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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue - 1

Updated on September 1, 2011

Do some animals and birds have psychic abilities?

Gentoo Penguins on MacQuarie Island.  One of the four species found there.
Gentoo Penguins on MacQuarie Island. One of the four species found there.

Psychic Abilities - How to have a two-way conversation with 'God.'

Chapter One

By the time you have finished reading this book you will know how to have a two-way conversation with God. That’s right. Two-way. And not only that, you will know how to record your conversation. In fact, these two aspects of your dialogue will be one and the same: the conversation and the recording being done at the same time.

Automatic Writing has been around for a long time

The method you’ll use is commonly known as ‘Automatic Writing.’ It is a method which has been around for a long time. How far back into antiquity it goes is uncertain. Maybe that is how many of the words recorded in the great holy books of the yore came into being. But the writer does not propose to speculate on that. Still, we do know that ‘automatic’ recordings can be found in the works of Alice Bailey, of the Theosophical Society. Her messages from a Tibetan Master ran to dozens of books back in the 1920s and 1930s. We also know that many a modern-day spiritual medium or ‘channeler’ can record messages from ‘Worlds of Spirit’ via this method. Our ‘New Age’ book shops are filled with them. Believe me, writing in this way is pretty common place.

But the object here is for you to learn how to receive messages from the Highest Being you can conceive. I call this Being, God You can call it whatever you like.

Is it possible for the All Mighty to be interested in someone as insignificant as me? Your innate psychic abilities may reveal the answer.

You might wonder why it is possible for a Being ‘all powerful,’ and ‘all knowing,’ as a God, to have any truck with one little human being such as yourself. A reasonable question. After all, one glance at the heavens on a clear night reveals just a fraction of this Being’s magnitude. It created all this. Moreover, this night-sky universe you’re looking out on is purported to go on forever. How then, could this Illimitable Intelligence, or some Thing which created all those millions of stars possibly be interesting in ‘little me?’you may ask.

Automatic writing - find out things directly from your higher self.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

God is interested in you because He, She, It is comprised of the same stuff you are. You’re the same. You are, at your essence, an infinitesimally tiny part of this God. What you actually are, and what Higher Being is, you can find out for yourself. Why should I take that enjoyment away from you? What His relationship is to you, you also can find out for yourself. You can also find out why you are as you are. Also, what is your particular life purpose- all manner of things you can have revealed to you. You only have to ask the right questions.

However, in order for you to enter into these two-way recorded conversations with God, a number of things are required of you. None are out of your reach. All depend upon your willingness to bring certain qualities, already inherent in you, to bear. That is, your willingness to utilize them.

I doubt penguins worry to much about the meaning of life

King Penguins are the second most numerous of the estimated three million penguins on MacQuarie
King Penguins are the second most numerous of the estimated three million penguins on MacQuarie

Even a tentative belief in your psychic abilities will get you started

The first of these qualities is belief. Yes, belief -and even a tentative belief is enough- to accept with an ‘open mind’ that this is possible. You must be willing to give it a go. If you have made up your mind at the very outset that it isn’t possible, and that all what is being written here is, to use good old Anglo Saxon, “Bull shit,” then you’re not in the race. But if you can hold off long enough with your pe-judgements to give the process an honest try, you could well be pleasantly surprised.

Some people can do automatic writing almost straight away, others take longer

It is possible you will find that you already have the gift of writing automatically. It is possible. But it is not likely. The now world famous author, Neale Donald Walsch, who over a period of some five or six years recorded three books and over 800 pages of dialogue from God, was immediately able to record this way. He simply held the pen poised, and God set to. It was a case of God’s intervention.

On the other hand, the writer of the book you are now reading, consciously developed the technique over a lengthy period of time. Not only that, the earlier recordings he received did not come from God. But more on that later in the work.

Patience, perseverence and practice - and you'll get there

What is required of you, if you genuinely wish to hold these two-way conversations with God, apart from the willingness already mentioned is: Patience, persistence, regular daily practice, and a certain detachment or objectivity. This last being a sort of ‘monitoring of oneself’ so that one does not get ‘carried away,’ so to speak, with what one receives. For in the earlier stages, at least, it is very probable that the information which comes through will not be from that Highest part of you- the God-part- at all. And anything lesser than that might (I say might, deliberately) not be the truth.

Not much hope of getting a suntan on this beach

Here are part of the half-million King Penguins at the Lusitania Bay rookery on MacQuarie
Here are part of the half-million King Penguins at the Lusitania Bay rookery on MacQuarie

Our physical senses reveal just a tiny, tiny fraction of an Infinite Totality. Our psychic abilities can introduce us to more.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

I say it might not be the truth for the universe, as we perceive it with our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell is but an infinitesimally tiny sliver of the Universe created by God. Our senses provide just ‘narrow slits’ of windows into The All. If you doubt this, think of the radio waves, the television waves, the gamma and cosmic rays which are interpenetrating your body right now. You don’t sense them at all. But they’re there all right. Also the worlds revealed to us by Kirlian Photography and various infra red techniques. But to get back.

