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Spiritual Answers From the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue 9

Updated on August 4, 2017

Beautiful flowers gladden the heart

Beutifual flowers are just one of Nature's ways of bringing us happiness - but we have to look.  We have to notice them.
Beutifual flowers are just one of Nature's ways of bringing us happiness - but we have to look. We have to notice them.

Chapter Nine

So now we know. We can choose to be whatever we want to be. More, we have already chosen and continue to choose that which we want to be. But we do so unconsciously. We are largely the unconscious ‘masters of our fate.’ If things go right we call it ‘good luck.’ If things don’t go so well, we call it ‘bad luck.’ If things go really badly for us we blame an ‘uncaring world’ and an ‘uncaring’ or even ‘hostile’ God. But the irony is our lives aren’t going wrong. They never go wrong. Everything is perfect.

There is no such thing as failure. Everything is perfect.

There is no such thing as failure. All there is is a result at variance with what we ‘consciously wanted.’ And, as it has been said by others, “How can we succeed -in our ‘way of thinking about success,’ i.e. consciously- “if there is no such thing as failure?” One cannot exist without the other. So, to reiterate: there is no such thing as failure. It is simply our personal way of looking at a result.

Our lives happen the way they do because of the ‘contents’ of our minds. These contents are thought-forms. They float in our minds. These forms include the subconscious’ contents, the ninety-percent of the ice-berg beneath the surface which is creating most of what is manifesting. And also those ‘segments of Universal Unconsciousness’ which contain a ‘preponderance of humanity’s thinking, which Jung labeled our ‘Collective Unconscious. We also draw to these thought-forms into our personal ambit.

All obstacles vanish from my path.  Opportunities open up for me, and I know my life's misson.
All obstacles vanish from my path. Opportunities open up for me, and I know my life's misson.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

We draw these thought-forms to us by our interests. We draw these to us by our habits of thinking. They come to us, whether we like it or not. Like iron filings to a magnet they come. By our involuntary attention, where little discriminative willpower is used, they approach slowly. By our deep and passionate desires they come more quickly. Any sort of attention to them sets them in motion. Strong emotion brings them racing.

Yes, it really does matter what we think about. It really does have importance. For that which we think about most comes most quickly into our lives.

Thought-forms which are already ‘things,’ eventually move us to words. Enough words, and we’re moved to action. And with action we create things, circumstances, conditions which were once simply... thought.


Everything is perfect.

Beautiful flowers, made by Something beyond our ken.   We call it Nature...or God.   It is all part of us, part of what we are.
Beautiful flowers, made by Something beyond our ken. We call it Nature...or God. It is all part of us, part of what we are.


Our remembered experiences are our truth

Our psychological ‘conditioning,’ is garnered from four areas: our personal remembered experience, our ‘personal unconscious,’ other people’s opinions, and that mysterious ‘Universal Unconscious’ (of which Humanity’s ‘Collective Unconscious’ is a part) This ‘conditioning’ provides so many of our commonly held beliefs. Its influence on us is enormous.

Our remembered experiences are our truth. The remaining three areas remain questionable. Are they Truth? Are they valid? Whether or not they are valid we don’t know. But so often we accept them as valid without examining them.


Would you believe that in some parts of the world these grow in such abundance they're regarded as weeds.  Weeds!
Would you believe that in some parts of the world these grow in such abundance they're regarded as weeds. Weeds!

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

These- possibly invalid- beliefs are what block us. These are our shroud. These commonly held beliefs are the ‘glass through which we see but darkly.’ Yet we can systematically remove that amorphous haze of ignorance. We can come to see more and more of ‘the light.’ Clarity can be gained.

Here is how we can do it:

At our present level of evolution the majority of us have chosen, up until now, to evolve unconsciously. In this way we have experienced our lives in an ‘illusion of separateness.’ We have believed that we are alone. We have believed we are individual centres of consciousness within a physical body. We have believed we are discrete entities unto ourselves. We have believed we come into existence and go out of existence. Born out of ‘nothingness’ to go into ‘nothingness.’

Many human beings still believe this.


Yes, everything is perfect.
Yes, everything is perfect.

What is causing our 'personal interpretation' of the world

But if we are to master our destiny, we need to a least have access to what is causing our ‘personal interpretation’ of the world- especially if we’re not happy with our lot.

How can we do this?

Nothing is closed to us. Anything that we are deeply, and genuinely, concerned about finding out about, we can find out about. We can find out in many ways. Meditation, especially silent meditation, where we take our consciousness into the depths of our being, is very beneficial. In silence, with the mind’s verbal chatter stilled, we are enabled to remember deep and meaningful truths about our lives.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Silence, as a daily habit, is most beneficial because those thought-forms are not receiving any augmented energy by our ‘interest.’ Silence, continued long enough, has those thought forms rising from within our unconscious into consciousness as physical sensations. These rise right into our centre of awareness and, if not ‘reacted to’ have nowhere to go. Under our impartial scrutiny they dissipate back into the dimensions from which they originally came. In effect, they disappear. We can purify our minds with silent observation. In this respect, silence definitely is ‘golden.’

