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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue - 4

Updated on April 15, 2011
The writer at forty-one.  He spend from October 1976 until October 1977 on MacQuarie Island, hence these photos of seals
The writer at forty-one. He spend from October 1976 until October 1977 on MacQuarie Island, hence these photos of seals

Automatic Writing does work

It should be obvious to the reader that I do not know how the process of Automatic Writing works. Its psychological intricacies are beyond me. Yet it does work. That is the important thing.

Some psychics can see human auras.

In a book I recently purchased, the author, a Ruth White, tells her readers that she is able to ‘see’ her spirit guide, Gildas Moreover, she has been able to see him since she was a tiny tot, an infant. No one else can see him -apparently. So Ruth either sees him in a sort of ‘mind’s eye view,’ or else she has access with her normal ‘sense of sight,’ to a slightly different light spectrum than most of us do. The latter seems the more likely, for she also can see ‘auras.’ That is, she can discern the electromagnetic fields, and the colours revealed therein, around people’s physical bodies. These can be picked up with Kirlian Photography. Ruth’s gift might be utilized by a sort of ‘attunement,’ whereby she can select to ‘see’ in that somewhat wider spectrum.

There are seals on just about every beach on MacQuarie Island

An expeditioner petting a baby Elephant Seal.  Less than six months old, it probably weighs as much as a man.
An expeditioner petting a baby Elephant Seal. Less than six months old, it probably weighs as much as a man.

Gildas was Ruth White's spiritual teacher for more than forty years

Gildas has been Ruth White’s ‘spiritual teacher’ for more than forty years. Her seeing him is ‘Clairvoyance.’ As with Automatic Writing, which closely parallels a phenomenon known as ‘Clairaudience,’ there are far more clairvoyants around than one might suspect.

In my earlier days of Automatic Writing I began to hear- or almost hear- what was being written out. Clairaudience. I deliberately suppressed this. I did not want to ‘hear voices’ in my head. That sort of admission, particularly to a member of the medical profession back in the 1960s, could easily have resulted in one being certified as crazy- insane. At best, it was shrugged off as esoteric ‘bullshit’ (as it was when I enquired as to whether Sydney University had a faculty of Parapsychology at that time) at worst, it could be labeled Schizophrenia. I had no desire for high walls, white-coated interns and Valium pills. Still, I’m pretty sure that a natural corollary of the practice of Automatic Writing could bring on aural (within one’s own mind, of course) discourse.


My Higher Self answers

Have you, Higher Self, anything to say on this? Or on anything else I might have attempted to cover in this manuscript thus far, please?

Automatic Typing

Your concern with people ‘hearing voices in their heads’ is a legitimate one, Tom. And lots of people already do. In most instances these are simply different parts of their own thinking processes, their ‘sub-personalities.’ And I shall say something about the sub-personality aspect later.

At this time I wish to talk with you and your readers about the enormously serious business of Honesty. Yes, I deliberately had you put that capital letter in there.

Honesty in dealing with yourself is paramount if you are to get the most you can get out of Automatic Writing. You must be candid. You must be determined to find out the Truth by being truthful. That is, as truthful as your own mind will allow you to be.


Just look at that face. Yes, those big eyes can see in the dark

Baby Elephant Seal
Baby Elephant Seal

automatic writing continues...

You see, Tom, human beings minds are filled, cluttered to the top so to speak, with a lot of utter nonsense. Most of it has been the result of uncritical acceptance of information presented before their minds were properly formed. That is, the critical faculty was formed. Children, especially infants, are told by their mothers and fathers, a lot of things which bear little resemblance to the actual facts of life and living.

It might seem that these misinformations are harmless. They are not. For there are laid down very early in the minds’ of children, myths which bear little or no resemblance to how things really are.

My advice here, is that the practitioner of Automatic Writing who wishes to ‘advance in spirituality,’ to become truly aware of ‘who’ he or she is, is to take every precaution to be as honest and open in their communications with themselves as they can be.


Contented old Beachmaster (bull elephant in his prime)
Contented old Beachmaster (bull elephant in his prime)

The more honest they are, the quickly they grow

I say, ‘communications with themselves,’ for that is who they will be communicating with. The ‘honesty part’ has little or nothing to do with My knowing or not knowing whether they are writing and thinking the Truth. It has everything to do with them. For the more honest they are, the more quickly they will grow.

The same applies whether they are speaking with Me, their Higher most part, or with some ‘spiritual entity’ who has contacted them. This is because at levels higher than the Earth Plane, those beings know, by what they can ‘read in the auras’ of those with whom they are communicating, what is an untruth and what is coming from the heart.

So, the practitioner of Automatic Typing needs to be aware that in every instance in this type of communication, the ‘reader’ of that writer is aware what the

writer is really thinking, feeling, and being at that time.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It has already been divulged that the more moral and spiritual the writer, the ‘higher’ the levels to which he or she can attain. That is, ‘have access.’ Or, the more ‘advanced spiritually,’ will be those entities who are willing to communicate with them.

It is quite easy to reach the lower levels. Very easy. Dangerously easy. But do not expect profound wisdom to reside on such levels. These levels are those to which ordinary, average, men and women go at the time of their departure from the Earth Plane, i.e., at the time of their deaths. This is where most go. Some rise only as far as the lowest plane. Some, greater in number, rise to the second plane, or the Mid-Range Astral. Some go on to the Highest Astral. And some fewer still rise above that.


After we die - what then?

