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Spiritual Conversations

Updated on February 26, 2011

Exploring The Afterlife

From the time I was old enough to toddle around I wondered when I could go home. To my real home. I settled in for the long haul at some point but I've always had it in my star chart to cast my eyes in the direction of death. I can't remember when I didn't feel as if I were just putting in my time here.

You need people like me as we remind you of the other side of life. You need to know how you create your own afterlife circumstance. You need to make it the very best circumstance you can, and that is done while in physical. Yes, you can determine your afterlife right here and now as you don't want to die and wander around wondering where you are and wait for someone to show you the way.

You want to just gravitate to your natural place with family and loved ones who await your arrival. Don't get stuck in the shadowy lands where sorrow is your constant shadow.

Most people are met by friends or family upon transition. Perhaps a favorite aunt would show you around once you pass on. How you have treated your neighbor and your mates determines your afterlife station and level of happiness on the other side. If you owe somebody something, the shadow lands is where the debt will get paid. Best to pay it back when physical then.

Let me tell you about what used to be called Summerland. I will include some quotes from the little book Profit & Loss of Dying.

Our Afterlife is also our Beforelife. It is vastly different because it is not a dense physical place although we can morph ourselves into youthful stance of form and figure and appear as solid to the touch as we do now, we can shift to invisible with a mere thought.
Once on the other side you have shift mental gears. You may still think in terms of a 3 dimensional world and those thought processes. Once you get through the Valley of the Shadow you will begin to think in terms of the Summerland, where just as implied, it's always summer.

There are vibratory belts of negation surrounding the earth, and these belts used to be called hell regions. In this day and age we begin to think not in terms of hell, but of the struggling soul that is evolving and learning to treat others right so they themselves can advance. We are the family of mankind.

Some must learn this however, in life after life. Every person lives in a world of their own creation. Your true body is your energy body. Your emotional body is your energy body. Your thoughts create your emotional body.

Your presence is also your energy body and can be felt by the intuitive. Your presence is your aura, full of colorful thoughts and personal characteristics.
This energy body which is the aura is what you will reside in when you die. When and if you are reborn, this energy body will enter a new flesh body for a new life, with or without memory of the former life.

When a loved one dies here the vibration of your grief can hold them back from experiencing their good. Grief is like a fetter to them. It binds them to you as they try to relieve your suffering for them. Therefore when thinking of those passed on always send them love energy so that they may advance unto their stations.

Clyde, the author of Profit & Loss of Dying tells us there is no punishment, nor is there salvation on the other side, and so the description of the book as "religious" is quite unsatisfactory. It is true, there is no traditional judgment day on the other side, but there's a heck of a lot of self reflection in the life review.

Your life review ideally, should be done while still alive, so you can save yourself some possible troubles and not get lost in the first level after leaving the body.
Clyde continues that an individual rectifies their own errors and therefore they save themselves. The first sphere he continues, is inhabited by those who have given free reign to the animal passions of their lives in the physical body.
The human body is a great deal like unto the body of an animal, with those self same appetites such as related to physical survival, like hunger, sex, temperature control, etc.
We are here to rise above those appetites into spiritual realms. The nearest we can come to describing the inner spheres of the Afterlife stations, is to see it as a web: the outer web is connected to the inner web. These levels interpenetrate one another like gases as there is no definite landmarks to give forth of.

When you pray, or when you make intentional plans to Source, act as if it's a done deal and you may have your wishes unfold. Be careful that you truly want what you invoke for, or pray for. It is wise to ask always for the highest good to occur, which means you may forfeit what you think you want, but the highest good will occur and you will be glad of it later.

Clyde says: it is the basic nature of man to give love.
Nevertheless, being an integral part of Infinite Love, man cannot permanently change himself into something unlike that which gave him an individualized identity.
He continues to say a drop of sea water is not the ocean but has the attributes of the ocean. You have the attributes of omniscience and omnipotence. Your nature is that of divinity. Practicing the very consciousness (awareness) of that divinity will pave the way for a much more pleasant transition, except for the inevitable regret at the parting with loved ones, yet be assured it is only a temporary parting. It is time to see death as a natural rebirth process into our beginning points.
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