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Personal spiritual dreams

Updated on July 27, 2020

Jesus Christ and his angels

Most of the Christian religions believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is really the son of God, therefore he is also god and spiritually he has got to look after the entire world. Jesus Christ is also the most powerful benevolent spirit of the universe.
Most of the Christian religions believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is really the son of God, therefore he is also god and spiritually he has got to look after the entire world. Jesus Christ is also the most powerful benevolent spirit of the universe. | Source

Talking about God angels and other dreams

Welcome to our article (9), personal spiritual dreams

May God guide and help to write this article?

Dear readers, in our previous articles we have talked about the dreams that we dream, which we believe are linked to our religious dreams of God, angels and spiritual dreams. Anyhow, we believe that what we are writings, can sound different from the ways that we hear religions being preached, so, we want to repeat this explanation.

So, we are saying, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that one day, religions will not fight each other anymore, Reconciliation of the Universe is going to be the theory that can achieve that. Now let me explain what we are doing and then write about our cosmic spiritual dreams.


Spiritual dreams may belong to the cosmic dimension

The ancient people seem to believe that angels are from the spiritual world, and therefore the world of the dead. Today we may think that angels belong also to the cosmic dimension surrounding us, so, they may be able to come into our dreams as well.
The ancient people seem to believe that angels are from the spiritual world, and therefore the world of the dead. Today we may think that angels belong also to the cosmic dimension surrounding us, so, they may be able to come into our dreams as well.

What we are doing and cosmic dreams

Now, in this article, after explaining what we are doing, we are going to talk about my spiritual dreams. I must say that I believe in a futuristic religious way, which can be built from existing religions, this is one of the reasons why I am writing these articles. Now, if what I say does not make sense to you, it is because those things that I am writing here are new.

Anyhow, I am going to publish some spiritual dreams that I have dreamt during my life, I believe, that these dreams are saying something to me, and therefore, I must do something about them. So, I am writing these spiritual dreams, because I believe that they have a spiritual meaning, since they have reinforced my beliefs that I must write about religions.

Anyhow, during the time that I have been writing my religious articles, I have had many deep soul-searching feelings going through my mind, therefore, I have written some of those feelings that I had during that time; because I believe that there is a link between; my religious beliefs, day-dreaming and the dreams that we dream at night. Because they happen within our minds. Now, let me write about my thoughts, about love, about daydreams, and the mystery of life.


And I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,

And one cannot exist without the other.

Therefore, if life cannot exist without love,

Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.

Dear readers, what I am writing here is one of my daydreams, I want to tell you this, since it has happened to me. I have to say that, during the younger part of my life, I have heard many times that people can fall in love deeply, and this deep feeling of love can change the way they believe and behave; but I did not believe it, until the day that it happened to me.

So, let me tell you, how I did fall in love for a woman and how the love for this woman changed me. Of course, I guess that this must have been my destiny, because I have reason to believe that through this emotional woman's love; God did set me up, in such a way that I had to go back to God and serve him.

Anyhow, I believe that God is love, and God can be described in a parallel way with my love feelings, since they can be the same thing. So, the description of God will go like this:

And I feel that God is life, and life is God Himself.

And therefore, one cannot exist without the other.

So, if we believe in life, we must believe in God.

And if we don't believe in God, we may as well be dead.


What I have written above, is the way that most of us will feel when they fall in love.

So, let me talk about my love feelings, because they have changed me psychologically; since the love for this woman became like religious beliefs, and I did feel within myself this incredible experience, because I felt that deep within my soul, that the love for this woman and the love for God runs in a parallel way. Therefore, I believe that God uses the natural forces that exist within us and the universe to guide us wherever he wants. So, today I can say that God has made me dream the impossible love dream, therefore, now I must try to reach the unreachable stars. The unreachable stars being these religious writing that I am writing here, because of this driving force within me that pushes me to do it. Since it has affected my way of life and my ways of thinking, especially when I think about my religious beliefs, and my spiritual dreams.

Now I can go back to talk about dream number 2, and then, continue with other spiritual religious dreams and my explanation of these dreams, about how I see these religious dreams and how they connect with my religious beliefs.