We live in our particular ‘narrow universe’ completely oblivious of the infinite universes which lie beyond our ken. That is we do not, as a rule, sense them- at the conscious level. I put that in italics very deliberately. At a ‘conscious’ level. But our unconscious levels do have accesses to phenomena which our conscious levels are not aware of. And here is something which is even more difficult to get our conscious minds around: these unconscious levels are limitless. Limitless!

Automatic writing can reveal that there are worlds within worlds within us

But do try to get your mind around this one: some of those dimensions to which we generally have no access- are as near to us as the space our physical bodies now occupy. There are worlds within worlds within us. Moreover, these worlds are juxtaposed one upon another and we can, and often do -quite unknowingly- have intercommunion with these. But once again- more on this later.

Behind all of these levels is the ‘ultimate’ which, for the sake of a better description, contains all the others. Or maybe interpenetrates might be a better way of putting it. Or coalesces into being all the others, might be still another way of putting it. And this interpentitration of every level, this ‘organizing and underpinning’ of every manifested dimension or universe, is that which we call God.

But this is all getting very heavy, so I’ll get on.

The dialogue is between little self and Higher Self - but Higher Self is just a label. Use your psychic abilities.

This book will be designed in such a way that I, little self, that part of me which is influenced by his ‘conditioning’ and ‘ego self,’ will write every alternate chapter. Every second chapter, that is every even-numbered chapter, will comprise a dialogue between this writer, this little self (who is writing this here now) and its Higher Self. No doubt my Higher Self will contribute far more to this exercise than I can- at my present level of spiritual development, anyway. In this way the reader will get an idea of the sort of development he or she can aspire to (and maybe even move beyond) through this practice.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

A couple of love-struck Royal Penguins.  Royals are the most numerous species on MacQuarie, there being an estimated around  three quarters of a million at the Hurd Point Rookery alone.
A couple of love-struck Royal Penguins. Royals are the most numerous species on MacQuarie, there being an estimated around three quarters of a million at the Hurd Point Rookery alone.

God doesn't view you 'from a distance.' He/She/It is much closer than that

Despite the sentiments expressed in that popular song sung by Bette Midler, “From a Distance,” your Higher Self- God, is not viewing you from a distance. The learner, the tyro practitioner of Automatic Writing should be aware -as should every other human being, really- that God is with them every moment of their lives. So you should bear in mind that every thought, idea, concept, feeling, visualization, word or act is known to God

She is with you at every moment. He has to be. For It is part of you.

You are a seeker - or you wouldn't have read this far

As a reader you might wonder whether you are up to this; whether you are of the ‘right stuff?’ Can I really take down Automatic Writing? You might also think: “Maybe this is easier for some than it is for others? Why are some people inclined towards spirituality whilst others are not? Does it require a particular type of sensitivity?” I shall attempt to answer some of these things here.

If you see yourself as a Seeker ( I’m not talking about the famous Australian Pop group here) then chances are you’ll be able to master the technique. Do you read a lot of ‘New Age’ literature? You do? Then you’re a Seeker.

Are you that type of person who likes to keep a personal diary? Or who likes to write poetry? Or is emotionally moved by music? Or the lyrics of certain songs? Or who cries when seeing a sad movie? If you have the sort of sensitivity that enables you to readily feel joy, sadness, compassion, then the chances are you’ll be sensitive enough to master Automatic Writing.

If one person can do it, all persons are capable of it. So use your psychic abilities.

My view is that if one person can do anything- I mean anything -then the chances are that a great many more can -and, eventually, all can. It took from the beginning of recorded history until 1949 for a couple of fellas to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Have you any idea how many have climbed it since? Hundreds- maybe thousands! They’ve got garbage dumps up there! It took from the beginning of recorded history until the 1950s for one man to run the distance of a statute mile in four minutes. Any idea how many have done it since? I rest my case.

Of course, you need to be a mountaineer or an athlete to do these things. You need both the motivation and the necessary physical attributes. But not always. I heard tell that a one-legged man made it to the top of Everest and back.

It's over to you...

What I’m saying here is that if you have the both the sensitivity and motivation to get into Automatic Writing it will be easier for you than if you do not. But the chances are if you are reading this book, you do have these. Certainly anyone who regularly reads Third Age books is a Seeker. And people like you generally do not lack in sensitivity.

So, if you picked up this book because you were attracted by the title then you’re probably a Seeker. If you’ve read this far, without skipping bits here and there, you undoubtedly are. Therefore the offer is made, by both me and God -yes, with whom I’ve already consulted- to present you with a method by which you can contact Him at will- your will.

It is over to you.

I hope you gained something from Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 2

Keep smiling.



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