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Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue - 3

Updated on April 9, 2013
From the Ice-reinforced MV Nella Dan, approaching MacQuarie Island, October 1976.  To be my home-away-from home for the next twelve months
From the Ice-reinforced MV Nella Dan, approaching MacQuarie Island, October 1976. To be my home-away-from home for the next twelve months

Chapter Three of Divine Dialogue

Each of us have three vocabularies. Yes, three . We hold these three lists in our minds. The first, is a comprehension of the meaning of those words we have acquired through our reading . This is far and away the largest. Sometimes we might have picked up an incorrect meaning, an inaccurate understanding of a particular word. But, in general, we have assimilated into our minds thousands of word-meanings we pretty well understand. All of these words we will refer to here as our ‘Word-Recognition ’ Vocabulary.

Our writing vocabulary is far less imposing

The second vocabulary we possess is far less imposing. These are the words we use when we write. It matters not whether we are writing a letter to a business associate, or writing a novel, or keeping a diary. We have certain familiar words we utilize in the written form. For the sake of clarification, we shall refer to this list as our personal ‘Writing Vocabulary.’

The third vocabulary we use is made up of even fewer words. In some of us it is sparse indeed. This vocabulary we draw upon when we are involved in verbal discourse- talking. These are the words we say. And we generally don’t use many. When we are actually involved in conversation we use very, very few words when compared with the huge vocabulary available to us. Let me explain.


There is an enormous disparity between the words available to us and the words we use

The English Language contains over half a million words. We, if we are widely read, might have a Word- Recognition Vocabulary of 50,000 words or so, i.e. one tenth of that recorded in a dictionary. (It’s probably a lot less, in actuality, particularly if we’re still young) The words we use in our Written Vocabulary might run a to tenth of this again- say, 5,000. And the actual words we use in our conversations might be as little as 1000-1500.

This last, very much smaller number of words, we’ll call our ‘Spoken’ Vocabulary.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Now, the writer is well aware that there are huge disparities between people. Some few are extremely literate, very intelligent, exceptional memory’d folk, who are unusually apt at selecting precise words from both their written and spoken vocabularies. Others, can barely read (lets assume no one is completely illiterate here) hardly ever write, and who’s conversations run to not much more than, grunts and mumbles, interspersed with phrases such as “ Right on.” Cool, man.” “Yeah, I dig it.” But, the majority of us fall somewhere between these extremes.

Yes, dear reader, all of this does have a bearing in Automatic Writing, so lets talk about that.

Well, it's automatic typing actually...

I’ve been involved with Automatic Writing for over thirty years.

Well, Automatic Typing actually. I learned to ‘touch-type’ almost half a century ago. Unlike today, when such things can be learned by computer program on an electronic keyboard, I learned the ‘hard’ way: -on an enormous, manually-operated Remington Typewriter. This was at Flinders Naval Depot’s Communications School, in Victoria, Australia. HMAS Cerberus. I was eighteen. The typing instructor ensured that we kept our keyboards covered so we couldn’t peek. If we even attempted a glance, it brought a smack across the knuckles with a wooden ruler. So we young sailors learned quickly and we learned well.

But to return.

Spirit Guides

Over the three decades I’ve been taking Automatic Typing those ‘entities,’ ‘spirit guides,’ and others who have contacted me via this method, have done a lot of explaining about how it works. Or, more accurately, how they think it works. This, of course, has had to come through the ‘filter’ of my far from impure, and impartial thinking-mechanism- my mind.

One of these explanations has been that those on other dimensions are obliged to use my words, my vocabulary, and what is held in my mind-body by way of ‘word interpretation,’ in order that they can communicate through me, to me. To put it another way, they cannot use words which are not already registered or ‘lodged’ with me. Words unknown to me are not forthcoming.


No harbours at MacQuarie.  Getting the Army LARCs ready to launch.
No harbours at MacQuarie. Getting the Army LARCs ready to launch.

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

And this makes sense. For example, I have just picked up my battered old Oxford Concise Dictionary (1963 Edition) and opened it at random. My gaze falls upon the word: ‘Ghibelline.’ I haven’t a clue what that word means. So if it were to be presented to me via Automatic Writing it would be- to me- nonsensical. Same goes for ‘gewgaw.’ I read underneath that a gewgaw is ‘a gaudy plaything or ornament, bauble, paltry showy trifle.’ So the words that come through to me via Automatic Typing must at least fall within my ‘Word Recognition Vocabulary.’

And they do- mostly. Yet here is the strange part. Every now and again, in my conversations with my Higher Self (God) words come through which I do not know the meaning of. At least, do not consciously recognize the meaning of. It does not happen often. But when it does I am obliged to go to a dictionary and look such words up. Such words are not ‘totally unrecognizable’ as those two I used in the example above. But they are words that I do not use either in my written or spoken vocabularies and are, to my knowledge (conscious knowledge) not even part of my Word Recognition Vocabulary.

Needless to say, when this happens I am duly impressed that these messages are indeed coming from a source other than myself.

