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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 6

Updated on March 14, 2013

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue Chapter 6

In the preceding chapter I wrote of ‘Divine Dichotomy’: of you and me, and all human beings, being both One, and a Part of the Many, at the same time. I did this to the best of my ability, based on my own little self’s conception of this stupendous revelation. No doubt my Higher Self can a lot do better, even though She will be working through this far from satisfactory instrument, the ‘mind-body’ of Arthur Thomas Ware. But I’m pretty confident that He will have more to add. And particularly, I hope, on how the reader can best use this added knowledge to enable him or her to do what I am doing here- receiving Automatic Writing from the Highest being available to this little self I continue to call me.

Spiritual Guidance via Automatic Typing

Received via Automatic Typing

This much I shall say to you, Tom. Take every opportunity to use your Automatic Writing skills to prepare those who wish to take up this method of communicating with Me. Use every available opportunity to talk about this with others. You are an adept now. You are a man ‘on the path,’ and, as such, have been showered with gifts which now enable you to undertake this work, if that is your desire.

As you are already aware, nothing is demanded of you. What is expected of you comes from your own soul’s demands, as it makes its way through the labyrinth it has manufactured for its own advancement. So, there is nothing in this which says that you have to do anything. You are definitely a free agent. Yet it is known to Me that, in your heart, this is what you would like to attain to within this lifetime.

More on that Divine Dichotomy

All right. More on that Divine Dichotomy, and particularly as it affects those who might wish to use Automatic Writing to enhance their own development, and the development of others.

In Automatic Writing, the first aspect is to realize that the messages are coming through that part of your mind you call the ‘Unconscious.’ The links are illimitable. The mind is what I am. I am the mind and the body and the essential essence of all that is. It is with My mind and My body that I make Myself known to Myself. This is the secret.

This mind and body manifests on illimitable planes of being- dimensions. The puny intellect of even the most clever and intelligent of human minds cannot even begin to grasp the complexity of these dimensions. If you think that the six senses, that is the five, plus access to Me in this way -or indeed any other way- attainable to human kind, at this point in your development, can come anywhere close to comprehending the magnificence of All That Is - Me, the Creator, then you are left holding a bag full of nothingness.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Yes, ‘nothingness.’ For all is an illusion created by those parts of Me which are manifest. By manifest, I mean those who have ‘an illusion of their separateness’ from The All, and are living anywhere in the multifarious Planes of Being which I have created that they might experience themselves.

This is all going above your head and will undoubtedly be doing so for the majority of your readers, so I shall simplify this, and keep away from these abstract concepts, so that you might further understand. In order to do this I shall tell a story.


The Story of the Fox and the Crocodile

There was a fox who lived by a river. The fox wished to cross the river and, because it could not swim, it asked the help of a crocodile which lived close by. The crocodile said that he would be happy to help. All the fox would have to do was climb upon his back and the crocodile would swim him across.

The fox was afraid of the crocodile. But he dearly wished to reach the other side of that river, and there appeared to be no other way that he could do so. He was too heavy to be carried by any of the birds. Besides, the birds were afraid of him. He’d been known to eat many a bird- and even to kill them just for his pleasure- so the bird-method of getting across was definitely not on.

So, the fox was stuck with the crocodile. Or he thought he was. So the fox said to the crocodile that he would let the crocodile to take him across the river- provided he be allowed to take a short, stout, stick with him.


Short, stout stick - what does he want with that?

The crocodile thought about that...

‘Short, stout, stick- what on earth does he want with that?” Does he think that he can club me when we get out in the river and use me as a raft? Huh! What a fool. I have such a thick hide and tough skull. He won’t be able to hurt me. Still, that fox is no fool. He is renowned for his cunning. Still, in this instance I believe I have his measure.’

So the crocodile agreed to let the fox carry the short, stout, stick with him as he climbed upon his broad and scaly back.


