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Spiritual Communication Exercises

Updated on November 5, 2019

As with anything else in life, spiritual communication is something that you have to work at to get better and make it come more naturally. Think of it as any other sense or muscle in your body; you have to stretch it and push yourself through exercises in order to strengthen your ability. Luckily, there are ways that you can do that.

Discouragement and fear are probably the two biggest and heaviest obstacles when it comes to spiritual communication. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and decide it give up. It’s also easy to let superstition or bad experiences scare you away from it. This is especially important when it comes to the process or ritual that you go through before diving into any type of spiritual communication. If you start out on the wrong foot by thinking that you’re going to fail, or letting fear cloud your mind, then chances are things won’t go the way that you want them to. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic or open you are to approaching it. Even subconsciously wondering whether or not you’re ready or you really want to do this could impede on your attempts. You can sense this sometimes when you first start to feel a difference around you. The most common time to notice the sensation is when you consciously realize that you feel “alien” energies around you. You have to trust in yourself and the spirit energy in order to succeed. Fortunately, spirits seem to be pretty understanding when it comes to newcomers fumbling through their first few attempts, so don’t worry about it if you do find yourself in a situation where you’re anxious, nervous, or you make a mistake. Spirits are generally willing to work with the living in order to gradually become acquainted well enough to ease the tension and stress through time.

As you become more familiar with the process and feelings attached with spiritual communication, you will find that it comes more naturally. You will gain confidence, and it will become easier. However, this process can take quite some time, so you have to be prepared and willing to stick it through. There may be times when it feels like you just aren’t cut out for spiritual communication, but you have to push through that. Allowing that discouragement to creep up and overwhelm you is toxic to your growth. If you can’t move forward on your own, you can always sit down and talk to another spiritual medium of some kind to look for advice. Sometimes even sharing your fears and disappointment with a friend can help renew your strength and determination.

It is also important to remember that different types of spiritual communication feel different too. If you’re familiar with one type of spiritual communication (we’ll say clairaudience) and then try another (trance mediumship), it might not feel the same. Still, you should be at least vaguely aware of whether or not you’re succeeding. This is important to remember because it tells you that sometimes, you need to focus on different parts of yourself in order to get the full benefit of your session. Some people report feeling as though the spiritual energies make contact through their body, while others feel as though the contact is coming from just outside of it. Make sure to shift your focus and become aware of both, especially when trying new types of spiritual communication.

It has been discovered that theta brain waves are a big component in psychic experiences. Scientists that have explored the world of spiritual communication have tested many different mediums; including spirit communication, out of body experiences, precognition, and other mediums. It has also been discovered that theta waves are created during what is called the hypnogogic state. The hypnogogic state is that place in between being awake and being asleep. It’s important to note that a person that has entered the hypnogogic state is fully capable of recognizing it. During this state, you are more vulnerable to spiritual communication. It’s scientifically proven. Just like it’s scientifically proven that there are a variety of health benefits that can be earned through the creation of theta waves.
The hypnogogic state is a useful tool for those that are looking to cultivate their creativity.

You can use the following exercises to learn how to better control your hypnogogic state. You’ll start out completely relaxed, laying down with your eyes closed. Gradually, you’ll work on sitting upright and learn how to enter that state of mind with your eyes open.


Your mental state is something that you should take into account as you're falling asleep each night. If you are to discover that your mind is wandering more than usual and you can are able to see dream-like images in your mind's eye, this is an indication that you are indeed in a hypnogogic state. Monitor yourself at whatever time it is that you go to sleep go to rest and figure out how to recognize when you're in or going into a hypnogogic state.

These hypnogogic encounters are more or less the same to what numerous mediums encounter while speaking with spirits. Should you have done this exercise before, you can now have a feel of what it is like to make contact with spirits. This type of experience is not mysterious it is not really all that extraordinary, nor does it require any kind of special, supernatural ability. This exercise allows for you work on recognizing the small mental impressions that happen while making contact with spirits. it will help you figure out how to do mediumship despite the fact that there may be no spirits attempting to make contact with you while you are practicing it.


The purpose of the first exercise is to provide you with a basis of what you will encounter when you are corresponding with spirits so you will have the ability to recognize when a spirit is attempting to make contact with you. To most people, exercise 1A is more realistic on the grounds that you are passive, the encounters appear to happen spontaneously and you simply watch them. However in the event that you experience difficulty observing the hypnogogic state, fear not; there is an alternate approach to that will yield the same results.
Visions and words are regularly (however not always) conveyed by spirits subjectively in and of the fact that you encounter them in your psyche. To get a thought of what this is similar to:

• Imagine something in your mind's eye. It could be an individual or an object. Focus for a couple of seconds on this image. This is frequently the way a spirit reveals to you something - it shows up in your mind's eye.
• Say a word or two to yourself. This is very much like what you will encounter when a spirit provides for you a word or two in the midst of a correspondence.

Smells and physical feelings are more often than not objective. At the point when a spirit imparts a scent or physical sensation, it is frequently experienced precisely the same as when it is truly happening.

• Smell a flower. This is something that it is similar to when a spirit imparts a smell to you.
• Whenever you feel a sensation in your body, recognize it. This is regularly spirit to when a spirit needs to identify a part of the body. Oftentimes a soul will do this to demonstrate what some piece of their body was diseased and resulted in their death.

Relaxation Techniques

There are those that have been subconsciously trained (usually in childhood) to fear spirits or the act of communicating with them. This can happen if you’ve been taught that spirits don’t exist, and there are cases of this being so strong that your subconscious will completely block out all forms of spiritual communication. This usually isn’t a problem when it comes to finding answers, because in these cases your subconscious will pick up the slack and help guide you to the answers that you seek. However, not all spiritual communication has the singular goal of finding solutions to problems. (It’s also noteworthy that in cases of the subconscious taking over, it will sometimes hand you the answers that you want to hear instead of the truth) It is only when you are free of these mental blocks that you are able to communicate with your Higher Self and open yourself up to becoming a medium for spiritual communication.
Keeping in mind that the end goal is to speak with spirits when you need to, it is helpful to have the ability to enter the hypnogogic state at your own will and not just when you're about to fall asleep. These relaxations techniques have been created to help you figure out how to do so easily.

Attempt a variety of relaxation techniques and see which ones are the best for you as a means of enabling you to get into the hypnogogic state freely. Because everyone is different, the relaxation techniques that are the most helpful to them are different as well. More often than not, a mixture of relaxation techniques will prove to be the most effective.



  • Yoga, or different stretches that will help you prepare for different sorts of relaxation activities.
  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation.


  • Hypnotic Induction (mentally unwinding the various parts of your body as opposed to or in addition to doing so physically).
  • Autogenic preparation.

Breathing activities: Unwind the respiratory system. Inhale delicately, center your attention on your breathing, perhaps synchronize your breathing with a number of heart beats of your choosing.

Chakra meditation: Center your attention on every chakra, recognize any sensation around there, imagine the various colors of every chakra.
Visualization: Visualizing colors, or a made up location that is pleasing to you can profoundly relax the mind and place you into a dream-like mental state. It also develops a sort of brain wave that has have been related to various psychic experiences.


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