in the Biblical term, he ‘hardened his heart.’ People do it all of the time to greater or lesser measure. You ‘harden your heart’ when you see a beggar and decide not to give him a couple of dollars. You also can harden your heart to the point you can sign a declaration condemning an innocent man to the gallows because you are against something he stands for. Both deeds are the same- except in their energy levels.

Such energy levels have been created in your mind, and stay in your mind. They stay there until they are nullified by the practice of the sort of meditation you undertake, Tom. But that takes years. Lifetimes, on occasion. Whilst it is ameliorated within hours, or minutes, or even seconds by its opposite actions springing from love.

Spiritual Messages from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

The two ‘chief pairs of opposites’ are Love and Fear. You’ve heard this and recognize it as one of My major truths. Nearly every rationalization which results in one being mean and petty, or murderous and violent, stem from Fear. It is a matter of degree. Fear is what holds people back from being their true self. Fear is that which has to be overcome.

But I get away from my message pertaining to the practice of Automatic Writing and developing oneself spiritually.

Don’t take any of this as a repudiation of the ‘desirability’ of developing such a skill. It is wonderful to possess such. Do accept what I tell you here. A man will develop fastest if he links his ever-growing skills in Automatic Writing to the obtaining of the truths which are extant for him. He need aim his effort toward Me.

What am I? I am Love - Unconditional Love

And what am I?

I am Love- unconditional love.

So aim to develop a skill, or a quality, that it might be used so that you can give of yourself in the way I am giving myself to you now- unstintingly. Use not these gifts that I bestow on you for your own narrow self interests and ‘self-aggrandizement.’ Not that these are wrong. They aren’t. But they limit you. They do not allow you to grow to your fullest potential. They hold you back.

You don’t want to be held back, Tom. Neither do your readers. They wish to advance; become great; become that which they are capable of becoming. Not something less. They will become what they really are, in essence, more rapidly, with less pain, with more joy, by always bringing to their endeavours to ‘perfect their mediumship’ in ways which will help others.

Spiritual Guidance from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It has been said ‘a million million times’ by Me, and it will be continued to be proclaimed: You are God. You are part of Me. Anything which you accept as being you, which is less than this concept (inasmuch as you can hold such a concept) is to accept lesser than your fullest potential at this time.

So give of your best. Learn what to disregard and what to ‘take aboard.’ For your voyage towards Me is endless, and it is in your interest to have the right cargo on which you might draw.

Remember that Time is Timeless. You are forever

Love, patience, perseverance- these are words. To each and every person upon Planet Earth and, indeed, on all of My created strata, these words have a slightly different meaning. But the heart of meaning is there. So love thy neighbour as thyself. Be patient and tolerant with those who are not ‘on the same wave-length.’ And persevere with your aims, remembering that Time is Timeless. You are forever.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile imageAUTHOR

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks again, Paradise7, you make it all worthwhile.

  • Paradise7 profile image


    8 years ago from Upstate New York

    Wonderful concepts, here...the little selves, the mind forms agitating for stimulation; they are never satisfied. They need to be taken under control, to find stillness, serenity and peace.


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