As expected, the croc could not be trusted

Out from the bank the crocodile made his move. Quickly he rolled upon his back, throwing the fox into the water. Instantly he opened his jaws as wide as he could to swallow the fox. But the cunning fox had predicted this move and had that stout stick ready. The fox turned his head sideways - with that short, stout, stick protruding from each side of his own jaws. He pushed his head down inside that hungry croc’s mouth. Yes, past those ravenous jaws, that thick tongue, and those wicked, curling yellow teeth. The fox pushed down as far as he could and -yes, you guessed it- the stick became wedged in the crocodile’s jaws and he could neither open or close his mouth.

The fox now had the upper hand. He climbed back atop the crocodile and said:

“ If you swim me to the other side, as promised, I shall remove that stick.”

The crocodile had no choice. If it did not swim the sly old fox to the other side of the river, that short, stout, stick would remain wedged in its throat, keeping its jaws open and it would not be able to survive for long. So, naturally, it agreed. It had to, really. For it there was no other choice.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

You see, the crocodile and the fox had never made any friends. They were fearful of making friends with one another, for there was no trust between them. They had never bothered to make friends with anyone. If they had done so, the problems they were both encountering would not have occurred.

And yes, both the fox and the crocodile had a problem now. The crocodile would swim to the river’s bank, but there was no guarantee that the fox would remove

that stick. The fox probably wouldn’t. For it realized that if it did so, the crocodile would be free to snap it up as soon as they reached the shore.

The fox, on the other hand had already made up its mind that the crocodile would snap it up. If it got the chance. The crocodile was also pretty sure that the fox would not remove that stick. So the crocodile thought to itself, ‘Maybe I can make a bargain here.’

A little bit of bargaining begins

“I shall take you to the bank.” said the croc. “But I shall take you to the bank you just came from. I’ll take you back there. If I take you back there, and you take that stick out of my mouth, I shall then take you across to the side you wish to go to. What do you think of that?”

Well, the fox knew that it had to get off of that crocodile’s back with safety. It thought for a while. Then it said.

“No. I don’t think so. If I you take me back to that side of the river again, how do I know you won’t eat me as soon as I remove the stick?”

And guess who wins...

“I’ll allow you to get another stick first.” said the croc. “You get that other stick, and then you can take the first one out. You’ll have a second one with which to replace it.”

The fox thought. ‘No. That croc can still eat me at any time.’ Instead it answered thus:

“Take me to the far bank. Take me to the bank of the river I wish to go to and then I shall get another stick.”

“All right,” said the crocodile. It had been fooled by its own suggestion. It did not occur to the crocodile that the fox would have already have reached its destination, and would certainly have no need to return to it with another stick.

And so the crocodile swam the remaining distance to the far shore - where the fox left it to die.


The moral of the story...But let us elaborate...

The moral of this story is that the animal with the most cunning always wins the day.

Now, to elaborate on that story as it relates to the practice of Automatic Typing. The fox is the Higher Self. The crocodile is the ego’s will. The river is the mind. And the stick is the method by which the Higher Self exerts itself upon the ego’s little wills once they have opened themselves up to the Higher Self.

The stick is something which, when inserted, can never be removed. The change occurs and it is an ongoing change. The mind is changed forever. The mind is opened and kept open. And what comes out of (is eradicated from ) the mind will keep coming out of it until either the practitioner of Automatic Writing becomes enlightened -in this world or the next, or the next after that- or instantly becomes enlightened, with the revelation that the ego is now ineffectual. Ego is like the crocodile’s teeth with the jaw open. Once the stick of Higher Self’s technique,

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

(Automatic Typing in this instance) is deliberately placed there by the little self, it begins to take its effect.

The crocodile is the ego. It has a cunning of sorts. Compared to the intelligence of the fox -the little self- it has quite a primitive one. The mind is filled with crocodiles. The mind is filled with jaws. But the stout, stick of the Higher Self can be inserted until the mind’s jaws are unable to close around the ‘awareness’ of the little self anymore. And, once the mind’s jaws are unable to close around the little self, those jaws are no longer able to instill any fear into the little self. It gradually learns that it, and the technique that it has used to keep those jaws away, are part of the same thing.