This is the pagan god of wisdom

In my dream I became like a saint or like the ancient god of wisdom, and I could float through the air and stop here and there to council some people that needed counseling, and they were happy to accept my counseling.
In my dream I became like a saint or like the ancient god of wisdom, and I could float through the air and stop here and there to council some people that needed counseling, and they were happy to accept my counseling.

Religious dream number 2

Dear readers, let me tell you my religious dream number 2

This dream is a special short dream. I have dreamed this dream near the end of a long and strange dream, which is not worth to write about it. Anyhow, this long dream towards the end changes and becomes more intense. So, in the dream there I was struggling with the adversity of life; for me struggling in my dreams happens often, but this time it has a special meaning. I have written this dream to record my religious dreams, it occurred about seven years after my first religious dream, The most important dream of my life. It is a special dream because; when I woke up, I felt that I had dreamed a deep dream, and that I had reached God’s spiritual life-force.

This dream is connected to the first dream because, during my dream I felt that, I was invoking God to give me some strength or power, so, I could overcome the awkward situation that I was in, and in doing so, at the end of the dream I received that extra power.

Anyhow, in this dream, I seem to be standing somewhere, with people that I know in real life, but I was poorly dressed. I was, so poorly dressed that my clothes were worn out rags, for that reason, I was feeling ashamed of myself. Therefore, I was praying God to help me, and although my prayer was a very strange and simple prayer, I was praying to God Almighty with great faith, since faith was-and-is the only way possible to reach out to God. And these are the phrases that I was praying God with, as they were stuck in my mind when I woke up:

Dress me as you like…….

Tell me what to do!.......

And I shall obey and do it!

And after praying thus, I seemed to have received some super powers, even my clothes grew up from within themselves, and I became able to float through the air standing up, and while I was floating thus, here and there I would stop to talk and council people, and they would listen to me and accept my advice happily, because I was important and knowledgeable person to them. The dream then, slowly fades away and I wake up, and I started reflecting about my dream. Because I thought that this was an important dream to remember.


The Virgin Mary and Jesus

The Virgin Marry, is the most important person after God and Jesus Christ, so most people pray her for help.
The Virgin Marry, is the most important person after God and Jesus Christ, so most people pray her for help.
There was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down at me and winked benevolently. The head was like this photo but above my head in a clear sky.
There was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down at me and winked benevolently. The head was like this photo but above my head in a clear sky.

Spiritual dreams number 3 and 4

Dreams number 3 and 4 are together, because they are connected.

Dream number 3: In this dream, I am going around in unknown places, some are good, and some are not so good. At one stage of my dream I feel I was in danger, because some evil force or people are after me. So, while I am running away from this danger, I try to find some safety by knocking at a door, the door opens, and an old Lady lets me in, I felt safe in there, because there were many wise mature people inside, I wanted to thank the Lady for letting me in: But they all seem to smile back at me, as if I knew only half what was going on. So, I started looking around to find the reason, and there I see my mother beside me in company with the old Lady: So, I could not help to ask; (as I was aware in the dream that my mother had passed away a few months before) So, I asked my mother: (in my own native language, which translated in English is) Who sends you here to help me? Is it Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary?

This dream ends here, and I wake up.

Dream number 4: I had one more dream soon after this dream that I have written above, that is after a couple of nights or there about: and here again I feel that I am in danger from these evil people that are after me, it is because they think that I have in my possession something that’s important to them, I don’t know what this something is, but they are all after me anyhow. They are catching up with me, and I feel that I could not escape from them anymore, so, I knew that I was in grave danger, because they were the evil ones. So, in my despair I turned to heaven and prayed God to help me.

There was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down upon me, and winged at me benevolently, a large and well-defined head formed in the sky like a portrait, and this head seemed to fill up most of the sky. At the sight of this God send head figure the evil ones were frozen with fear and did not move a single step to grab me. So, they all stopped in a corner frightened from this head figure that had appeared in the sky.

(Today I believe that this head figure in my dream is our lord Jesus Christ, as we know in religions there is no one more powerful than Jesus Christ that protects people from the evil forces, so, it must be Jesus.)

At the same time, I became aware that, what the evil ones wanted from me did not belong to them or to me, but it was something that had to be divided into three parts, and one part of this belonged to mother, but who was mother, I don’t know.