In George W Meek’s work, After we die what then? there is a description of the spiritual levels available to human beings after they die. This is much as it really is. The physical plane requires a physical body. The Astral Planes and those above it do not. Yet, people who have died choose to manifest on the lower Astral Planes, at least, as physical shapes. They have ‘bodies’ -which they have manufactured with their own thoughts- that pretty much represent how they were when they lived upon the earth plane. Generally, they pick the body which they find most desirable to meet their purposes upon the new plane on which they reside. This is, mostly, simply for purposes of ‘identification’ by their peers.

MacQuarie Island 'beachmasters' in combat

To bull Elephant Seals that have fought themselves to a standstill.  To the victor goes the spoils - a harem of up to forty females
To bull Elephant Seals that have fought themselves to a standstill. To the victor goes the spoils - a harem of up to forty females

These beings of light are my angels

But to get back to what I was saying about the ‘levels of communication.’ Initially, a new practitioner of ‘average’ spiritual development, that is, a person who is liable to go to, say, the Mid-Astral or even the Upper Astral Range of Worlds at death (or shortly after dearth) is liable to only have access to these ranges. However, if they persist (Yes, as you have done these years) then they are likely to draw the attention of those who reside in the Upper Worlds or Planes.

At these (upper) levels there are very few physical-formed human souls. They are more like ‘Light forms,’ which have shapes which are almost indiscernible. But that isn’t important here. These ‘Beings of Light’ are my angels. These are the lesser gods. But they are, nevertheless, god-like. They are wise, full of virtue, and full of compassion. These entities are drawn to help those who are genuinely concerned with their spiritual development on earth; those really sincere.


An Australian Furseal, much prized for their pelts by the sealers of the 19th Century
An Australian Furseal, much prized for their pelts by the sealers of the 19th Century

So many people keep their ability to take automatic writing a secret

The Highest part of you is ‘that which pertains’ to becoming one of these Masters of the Universe. For this is what these beings are. Masters. That is the best description for them. They bear the masculine name, Masters, but they can be of either (former) gender. It matters not. For in former lives -and all of you have had myriads- they have been both male and female countless times.

So, to get back to the requirement for Honesty. Yes, with a capital ‘H.’ Honesty begets the attention of those who are genuinely concerned with the welfare of their charges, and with the human race generally. So be honest. Be open. Hold nothing back.

It might also be mentioned that unless those of your readers intend to actually write and publish works of Automatic Writing themselves, that they keep their practices private. At least, until they are confident that they will not be put off by the jibes and cynicism of others who might try to discourage them. For there are many (people) who still feel threatened by anything of a genuinely spiritual nature.


Scourge of penguins, the Leopard Seal is pretty easy to handle on the land
Scourge of penguins, the Leopard Seal is pretty easy to handle on the land

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

This includes the bigots who set themselves up as advocates of particular religions. Not all of course. But some. There are many whose minds are closed to anything but their own cement-hard beliefs. It is these, who are apt to become hostile when confronted with something like Automatic Writing in a friend or loved one. This hostility is based on fear, of course. Fear that their own ‘house of cards’ might come tumbling down.

Self: I notice in the above you say, “ Honesty begets the attention of those genuinely concerned with the welfare of their charges...” Am I to understand from this that people such as myself, and others who might be practicing Automatic Writing with a genuine desire to better ourselves, have particular ‘angelic beings’ looking after our welfare? Is that, for example, what Gildas is to Ruth White?


The Highest part of you is your Highest Spiritual Guide

You are being facetious here, Tom. You are well aware that you have had a number of spiritual guides and teachers throughout the years that you have been practicing. (Automatic Writing) Of course you have spiritual guides. The Highest part of you is your Highest Spiritual Guide, naturally. It is God. But long before you attain to that, you are contacted by lesser developed gods, if I might put it that way. Every human being is attaining towards godhead. You included, Tom.

Each and every sentient being has some being, who is further advanced along the road to complete understanding, as a mentor or teacher acting towards the further ‘expansion of consciousness’ of their charge. To teach is to love. God is Love. You are all aspiring to come back to Me. To be Me. Therefore teaching and learning is part of the entire web.


Everything which has ever been is extant - the illusion is change

Self: Web?

I refer to The All. Every thing which has ever been is extant. The illusion is change.

Self: You’ve lost me, I think. The Illusion is change?

We shall not go into that here. It has been bespoken of in other literature, some of which you have on your bookshelves. Here we will stick by the subject matter of this particular discourse: teaching people how to undertake Automatic Typing so that they can raise their level of awareness, and gain in wisdom and insights by their communicating with beings who are more advanced spiritually than themselves.

Let us get on

Those who take up Automatic Typing are going to find themselves confused unless they are presented with a particular guide in whom they can gain familiarity and trust in the process. You’ll recall how, early in the piece, you were introduced to U.R. and John Willoughby. Or, more accurately, how they came into your life by introducing themselves to you.

Visiting the island from the pack ice further south, a Weddel Seal drops in for a rest
Visiting the island from the pack ice further south, a Weddel Seal drops in for a rest

The genuine seeker always has a spiritual guide close by

That was done deliberately. It was determined quite early on that you were a genuine seeker and not someone who was simply seeking some sort of thrill. The genuine seeker almost always has a spiritual guide close by. In your case you have several. And as your needs for higher-level contacts evolve, so do does the level of those spiritual entities who are looking after your welfare and advancement come into your ‘conscious life.’ It will be the same for all who genuinely take to Automatic Writing -or, indeed, any other form of spiritual enhancement.

But I’ve made my point. Honesty. The aspirant should realize that his or her honesty, as earlier described, is paramount.



 I hope you enjoyed Part 5 of Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue.   If you did, please let me know, and I'll continue by placing a further chapter on Hubpages.

Keep smiling.



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  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 

    7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

    Fascinating dialogue and insight in to the spiritual journey we are all destined to make. Voted up.


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