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Spiritual Awakenings: How to Spiritual Detox

Updated on April 22, 2017

Why Spiritual Detox?

Spiritual detox is important. In fact, if we get weighed down with unhealthy issues in our spirit or soul, it can directly affect our physical well being. The only way we have found spiritual detox to be effective, is by studying The Word of God,The Bible. God is Spirit so in order for a spiritual detox to work, is by The Holy Spirits help and guidance. So, let's talk about a few ways to accomplish detoxing spiritually.

spiritual de·tox



noun: detox; plural noun: detoxes



a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the soul of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.


verb: detox; 3rd person present: detoxes; past tense: detoxed; past participle: detoxed; gerund or present participle: detoxing



abstain from or rid the soul of toxic or unhealthy substances.

Where Do I Start?

When detoxing, we first identify what kind of toxin we are wanting to get rid of. Here are a few examples: a toxic relationship, toxic words or toxic speaking, toxic thinking, toxic sounds or images, toxic actions, toxic attitudes and/or toxic addictions. Start with the main, recognizable toxin. Then break down to characteristics caused by the toxin.

One of the processes of detoxing is to replace or put something healthy in the toxins place. A rule of thumb is if you take away something toxic, replace with something good.Look up the opposite to the toxin like, right relationship, speaking in love, right thoughts, looking at and listening to wholesome images, right actions (Proverbs), good attitudes, and ways others have overcome addiction.

Next is prayer and meditation. Ask Jesus Christ to help identify spiritual toxins, and listen as well. We were given one mouth to talk, but two ears to listen. When we ask for help and listen for solutions, He will help us.The best place we have found solutions is studying The Word of God. The Word teaches us about every toxin and solution. Don't be afraid to be specific.

Now it starts.

Spiritual Detox Example: Anxiety

Anxiety may be a cause of all kinds of toxins both physically and spiritually. Anxiety also may be the toxin that is causing a relationship to become toxic. But, there is hope. Let's start with anxiety for now. Look up, in The Bible, anxiety. The dictionary/concordance puts them all together. Also look up anxiety definitions, antonyms, and synonyms. Then search some of those. Some may relate more to what type of anger or reveal hidden types.

As The Holy Spirit reveals these things with maybe a stirring in our spirit, pray. Speak to Jesus Christ honestly. Ask Him to forgive the anxiety in your spirit, and ask for help to endure. He doesn't make us aware of these toxins without giving solutions. Ask Him to replace anxiety with things opposite like, kindness, faith, trust, gentleness, self control, patience, and love.

The spiritual detox may take time, but continue to keep up the good fight and you will see results.

Spiritual Detox Key: Worship & Healing

Prayer for Spiritual Detox

Set aside a private place to pray for spiritual detoxing. In the presence of Jesus Christ, removed from distractions, we are able to focus on Him better, and open for the toxic places in our spirit to become visible.

We ask Jesus to spiritually detox us. In reality, there are probably many toxic places within us. Take everything one aim at a time. He will let us know of any hidden toxins. We ask Jesus to come in, lead us in prayer for spiritual detox. We ask Jesus what He says, to and about, this toxic part of us. He may ask, "Do you want to be cleansed?" He is pulling this place in our spirit, out from the deception of the toxins, He is bringing our spirits into the place of detox.We all have had these toxins in our spirits. We deny them. Or turn to something or someone toxic. If we have, Jesus will let us know as we pray. As He does, we confess our sins or toxins, renounce them and ask him to detoxify or cleanse us.

Jesus Christ, I come to you now, and I ask you to be with me. I give myself to You. I give my spirit to you, including the toxins in me. I accept your sovereignty over my heart and spirit, you gave me a spirit and you can redeem me.Jesus Christ, I invite you into this toxic area within me. I give you complete access to my spirit and heart.Lord Jesus Christ, let Your love shine in my spirit. Jesus Christ, come and lead me in this spiritual detox. Jesus, forgive me for the ways I’ve mishandled my spiritual life .You alone can cleanse me. Cleanse my spirit of every toxicity by Your blood. Heal my toxic spirit and cleanse me, I welcome this spiritual detox.

In Jesus Christs Name, Amen.

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