After that, when I woke up in the morning, this dream became important to me, because in the morning I found a red spot on my forehead between my eyes, it was small, but it was like one of those religious people from India make on themselves, when they dress up for religious events.

So, my question is now: Did I in my dream really call on this heavenly force? And the heavenly force came to help me, and then left a sign on my forehead to let me know who that heavenly force was, and that I should remember the meaning of this dream that I had dreamed.


God drops a white robe over me

Spiritual dream number 5

This is another God sent dream, which comes on a date that for me is easy to remember. Since this dream is like “The most important dream of my life” that I dreamed on my daughter birthday, this dream comes on my son birthday. Because of this coincidence I believe that there is a spiritual force that can target us at will. Anyhow, let us talk about this God send dream, where God drops a white robe over me.

After dreaming a long dream about a strange place and strange happenings, at a certain stage of my dream, I start feeling that I am in danger. What happened next is strange, but then all dreams are strange, because while I am running away from this danger, I start jumping things, I start jumping small things first, and then bigger and bigger ones, in fact, I start jumping on roofs of small buildings, and then from one small building to another, but the danger seemed to be following me all the time. I start feeling that I may not be able to jump from roof to roof, as the roofs got higher and farther apart: But I had to keep going because on the ground below me things were very hot, so hot that everything was frying, looking from the top of the roofs where I was, I could see dogs’ bodies that looked like roasted pork on the pavement, as all the ground seemed to burn but there was no flame. So, I kept jumping from roof to roof, until I reached a very large building much larger than all the others, and I knew that this building was safe. But I had to get into this building fast, before the heat would reach me, and as I am on the roof of the building next to it, and there was a large window at my level, I had to try to get in through the window, but the window was closed and I was worried that I could not get in; somehow I approach the window, and while I am looking for a way to open the window, and worrying that I might not be able to open the window, I touched the large window pane while I was saying to myself; O my God I will never be able to open this window: But no sooner the window felt my touch it recognized that I was a person that should be let in, and it opened inward immediately, I got in and falling on my knees I started to pray to God who had just saved me, as in my mind there was no other way, but it had to be God who had made the window open for me.

So, while I am praying God on my knees thus, I looked around and saw a very large man, and I knew that this man was God; He looked at me with a benevolent smile and dropped a white robe over me. I felt very pleased that God had dropped this white robe over me, even though, I don’t know what it might mean.

Here my dream starts to fade away.

Religious dream number 6

Dream number 6

Another dream that could mean something in the future. Again here I am running away from danger, but I don’t know from whom, in the end I am standing on a boundary wall, and by looking down I can see a group of soldiers standing within the precinct, I believe that these soldiers want to capture me, one of these soldiers that I see is a friend of mine, so, I try to catch his attention, and when I did, I tried to talk to him by just looking at him and not saying a word, but just thinking what I wanted to say to him, he seemed to understand everything that I wanted to communicate. So, he communicated it to his commander, who then looks at me, and we communicate in the same manner. And all is solved by this strange way of communication.

Now, I have been asking myself, is this dream a futuristic dream and if this dream is futuristic: Does this dream mean that one day some people will be able to communicate in a telepathic manner.

Here I will stop talking about my many spiritual dreams and go back to talk about the first dream.

Since the day that I dreamed, the most important dream of my life, I have been thinking what my religious dreams means to me, and I have concluded that these dreams have many meanings, some of these meanings I am trying to explain here-under.


Meaning of my spiritual dream/s

(1) My dream “The most important dream of my life” can mean that I am a lucky fellow, because I have seen God in my dreams, and to dream about God, is the greatest dream that we can have.

(2) My dream may mean that my subconscious was worried at that time, and led me to dream about God, because I had to find a way, how to stop my fear of dying suffocated at night. Because when I got sick, I felt as if there was an evil spirit that wanted to suffocate me. So, to find my courage and fight back, with my scared inner thoughts, my subconscious had to find a way out, and dreaming about God touching me, this would give me protection from God.

(3) My dream may mean that; really there was an evil spirit that wanted to harm me that night, and because in God’s straight ways it should not have happened; God came into my dream and touched me to set things running the way that they should have been running.