The Higher Self encourages the little self ever so gently

The Higher Self’s technique- be it meditation, automatic writing, or anything which enables the ‘little self’ to know that there is within it something far more powerful than those ‘elements’ contained in the mind, is able to free itself from the mind’s contents. It knows that they are there. But it knows that its little stout, stick can always contend with them.

And so we have a simple story to tell about a simple method of overcoming one’s own inhibitions, fears, worries, and everything which interferes with the ‘peace of mind’ of the little self.

In the seeking of the Higher Self it is impossible, in the long run, to fail

Of course. The short, stout stick, which the little-self uses to keep those jaws from itself, can’t be used to keep the fear away right from the start. There will be doubt as to whether the stick is strong enough. There will be concern as to whether it is ‘being inserted properly’ so that it can keep those jaws open. But the stick will work. It always does. In this, it is impossible to fail. Once the process of truly desiring self-knowledge is in the little-self, the stick will be provided. And it will be stout enough. I never fail those who earnestly seek to reach the other side of the river.

So, Tom, I hope that you and your readers can get something from that little yarn. It was fair in its recording. The main elements were able to be brought through. Take a look at it now. Read and digest.


Higher Self and the little self in willing combination can overcome the seeming "might of the mind."

Tom, you will notice that I have used very simple words here and yet, despite their simplicity, some mistakes were made in that story as taken down by you. Still, enough of it remains that it serves its purpose: - that of telling your readers that the Higher Self and the little self in willing combination, can overcome the seeming ‘Might of the Mind.’

Remember, Tom, the mind of man- all humankind- is but a puny thing compared to the Will of God. And the Will of God is the same will that is available to men. The will is far more powerful than the mind, and what is contained within the mind:- the mind-forms, the mind-made shapes which have been formed there unconsciously, for the most part, by the amblings of undisciplined imagination.

Don’t think that I am disparaging my own invention here, Tom- imagination. But know it as a tool. Know it not as a reality which can exert the ‘deciding’ influence in your life.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

The mind has its influence upon matter. Mind over matter is a well known catch phrase. And it catches many people out. But mind cannot create anything without the will that enables it to go about its work. The will provides the momentum which overcomes the mind’s inertia.

The will and the mind are different. Yet the mind does have a ‘will of its own.’ The will of the mind is actually many wills. Each will, and each part of the mind, is subject to an ‘overall will’, however, that is the Will of God. Nature. Me.

The urge for sex, for example, is contained within the primitive minds of all of my earthly creations in will, in mind, and in body. But these wills, strong as they be, are, in human kind, over-ruled by the fledgling will of the little self. That is, that part of Me that is ‘consciousness’ in human kind.


That which is within creates that which is without

Yes, Tom. The will power of any man is greater than that of any of its mind parts. Though the ‘mind parts’ can exert a tremendous influence upon the mind-body of that man. So much so, that he often feels unable to throw them off. You recall my telling you:

“That which is within creates that which is without. That which is without influences that which is within. That which is both within and without it God?”

Hear then, this: That which is without influences that which is within. And that which is within is subjected to this influence in many ways. But you wish to say something about the story.


Where does the little self fit in here?

Self: Yes, I am a little confused here. You said that the fox was the Higher Self.

The crocodile is the ego self or, more accurately, the ego selves. I take this to mean our sub-personalities. That the river is the our mind. That the stout stick is the method. But where do I, the little-self, come into this?

I ask this because, in the story somewhere the Higher Self is superseded by the little self.

That, Tom, is because you did not record the story exactly as I portrayed it. Let me elaborate and explain further:

The little self is part of the Higher Self. The little self is the instigator, that which you regard as your personal self at its closest part of that consciousness that you know as yourself. It is the spark that has manifested into the conscious whole that, combined, becomes you. It is that which is impregnated into your personal mind, your personal body. It interpenetrates that mind-body being, that human being your call Arthur Thomas Ware. That imagination, that creativity, that all being, that resides within and around the form of a man or a woman.