In automatic writing, our communicants can only use the words we have in our vocabulary. But that does include the ones we know but generally don't use.

There is also another aspect to all this. It is this: If the vocabularies held in our minds are being used by our ‘communicants’ to write or type, so, too, are our bodies.

Our physical bodies have to be used. How else could the ‘spirits’ write or type through us? We are not consciously picking out these words which are flowing from our pens, or being punched upon the paper in front of us. But someone or something is using our muscles to enable the phenomenon to take place.

So we have to get used to the idea that these ‘spiritual entities’ or whatever they are, have access to both our mind-material (our vocabularies) and our musculature (our hands)

All of this can become quite frightening if one does not have trust.

Across the 'Divide' like attracts like.

It can become even more than ‘just frightening’ if one does not take care from the very outset. We must ensure that we use this means of communication only for morally good purposes. Like attracts like, in the worlds of spirit.

It is quite natural for those who engage in Automatic Writing to suspect, from time to time, that these messages are coming from their own creative imagination. After all, so much of it pertains to things they already know. Most, in fact. But isn’t that the same in our conversations with anyone? When we talk to our friends at work, our families at home, to strangers in the street, we generally receive information about things we already have some familiarity with. So why should conversations with ‘spirits,’ and entities other than ourselves via Automatic Writing not contain, in the main, familiar material?

The Nella Dan carried three Army LARCs along with army crew for transporting expeditioners and supplies ashore
The Nella Dan carried three Army LARCs along with army crew for transporting expeditioners and supplies ashore

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

Yet, every now and again, something will come through via Automatic Typing which you do not already know about. Or certainly cannot remember knowing about. It is at these times that the heart gives a little jump and we say to ourselves. “Wow!” And our belief in the authenticity of our communications grows that much stronger.

Another aspect of receiving messages via Automatic Writing, which generally occurs quite early, is that you realize that an idea has been ‘instantaneously’ conveyed, i.e. the whole sentence’s meaning has been transferred to your mind, even before the words are actually written out through your hands. This is one reason I switched to the typewriter then, later, my computer keyboard. Typing is quicker. The messages which come through via automatic writing or typing can be very fast. As fast as you can write or type. For they are as fast as thought itself.

Automatic Writing can seem laborious in the beginning

This is unlikely to be the case at the beginning. When you first get into Automatic Writing it could well seem laborious and painfully slow. In my case it certainly was.

Another thing you are likely to notice is that the handwriting in which you ‘receive’ these messages from the ‘other side’ is quite different from you own. In my case it was distinctly different. It even sloped the other way.

All right. I am sure that by now the reader is impatiently asking. “When are we going to get down to actually learning the technique?” So in response to this assumed question I am going to say, “Not yet- but soon.”



You do not have to involve yourself with a group

First thing: Get yourself into a quiet room. No radio. No television. Take the phone off the hook if you have to. Switch off the pager. Be alone. Have privacy. Go solo!

Now I’ll reiterate that.

Do not involve yourself in some sort of ‘circle’ whilst actually practicing. If you are to do this you wont have absolute certainty that you are not being tricked or fooled by others in the group. So practice alone.

Second thing: No hocus-pocus. No need for muted lighting, or burning incense, or flute music. No need for any particular type of ceremony, religious or otherwise. Be natural.

Third thing: Ensure you have the necessary writing implements: a smooth-flowing fountain pen or biro which won’t unexpectedly run out of ink, a good-sized pad of writing paper. Sit in a chair at a desk or table, just as you would if you were writing a letter to a friend.


One of my colleagues, Ian McLaine, gazing south from Wireless Hill
One of my colleagues, Ian McLaine, gazing south from Wireless Hill

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

I didn’t necessarily practice what I am preaching here when I started out.

The alone bit, yes. The hocus pocus...well. I had the semi-darkened room (my lounge room after midnight with the family -then very young- all abed) But that’s about all.

And the third thing?

I didn’t use a pen, initially. Instead, I tried a very tiny, plastic cup, upturned on a glass-topped table. The idea of the glass was to allow the cup to slide easily.

And did I feel ridiculous. You can belief it. Here I was, a thirty-three year old radio operator, a guy who spoke to airline pilots over two-way radio, a so-called mature and sensible man, who supposedly had plenty of common sense and know-how, playing at ‘contacting ghosts or spirits.’

But it worked. The plastic cup did move! However, I won’t go into describing all of that here. I’ve already done so in another book I wrote way back in the mid 1970s called Ghost Guidance & Automatic Writing. I shall simply add that my use of the ‘upturned glass’ was superseded in a matter of a couple weeks or so by pen and paper.

Don't let the cynicism of friends deter you - keep it to yourself, unless you have someone who can help you.

I had but one confidant as far as my venture into Automatic Writing was concerned. That was my friend and workmate, Rex Bunn (Whose spirit has long ago ‘gone to God) Rex was the one who introduced me to the idea of ‘Spirit Communication.’ Up until that time I’d hardly even heard of it, let alone given it serious thought.

Rex and I had been sailors in the Royal Australian Navy in the 1950s, though our paths had not crossed during those years. We’d also both been radio operators.