(4) My dream may mean that I had to go through extreme pains in the future, and to survive extreme pains we need to believe in the highest hope, and God being the highest hope possible came into my dream, as if He wanted to say, believe in me and I will help you overcome your pains, because I am your Father and I am your friend.

(5) My dream may mean the forecast of the hard life ahead of me, since there is a saying that says; only him and God knows how hard his life is! And this saying applies to me perfectly.

(6) My dream may mean anyone of these suppositions above. But I must stop thinking about what my dream means, and I must think about what this dream has done to me.

I want to tell you that to dream about God is a very important dream, and such a dream has the capacity to even change many things in the life of the dreamer.

For a start, I am a believer, and the more I think about my dream the more I believe in God, even if this God that I am believing in, is different from the God that we are supposed to believe in. Therefore, because of my dream I believe in God, and I believe in the Afterlife. This is the reason why this dream is changing my life, and I am writing these religious writings.

Therefore, now because of my dreams about God, I am a real believer, so, I am praying God and I have written a list of prayers, which I pray to God at least one of these prayers every day. There are lots prayers in my articles, which may change a bit from time to time according to the needs of the day.

There are a few more spiritual dreams that I could tell you, but I am not going to. But I am asking myself, after all these God sent dreams that I have dreamed and written; do I have gained enough insights to write God's religious things? I hope I have, because I am writing them.

I must stop now, because this article is too long. So, see you in my next article, God exists because life exists.

May God bless us all.



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    • profile image

      yousuf gabriel 

      8 years ago

      Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel’s mission is a great truth

      I neither need any support of divine sanction, nor any declaration to that effect, for my mission is based on the facts of knowledge and science. But judging from the present situation of a world engrossed in the philosophy of materialism and blinded by the greed and necessity, I deem myself as failing in my mission in case I assume reticence on the point of the divine sanction of my mission. I will be brief and utter to truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the utmost of my ability, and God, the revealer of the truths be my witness, and no witness is better than God.

      Know that I was born on the 17th February, 1917 in village khabekki ,Valley Soan Sakaser, Khoshab, Pakistan and was something of a prodigy in a particular way. I remember an instance when I was but an infant a few months old. But here I will not dwell on any topic other than the dreams which I had during my life but the dreams only that are concerned with my mission. I had had the dreams in my life which are beyond the scope of Freud and Jungs and which I even today remember to the minutes details. Their interpretations I have seen fulfilled. I was the man to advance the work of Einstein, Darwin and Bacon, but Providence had a course different from theirs allocated to me, my mission had been to reveal to the world the views of the scriptures, the Quran and the Bible, regarding this modern atomismistic materialism, and it is to this effect that the divine sanction of my mission has to be linked. I absconded from the school after years of a coerced and tormented presence, without taking even the matriculation examination, and my father succumbed to the grief and died. And I to this day feel an inward sense of guilt and sorrow. Yet the matter may be considered as the will of the providence.

      The First dream I saw, when I was but a young child. I saw in the dream that one of the rooms of the house of my father had no roof on it. Its walls too were around the walls as support. Presently I saw the light of two torches like the light of electric torches falling on the northern wall of the dilapidated room, and waving about as if the source of the light moved on toward the wall from the south. In the same instant a repeated sound of he word “Alarum” issued from the point of the source of the light, whence it issued. Soon I beheld the riders on horse back approaching the wall. The light of the torches actually issued from the foreheads of these riders. Their faces I could not see. They approached the room and I saw them climbing up on the eastern wall still on their horses moving on the eastern wall and traversing the northern wall made around and moving on the western wall climbed down and disappeared. In recent years I learn that Francis Bacon he son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, and the trumpeter of the modern age, while in his teens in France had seen in a dream two days before the death of his father in England, that the house of his father was plastered all over with black mortar. Indeed today the entire world is plastered with black mortar as a result of the philosophy which Bacon gave to the world. Two things deserve notice about my dream. Firstly that at that time I certainly could not have known the English word, Alarum, and secondly that I do not think I had then seen the light of the electric torch. Though the interpretation is before me, in the form of the light which I have found in the field of scriptures and that of science. And the alarum I do hear in the world as well as in my own works.