You are made up of many many layers

The Higher Self is that which also interpenetrates and surrounds you, but is contained and is an analogous part of everything. It is you at a higher vibrational rate.

The ‘little’ you is stepped-down, a bit like electricity is stepped-down in a transformer. There is Every Thing, The All, Me. I am the Prime Mover. I have moved. I made you- little self- by breaking myself down and placing a part of myself into an even denser and slower vibrating part. You might call this the Upper Mind.

You are not unlike an onion in which the centre-most portion is the ‘little you.’ The Higher Self is all of the onion including its centre part. It is also everything which surrounds the onion, the air, the smell- every thing. The outer level of the onion is your physical body, vibrating within a particular range of physical vibrations. The next layer beneath is that of your emotions. (This is being simplified for your understanding here, Tom) The next layer beneath, i.e. of even more rapid vibrationary rate, is the mind. The mind, though, contains, as do all the layers, but none so much as that part you refer to as the mind, many, layers.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

But to return to the story. The Higher self, working through the willingness of the little self, is the fox.

Self. Thank you. It is now much clearer. Though still not fully understood. Yet I’m sure it will be as time progresses. But to change the subject slightly. Is what I have recorded here a sufficiently accurate record of what you wished me to record, please?

Have no fears on that score, Tom. You are becoming a more accurate and defining medium with every session.

Self: Have you anything further you’d like to add to this chapter before I close it?

Yes. Last night you dreamed that you were in a hospital. You do not recall that dream, but take my word for it, that was what you dreamed about.

Know that when you dream you actually leave your body and go outside of it. A lot of people find this incomprehensible. They read of those instances where a person thought they were smothering, for example, because their head was under a pillow, and they awoke -only to find that this had been the ‘cause of’ their dream.


The mind and the body are one

Cause or no cause, Tom, they were still outside of their body experiencing that dreadful dream, whatever it might have been which, in their physical form, was simply their head under a pillow so that they were not breathing freely.

Now, I’m sure you want an explanation to this. Here it is.

The mind and the body are one. You’ve been told that. Yet the mind has a fluidity which defies anything which can be described on earth. It can stretch into infinity. For example, the mind can encapsulate itself in a space ship far away beyond the Moon or Mars, whilst the physical body remains limply sitting in an armchair. This mind-travel is done by a so-called ‘stretching of the mind faculty’ so that its conscious point is wherever it desires to be. Or is ‘impelled towards’, if the will is not being consciously employed. A hypnotist’s suggestion is often enough.


The mind does not create. The mind holds within its infrastructure that which has been created

Now, in the case of the man dreaming with his head under the pillow. The restriction to his air-supply is simply the trigger, the impetus, to the dream. But in the dream the man himself -his consciousness- is out there. Yes, out of his body!

But that mind is not directed in a dream by that consciousness that is left in the body sleeping in bed. No, the consciousness, that is the ‘centre’ of that man (the little self) is outside.

What needs to be understood here, Tom, is the ‘creative power’ of the little self. People talk of a ‘creative mind.’ The mind does not create. The mind merely holds within its infrastructure that which has been created. The will does the actual creating. Or, more accurately, the consciousness or identity (to itself) of the man, plus his will. The mind is merely the receptacle of all of this.

And how is this receptacle able to be used as such. By having placed within it the ‘creations’ of the little self. Or, in this instance as I write this through your hands, the creations of Higher Self.

In sleep, the little self is creating for itself its own environment

So, in returning to the dream of the man who has his head under the pillow whilst his conscious self is out there in an Astral Level. That conscious self is creating the environment into which it has placed itself. Not a good description. I’ll try again.

The little self, now outside of the physical body (as it will be permanently after you die, Tom) is able to create for itself its own environment, based upon what it knows, what it thinks, and what it feels. In the case of the man dreaming, there is a servo-mechanistic effect brought about by the inattention of the little self, where it has allowed an element of its mind -that is, the contents of its mind- to create a nebulous reality.