In 1960 I’d joined the now defunct Department of Civil Aviation as a Communications Officer- later to become known as Flight Service. This job was to take me to Dubbo, in central NSW, to Madang, and Port Moresby in Papua-New Guinea, as well as Sydney Airport as an air-ground radio operator.

In 1966, back once more in Sydney, I made my acquaintance and eventually friendship with this man who was to make such an impact in my life. Rex did, in effect, bring about a whole range of changes to my ‘Philosophy of Life.’ He, and a few others, were to turn an ‘almost confirmed’ atheist (certainly an agnostic) into a believer in the ‘Afterlife.

But to get back to Automatic Writing.

How to go about it...

Find yourself that quiet, private room where you are not likely to be interrupted. Sit down at your desk or table with pen and pad. Ensure that you are feeling calm and collected and do not have other important things on your mind.

Now simply write the date and time at the top of that piece of paper.

Then write out a question. Of course, on the same piece of paper! Write it. The question you ask is entirely up to you. All that is being done here is you are ensuring that your side of the conversation is going to be recorded on that sheet of paper.

You might wonder about this last. Why? Why not just take down what is coming in, rather than record a two-way conversation?

MacQuarie's Base Camp on the isthmus, under snow in winter
MacQuarie's Base Camp on the isthmus, under snow in winter

Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

It is important to record both sides. Because as you progress you will have forgotten exactly what it was that was in ‘your mind’ at that particular time. You are not writing it so that that ‘entity’ or whatever it is on the ‘other side’ knows what you are wanting to know. That ‘entity or whatever’ can already read your mind, already knows your thoughts. You are doing this for yourself.

A typical question might be- and I know this sounds silly: “Is there anyone there?”

Write that down and then hold the pen very lightly with its nib or roller-ball on the paper. Wait for a response. Wait a while. Be very, very alert.

Do not try to influence the pen in any way. Certainly do not push it or move it.

It might also seem as though you are pushing it. Don’t worry about that. Don’t deliberately do it, of course.

Be patient. Be consistent. Watch your own mind talk: no negativity

Chances are nothing will happen. Be patient. Give it a further try. Try for maybe ten minutes to quarter of an hour. If no success- pack it in. But do not despair. Do not become frustrated. Just say to yourself something along the lines, “Well, it didn’t work that time.” Definitely do not get angry, impatient, or disparage the process by using language which could adversely influence future outcomes.

If you haven’t read Doctor Maxwell Maltz’s classic work Psycho-cybernetics,

I suggest you do. It will tell you far more eloquently than I can what I’m telling you here which is:

Don’t say to yourself. “This is ridiculous. This will never work.” Because if you do, that is exactly what is liable to result: - it never working. We consistently program our minds with our words, so do not ‘knock the process.’ Simply try again later. Undertake the practice a couple of times a day. It will eventually work. For many people, anyway. For, as I have said before: Automatic Writing is not an uncommon phenomenon. Lots of people can do it. You are very probably one of them- especially if you are patient during these early attempts.


The writer at forty-one and living on MacQuarie Island
The writer at forty-one and living on MacQuarie Island

Give it a chance...let it have time to work

The first response might be nothing more than the pen itself wavering its top to and fro. There might not be any writing. This might go on for a few minutes. If it does, let it. With me this happened. Then there was the tiniest of marks: a little half-circle drawn on the page; the circle no more than a quarter of an inch across. It seemed almost like a ‘slip of the pen’ caused by the weight of my hand. But I suspected it wasn’t.

The circles then began. The pen moved. Yet even at this stage my mind raced, rationalizing: “This has got to be me doing this unconsciously,” etc..


Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue

If that happens, just bear with it. But don’t go on too long. Fifteen minutes is plenty for the first few weeks. If things improve markedly, go a bit longer. Say, twenty minutes. Then, if improvement comes rapidly, thirty minutes. But I recommend that you do not practice when you are sleepy. Be alert. Be aware. If that awareness drops off, give the process away.

But I think I’ve said enough it this chapter.

Let’s see what my Higher Self has to say on this.


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  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Spiritual Answers from the Higher Self - A Divine Dialogue runs to an introduction and fourteen (14) chapters, Soumyasrajan, all of which are here on Hubpages. You'll find plenty of dialogue here.


  • profile image

    soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

    Hi! Tom

    Quite interesting. Enjoyed going through it. Just like difficulty of words with you, other side (higher spirit) also may have the same problem. They may not follow your words?

    Just curious to know. What are the dialogues you had with them?

  • profile image

    Tusitala Tom 7 years ago

    Thank you, Lady E. I've placed the first five chapters of the book on Hubpages, so you can follow along. It's my intention to keep putting further chapters on, subject to readers' interest.


  • Lady_E profile image

    Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

    Wow, this is interesting. First of all you are not alone in learning the hard way with a Type writer. I did too and as result touch type now without looking at the key board.

    On a more serious note - this is amazing and I would like to experiment with it. I'll try not to influence the pen as you warned. I will be referring to this Hub from time to time - so I better book mark it.



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