      Then in the year of 1942, in my 25th year, when I was in Mussayyib, a place near Baghdad in Iraq, I saw the dream. I saw that I stood somewhere on a plane in Western Iraq or Eastern Syria, for the dark hills of Turkey I beheld in the north in the background. There facing toward the north I saw before me lying west-east with his head toward the west, and face up a ward, a very lean , tall and awarthy and looking dirty man tied with ropes, almost nude, to a bare bedstead woven with course, dirty looking material. I stood looking on him for a while, and then I saw myself a few yards to the north standing before a tree, not very tall, but round above the stem, with leaves that were broad and appeared like the leaves of the Pipal tree. On every leave sat a parakeet of green light, all humming together. The tree was on the whole wrapped in a shroud of radiance. I beheld the tree for a while and then I saw myself at a distance of about a hundred yards further to the north, face to face with two men, one of them stood a little to my left and the other a little to my right. The one on my left was of a small stature, very lean and a bit swarthy in colour, with his head titled toward his right shoulder as if exhausted with prayers, and was wearing a green turban like the one worn by Al-Hussaini the Late Grand Mufti of Palestine. The other one, that was on my right, was tall, sturdy, and handsome like a golden statue rendered by some great artist. And was beautiful and glorious, so that words fail to express. He stood upright with his gaze fixed on some very distant object toward the south, and his hair were black that reached the lobes of his ear. His beard was thick and black, but moderate in length and not I beheld him, the word, Ibrahim, arose in my mind, for the resemblance of this word and the upright stature of the man before me in uprightness. And when I stood before them, I thought I was a candidate and that the one on my left, the green turbaned one, recommended me for the post. And he without moving his head looked askance at the one on my right as if with expectation for the confirmation. No one spoke a word. The whole atmosphere was bathed in moonlight and if I do not err I felt very pleasant fragrance. I awoke with inexpressible joy and regret. Joy at the dream and regret a waking.

      My interpretation of the dream is, that the tied up man was the symbol of my worldly desires which remained tied to the end of my mission for forty years. The tree was the understanding of the scriptures which I later had in an amazing manner. The green turbaned one was the symbol of a teacher, for thereafter all the knowledge of scriptures and science I acquired without a teacher. The green turbaned is a traditional figure to whom God had sent Moses to see a peculiar type of knowledge specially bestowed on him by the God. Moses, however, had found himself unable to learn a type of knowledge which was not congenial to his mind and his line as a lawgiver apostle. The instance is recorded only by the Quran and is nowhere to be found in rabbinical literature. The Muslim commentators of the Quran have called that person by the name of Al-khidhr because of his green dress.

      At the time when I had seen this dream, I could only read the Quran without knowing its meanings or interpretations, but late when by the Grace of Almighty Allah when I learned the meanings and the interpretations of the Quran I discovered some revealing facts about the dream I had long ago seen. Read the following from the Quran that refers to the nightly visit of the Heavens by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him):-

      “By the star when it setteth, your compatriot erreth not, nor is he led astray, neither speaketh he from mere impulse. It is no other than a revelation revealed to him: One terrible in power taught it him, endued with wisdom. With even balance stood he in highest part of the horizon: Then came he nearer and approached and was at the distance of two bows or even closer… and he revealed to His servant what he revealed. His heart falsified not what he saw. What, will ye dispute with him as to what he saw? No had seen him else another time. Near the Sidrah tree, which marks the boundary. Near which is the garden of Repose when the Sidrah tree was covered with what covered it. His eye turned not aside, nor did it wander” For he saw the greatest of the signs of His Lord”. (Quran : Liii: 1-18)

      About the Sidrah tree the commentators of the Quran write that it is a tree in the seventh heaven beyond which human know

    • Frank Menchise profile imageAUTHOR

      Francesco Menchise 

      9 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Yousuf Gabriel, your dreams seem really interesting, but what they mean is hard to say for me, of course the best interpretation of dreams can come only from the dreamer self, therefore you should know what sort of message they have given you.

      But seeing that you are a very clever and older person than I am and therefore you have had more experience about dreams and everything else, I want to ask you a simple question; do you have any theory so to speak, from where these dreams may come from and why?


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