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Spiritual Haircut

Updated on November 14, 2010

As we have seen in the Book of first Samuel, Eli and his sons refused to repent of their iniquities which they had committed against God over the "church" at Shiloh. Therefore God choose a replacement that would be obedient to his word. This replacement came from the barren womb of Hannah, a child fathered by Elkanah, an Ephrathite. The child's name was Samuel which means, “asked of God”. who God raised up to be a prophet from a young age and he heeded the clarion call of Jehovah Saboath and led Israel to victorious revival.

Ever so often, God has to make an example within the church to get the eyes of mankind refocused on him and not on that which He has created. So God will allow the church to have a "spiritual haircut".

If not, man would start formulating his own religious systems, reveling in his own programmes, spirit of greed and gluttony, leading many into self-reliance, pride, and contentiousness, blinded to the fact that his wisdom and his knowledge is a source of perversion rather than a source of truth.

This false confidence further leads many to the methodical abortion of God’s governmental system and obstructs godly leadership. So God will allow a people to undergo "pruning" or a cutting away of that which is false, to bring them back into focus.

An example comes from the book of Numbers chapter 16 which tells of Korah and the 250 princes who sought to stop Moses from his assignment as God’s leader. The penalty for this interference, with Divinity at work was a swift exit from the living, as the earth opening her belly, gave entrance to them that were at fault. Israel’s utter bewilderment was to resulting an instant merging into an attitude of corporation, a sort of unity of the faith. This unity, however, was not given to longevity, but did produce momentary caution against murmuring and complaining. Similarly, Eli and his sons led Israel into a pit – a waterless pit. When we equate water as being God’s word (Ephesians 5:26), and as we do this, we see the nation that was not leader-friendly, having none that would break the fresh word of God among the people without hypocrisy and undue gain.

Eli’s sons had no zeal for God but were making merchandise of the things of God. They had become tyrants and fleeced the sheep. Therefore the people were in a “pit”, powerless, oppressed, having no hope, alienated from God because of leadership that was caught up in idolatry.

Eli's sons had allowed themselves to be directed by a strongman called, Baal. That spirit tries to hammer away at, firstly, leadership or God’s delegated authorities, then the flock. The goal is to bring them into bondage so that they would walk away from their spiritual assignments and to be a reproach unto God.


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