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Spiritual Awakening & Ego Death

Updated on June 19, 2020
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Intuitive empath and tarot card reader who's passionate about spiritual ascension, self-growth and raising the collective consciousness.

Spiritual Awakening & Ego Death

A spiritual awakening is a holistic process which brings about great transformation and divine realizations about yourself and your life.

It's meant to shake things up and open your mind to a new state of awareness about yourself and your place in this world. An awakening is for the self. It helps to facilitate growth and transcendence to a higher state of being. It really does feel as though you are finally waking up and seeing things with a more clear vision of the truth of your reality and reality in general.

An awakening is like an epiphany on a grand scale that completely alters the course of your life.

It burns away that which no longer serves you as what it leaves behind is a more authentic version of yourself. It really is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. An old version of you dies (ego) and a new version of you is born. It's kind of like getting an upgraded model of yourself. Now with all the bells and whistles and latest fashion trends.

Each time you experience significant growth or learn a significant lesson in your life, you will experience a type of awakening.

Spiritual awakening doesn't just happen once in your life. Once you get on this train, there's no getting off. Once your eyes have been opened, they can't be closed. You will experience many more awakenings in your life and each one will bring you higher and higher to your most natural and authentic self. Not all of them will be as intense as your first most likely. It will feel closer to a maturing that comes with age and experience. Like a fine wine.

The old version of you that dies off during an awakening is known as your "ego"

As I'm sure you've heard the term many times before. Contrary to what some people think, an ego is not bad it is simply part of your personality that is now outdated. You will obtain a new ego through the new version of yourself but this ego will be more authentic to you as well. The problem with ego comes when we act from our ego instead of from our soul.

An egos purpose is to keep us human.

It serves as a defense and protection mechanism in order to keep us tied to reality. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but we are human right now. So we need to stay grounded in this reality in order to survive. Sometimes an ego will come with self-soothing or protection techniques we developed as children or teenagers. If you're an adult still using the same techniques you used as a five year old to protect yourself, it's most likely not going to work for you anymore.

So when you experience an awakening, these parts of your ego will die.

This leaves room for you to develop better, more mature and authentic techniques and morals to live by. Your values will change as well which means that you'll be putting your time and energy into wanting different things for yourself than you did before. Old fears, limiting beliefs and outdated perspectives will die away as well. This is essentially what an ego death looks like at its most basic level.

These things die so new things can be born within you.

New seeds planted which give way to new plants being grown. If you don't grow, you stay stuck in the same cycles you've been in. The growth or transformation aspect about spiritual awakening is not incredibly pleasant or comfortable. And that's actually the point. It's not supposed to be comfortable. Parts of awakening are beautiful, but a lot of it, especially in the beginning, will most likely be painful and even scary.

The best thing to do is surrender to the awakening and let it take what it needs to take.

The time after is when you will start to discover hidden parts of yourself that you either forgot about or were unaware of. Secret, buried talents and passions that were hidden before now will be revealed. It's like being given a key to unlock all the divine, ancient wisdom stored within you. This, is the most beautiful part of awakening.

The part where you reinvent yourself and start a new life journey.

So, have you experienced an awakening?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tara Reynolds


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