Self. I really do not understand this one. Didn’t you tell me earlier on that only the self and the Higher Self creates? That the mind cannot create but is merely a storehouse?


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Yes, I did. But I was going to continue on to tell you that the creations of the mind are so nebulous, so tentative as to be disregarded. As soon as you awake they are gone. In the actual physical plane upon which you reside the mind cannot create any thing. Only you can do that. You do it through your thought. You do it through you words. You do it through your actions. You do it, Tom. Your mind does not do it. The mind and you are different. The mind is your storehouse of knowledge. It is not your intellect.

Self: The mind is not my intellect!

Correct, Tom. The mind is a series of thought-forms, some of which are held within the mind-brain, some of which are held in the surrounds: the physical body, its magnetic fields, and also in the environs surrounding you. Some is held at distance, to be drawn to you when, and if, it is pulled into your auric field by your thinking about it.

See, even here, Tom, language is proving to be the difficulty.


Thinking about is really a rubbish term

‘Thinking about.’

‘Thinking about,’ is really a rubbish term, Tom. The mind does not think. The intellect thinks within the confines of what is contained in the ‘mind of men’ and in the confines of that which lies outside of the confines of the personal mind. The intellect has access to the Divine. The mind does not.

But this is not making sense to you. I can see that. Yet I make the point.

The man who is dreaming is creating his own environment within his dream. He- or you- are doing this. When you awake you find that you are back within the body. You think this is the limit of your being. And you think this because your body represents to you in this state, the parameters of your personal self. It isn’t. But it seems this way.

My point is this.


You are not your body, mind or emotions

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not your emotions. You are not any of the contents of the mind: the beliefs, the formulations of thought, the words or the word-pictures. You are not the poetry you have written, or the emotions you have felt. You are the Experiencer of these. And each of these things has been created by you, the Experiencer.

My next point is this.

You do not consciously realize that you are creating these. Even in your dreams, when those loose-knit patterns and whorls of thought temporarily present to you, the Experiencer, that which you are observing, you do not realize that it is you creating them. How, then, can you be expected to realize that you are, in actual fact, creating the physical environment in which you live?


The higher looks after the lower

You cannot. Because you have not yet realized it at a Higher Level. My design is such that it is only possible for Higher Levels of consciousness to understand and consciously create Lower Levels of being. In your dreams you are not able to understand something which is created at a Higher Level.

To put it another way, the Higher ‘looks after’ the lower. Right across the whole spectrum of All that Is, that which is more advanced -once again, call that, ‘that which is vibrating at a higher frequency level’- guides, teaches, comrepehends, understands, ‘has influence over’, the lesser advanced.

How does this all apply to Automatic Writing?


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It means that those influences which come through to a man can only come through from Higher Levels. It is impossible for a man to be contacted by those levels which are below the radiative frequency of men. I talk of their physicality here, Tom. There are a myriad frequencies inhabited by a myriad beings down on those frequency levels beyond your ken. These can never influence you. Yet you can influence them.

Self. This had become too complex for me. I beg time out to read what has been written here.

Take your time, Tom. But please return. I do have some important things to say.

I take a break and return on a new day

New Day

Self. I’ve read it through and I do believe that I understand. Please continue.

Good, Tom. And good morning to you. Here we go again.

Your mind is your servant, Tom. Or it is your master. Whether it becomes your master has a lot to do with your willpower. Also, your spiritual education- the latter is what you are getting here.

The will has the power to control the mind if the owner of that will, the ‘little self’ you refer to as you, determines to have it that way. This last revolves around the awareness that the mind is not you, and that you can have control over the mind, and those elements within it, which are constantly presenting themselves to you ‘as you.’

It is a case of mistaken identification with most people. They think they are their minds. This discourse is to enable readers to know that this is definitely not the case.