More beautiful flowers to gladden your heart

Daily meditation is my first recommendation

We lay a spiritual-foundation by really wanting to find out about our True Self. Instead of pussy-footing about reading of other people’s experiences, we can experience for ourselves. And our personal experience is something we know as truth. It is our truth.

How can we attain to more of it?

Daily meditation is my first recommendation. Serious meditation appears to be mandatory, if one is to progress beyond the surface appearance of life.

Another way to find out about ourselves is, of course, Automatic Writing. If one man can do it, all can do it. So learn how to tap into this ‘Great Unconscious’ which, after all, is only a part of ourselves. Learn how to take down Automatic Writing. This, in my opinion, is an excellent way to get you in touch with your Highest Self- the part of you that knows, and is, God.


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

To change the subject just a little.

Over the years I have written a number of poem’s. They have ranged from light-hearted limericks to that which could have only come from something beyond the normal, day-to-day, thinking of the writer. In these latter cases, at times, I have simply had to sit down and record the words which have ‘dropped into’ my mind.

Here is one such example.


“I’m not body, nor ego’s mind,

No, I’m pure spirit, and I find

That inner joy is the real me,

So I will share this joy with thee.

“My love I bring to you and all,

A love that knocks down every wall

To bring a unity where we together

Will know that we do live forever.”

Every flower, every tree, everything is perfect.

In true poetry the words flow almost auotomatically

Here is another. Not a poem this one. But words which sprang up as I simply sat in passive state. If I’d consciously tried to write an essay like this it would have taken a lot of thinking, a lot of aforethought. Instead, the typewritten words just flowed...almost automatically.


I am he who cast the fire-hardened spear at the woolly mammoth. I am he who, with implements crude, turned the sod to plant the early grain. I rose at dawn and marched upon my enemy, carrying stone axe. Then later, with bronze, then iron sword, bow, musket, and auto-loading gun, brought ten thousand years of war.

I am he who rubbed sticks and struck flint to make fire; who built the mud-brick cottage; and took the skin of the wild beast to make his coat. Then, later, clad resplendent, laid woven cloak at Elizabeth’s Royal’s feet. Now, in pressured space-suit I cling to shining orb high above the earth which spawned my form.

I am he who gazed in awe; who slew the lamb; who implored the Sun-god to send rain. I am the singer of hymns, the prayer of prayers, the maker of the silent, mystic hour, the wonderer of “What is mind?” and “Who am I?”

From the dust of earth came I, filled with the breath of the all-seeing eye, the knower of all that is known. From sensation to self-awareness, from the swamp to the forest green, to the rustic hut to brazen metropolis I grew; to leap from ground to the sky, and from the sky to the stars. I grow... forever. For I am God’s creation- Humankind.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

When these sort of writings happen you sense, in your heart, that this is coming from something larger than what you normally regard as yourself. Yet it is from yourself that it comes- a higher part of you.

How do you know that it is a higher part of you?

It has to be a higher part, because we are all conjoined. We are all one.

There is none other. So if you can accept that there are no barriers except those that we arbitrarily build ourselves, both individually and as a race, we can have -indeed, do have- access to all that is.


Persistence, Patience, and Perseverence

My Higher Self has informed me that there are ‘provisions’ to that which we can and cannot receive. These are based on certain Natural Laws. It seems if we are to draw that which we want into our lives, we need to develop and exercise certain qualities. For example: Clarity about what we want. Persistence towards getting it. Patience. Perseverance Thought, word and deed. If we practice these, we cannot fail in our endeavours to bring into our lives that which we desire.

For those things we desire are already here. They are part of us because we are part of everything. Those things we might yearn for are already ours -albeit outside of our present parameters (our arbitrarily deemed parameters) But we can change these parameters. We can choose to include those things which are at present outside to come inside.

Be careful what you choose!


I love you too

Yes, and I love you too.
Yes, and I love you too.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

The way it has been put to me is that when something manifests into our reality it is apt to stay there for what we consider, in our earthly life terms, as ‘a long time.’

If you take a long, long while to achieve a specific objective it is likely that objective, when it becomes an ‘object’ (manifests) be it a skill, quality, or material thing, is likely to stay with you until you can supersede it with something else. An obsession can be obsessive. It can, seemingly, take over your whole life.

Don’t let that happen. Choose wisely!


Learn how to keep your thoughts from running your life

I have on the wall of my study, close by to my workstation, the following quotation I purloined it from Your Sacred Self, a book written by Doctor Wayne W Dyer. Dyer, was, apparently given this message by an famous Indian sage.

Learn how to keep your thoughts from running your life.”

I shall leave you, the reader, to interpret.



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  • Paradise7 profile image


    8 years ago from Upstate New York

    Oh, this is a terrific hub!! It digs right into what I've discovered with Noetics (the science of consciousness). This is terrific. I knew it intuitively: we make ourselves. We make our own destiny, with all the material and non-material interconnections provided to us.

    Our thoughts shape our worlds, our lives. We ARE what we think we are.

    You know it spiritually; I know it scientifically. Now, if only we could convince everyone else...


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