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Spiritual Answers on Infinite Intelligence

Updated on August 4, 2017

No, I'm not looking heavenward. Someone's bringing me a beer

The writer at forty-one.  At seventy-four my whiskers sprout in a much lighter hue - grey!
The writer at forty-one. At seventy-four my whiskers sprout in a much lighter hue - grey!

Our Highest Self is right here.

 Welcome to this very brief Hub: Spiritual Answers.   

It is written that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.   that is, It, or She, or He is everywhere and in every place at every moment.  This Intelligence is therefore in you and me right now.    That part of you, that part of me, this Intelligence that is in you and me I label our Highest Self.   It is the closest part of us to God.   Indeed, its quality is God.

Our Higher Self is the most sacred part of us

The fact that our Higher Self, the most sacred part of us, can work through our fingers as we write a beautiful poem, or a letter from the heart, means that our this higher part can work through our physical bodies. And if our highest part can work through our physical body it means this part of us can speak through our vocal cords.


Our H-Self needs our little self to take actions

But we have free will. We can let our egos reign - and generally we do.

So our Self with a capital H needs our little self - our ego self - to take actions which can willingly allow our Highest Self to be 'in accord.' And once we are aligned in this way, once we are 'in accordance,' we are operating from our God-given source. In those moments we are perfect.

Keep smiling


Hubpages rated the above as being of insufficient quality

Today I took a good look at my Hubpages Contents and found that this Hub was not only rated last out of 297 Hubs, it was rated as 'lacking in quality.' Lacking in quality! My Goodness! Here I am writing about probably the most important subject in the world: ourselves, and some electro-mechanical robot-like-thing is depicting that our very being is of little consequence. I had to do something about that.

So, what am I doing. I'm making it a bit longer with shear 'padding' and perhaps a few photos to see what will happen. I'm pretty sure I know what will. It will go up in rating. It will go up in rating even though the rest of this Hub might be nothing but pure waffle.

Anyway, here goes

Welcome aboard a completely 'off the cuff' response to the rating of the above Hub

Thought I'd better do something about it

So what can I write here which is pretty well 'all waffle.' Perhaps the first thing would be to say how I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I should continue on with my writings on Hubpages. I've been at it for getting on for four years now. I've put up nearly three hundred Hubs but still haven't reached that magic 100,000 hits. I'm getting close, but I'm not there yet.

Do you enjoy being in the Hubpages fraternity?

I hope you do.
I hope you do.

What brings people to Hubpages anyway?

Why do people post things on Hubpages, anyway? There is some talk - or rather writing - that people want to earn money from such a practice. Yet from the feedback I've been getting when reading the various forums and Q & A, virtually nobody does. Or what little that is earned is peanuts. In other words, just not worth the creative effort. Despite this hundreds of thousands of people do write for this site. So what is it that encourages them to do so?

Make no bones about it, Hubpages is a Social Media Site

I think it is that most of us love to see our our written work 'up there' in print, knowing that at least someone other than ourselves will read it. I'm one of those. I suspect there are many others like me. But it is more than that. It is the sheer love of writing that motivates us in the first place. We'd write, anyway. Now, with the Internet and Social sites such as this - and make no bones about it, Hubpages is a Social-media site, whether they admit to it or not. People often come to it just to look at the opinions others have posted on those Forums and the like - I know I do.

Sometimes I might bring up my Hubpages with no intention of placing a Hub. I do it just to see what is topical in the Questions section and then I jump in and answer some of those which interest me. I'm sure a lot of you - if anyone does get to read this low-rating (last rated out of 297) hub - do.

Do you feel this way about Hubpage traffic?

Little more off-the-top-of-my-head Waffle

Well, this Hub is expanding. It grows and continues to grow. Maybe it's about time I threw in a picture or three. Five appears to be an attractive number. Put in five or seven or nine. Make it an odd number. Odd numbers work better, it seems. So I will pluck a few pictures from my 'My Pics' and add them here. Then, tomorrow, or some other later date, I will go into the appropriate page and see how this particular Hub is doing.

Is it long enough now?

Have I padded out this Hub to sufficient length where the electronics which measure its worth will deem it worthy? Will have to wait and see. In the meantime I will fill out this last and final box, add a few more pictures and submit it to 'The Cloud.' You know, it just might take off...

Yep, people might actual read beyond the first part of what's on this Hub and realize that they, too, can write just about anything on Hubpages and still rate well provided they make the Hub long and put in plenty of pictures. Anyway,, there are readers out there aren't there? Let me know what you think in the Remarks column, eh?

Oh, I forgot to say that we've got a cattle station (ranch) in Australia bigger than Texas

That should arouse enough anger among the Texans at least to get a remark or two in the remarks column.  Or will it?   Good test on how effective these Hugs really are...
That should arouse enough anger among the Texans at least to get a remark or two in the remarks column. Or will it? Good test on how effective these Hugs really are...


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