Ignorance is not bliss

They ‘own’ their minds. Their minds do not own them. Further, the mind’s elements can fall into abeyance, and often do so. No, you are right to say that nothing is forgotten. But the contents of the mind obtain to greater or lesser importance according to the wishes of the man. Yet I must qualify that by saying that this is only the case when the man has control over his mind.

The best way to have control over the mind, and those elements within the mind that are perpetually drawing the self towards them, is to be Aware of this. Once you are aware you are forearmed. Ignorance is not bliss. As many a person tormented by an unruly and undisciplined mind can attest to.

The mind is a neutral thing, Tom. It is neither moral or immoral. It is neither good or evil. The awareness of the man in relationship to his mind’s

contents, and the ‘conscious decisions’ he makes as regards to those contents, is what establishes his morality -to himself. As you’ve been told in Conversations with God, there really is no such thing as Good and Evil. But in the worlds created by humankind there is. So that which causes the imbalance of energies which, later, has to be balanced, and to which many of you refer to as Karmic Debt, is created by the conscious and unconscious thinking, speaking, and actions of the little self, and not the mind.


A mind is simply a store

How can a mind run up a debt? It can’t. A mind is simply a store. A Divine Store in My case. And something akin to a divine store in your little self’s case. But what is held in the store can be taken out of it. These elements of mind are not permanent, Tom. They are ever-lasting in that there is a record of them forever. But they are not an every-lasting store in the mind of a particular man. They go into what has been called, at times, the Akashic Record of Man- Humanity’s Record. But we won’t go down that trail here.

The point being made is that, in Automatic Writing, the practitioner of that phenomenon is using the elements of his own mind- his vocabulary and his particular interpretations of that vocabulary- when he takes messages from a Higher Plane. His vocabulary is subject to his personal interpretations and is not necessarily the interpretations of those who are speaking through him. Therefore those who are endeavouring to get their messages ‘down through’ him to a third party have three different areas of semantic difficulty to traverse. Firstly, their own interpretations of the words they wish to use, secondly, the interpretations of the medium, thirdly, the interpretations of the reader or target audience, if the medium is writing for people other than himself. So you can see the enormous capacity for error.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

This understood, the reader of what you have written here can be somewhat relieved to know that, in the first instance, there is no error. This is coming from My Illimitable Mind. The errors in interpretation are occurring in the limitations of your store of words, Tom, and your interpretation of them. Same will go for the same limitations of your readers. Two areas for error instead of three. So what is recorded here is not quite as far off the mark as it would be if, say, a spirit entity on an ‘Astral Level’ were communicating through you.

You’re wondering why I’m telling you this. What has this to do with those people you are wishing to impart the knowledge and techniques of Automatic Writing to?

The actual technique of Automatic Writing is very simple. You have to be able to read and write. You have to be willing to let yourself, your ego elements of the mind as well as your little self, ‘fall into the background,’ so to speak. You have to use certain elements of the mind, your vocabulary for example, whilst keeping the judgmental parts of your psyche ‘out of the way’ whilst the messages are coming through. Too much attention to what is being said can cause interference. A certain passivity is needed.

Yet the Automatic Writer needs also to be able to keep his ‘hand to the line,’ so to speak. It is a bit like an angler fishing with a hand-line. The angler must hold the line gently. He must be aware. He must have ‘the feel’ of the line. His attention must not be distracted by outside influences. In the case of the fisherman this might be the motion of the boat. In the case of the Automatic Writer it might be the sounds outside.


Once the practitioner has had a few successes he's on his way

Once the practitioner has had a few successes he is on his way.

It is the early sessions which cause the most consternation. The reason is that in the beginning there is so much skepticism, lack of confidence, which can result in an unwillingness to experience repeated failures. But if the writer persists; keeps on, success is assured. It is as you said in the first chapter of this book. If one person can do a thing, all persons have that capacity within them. Their believing this strongly enough is what will enable them to succeed.



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Conversion Tracking PixelsWe may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service.
Author Google AnalyticsThis is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. (Privacy Policy)
ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)