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Spiritual Help in a Dark Hour

Updated on October 29, 2019
Jerry Hulse profile image

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"

To give this hub some stability, I suggest you the reader do a study on the "Visions and unusual unexplained events in the life of George Washington our first President!

I begin this hub with an urgency to be a voice crying to my generation as if I were a watchman on a wall trying to warn the people that an enemy is near. We that were born in the middle 50's can reflect back and visualize men and women visiting our school talking about the goodness of a loving God... They would always leave us presents like bibles and some nice toys that we would play with for hours.

I remember one in particular that had a monkey climbing a ladder. I would work this thing until I got him all the way to the top. Time sure has changed since then, especially since we the church have set back allowing one woman to go before congress and have prayer taken out of our schools. I will step out and say that it left the home before it left the school. It is amazing that God invaded her home and called her son to preach. Yes, the very one that was responsible of being an atheist and successful in getting prayer taken out of our schools had to live with the very fact that her son became a man of the very God she declared did not exist.

This reminds me of the resurrection of Lazarus who had been dead four days.

Here, we have Jesus being raised from the dead and showing himself alive to more than 500 people at one time. After his resurrection and after living with his disciples for forty days, we find him taking his disciples out to Bethany and there ascending into the heavens from the Mount of Olives. Now, we have Jesus absent from the Earth but we find Lazarus alive and living a full life for all to see.

The very ones who declared that the body of Jesus had been stolen by his disciples had to face the fact that Lazarus who had been dead and buried for four days was alive and well.

I always strive to give a remedy in my hubs especially if I expose or diagnose some problems in the church that need addressing and that I shall do.

First let us review what has brought us to the dangerous world conditions that we now live in and face everyday. It was in the 60's that a newspaper came out with the headline in bold type declaring that the Living God is dead. It was then that the Beatles came over from England with their secular music infiltrating the hearts of our young teens. One song titled, “The Yellow Submarine” was referring to the high of experimenting with hallucinating drugs. God began to work through the Christian populace by having a song writer come out with a song stating "If God is dead, who is this living in my Soul"?

Lets look at where we are and how far the moral standards of our nation have been let down by men and women who were supposed to be watching for our souls. Because of the lukewarmness that infiltrated the church, we are living in an age of spiritual confusion and darkness. We now have people that were born in the era called the baby boomers who mostly were involved in the protest of the Vietnam War as they lived it up on college campuses with their free love and unprotected sex. We now have some of these same people holding offices in our government. We have teachers using books in our school teaching evolution and denying Creation telling our young people that life does not mean anything that we were merely a tadpole that came out of the ocean or the off-spring from a monkey.

We have denied the very God that clearly showed his protection in the founding of this republic which caused such men as Benjamin Franklin to make the statement "It is undeniable that a Sovereign Being is responsible for the founding of this Republic and it would do us good to remember this formidable friend".

Friend, God helped establish a Nation that would be a safe haven for his church to take his gospel to a lost and dying world and that he has done for two hundred plus years.

George Washington was surrounded by the British when a mysterious fog set in allowing he and his men to escape up the Delaware River and just when they got out of gun range the fog lifted to allow the British to see them escaping. Without warning, a wind arose that kept the British ships from chasing them or we would probably be flying the British flag today instead of the blessed stars and stripes. The enemy decided that since we were a strong unified republic that was protected by a mighty power that had shown himself strong in our founding that they would have to find a way to bring us down for our God was to strong to attack us.

Like Daniel of old, they decided the only way to get to us would be through our morals and find a way to indoctrinate our young to the point that this Sovereign Being would have to turn his back on us and that is what they did through our music, Hollywood and MTV.

During the end of World War II, the industrial revolution set in taking mothers away form their children to make a living in the factories that were springing up throughout our land. This left our young unsupervised and allowed MTV to raise our children. Laws were passed that legalized abortion till 1.5 million babies are aborted every year. Prayer was outlawed in schools and public gatherings leading to teens shooting it out in our streets and in our schools. Today, student rape, teen pregnancy, drug deals muggings and shootings are considered to be a norm of the day.

The Holy Bible is rejected by the secular humanistic school boards while pornography, humanism, occultism and Satanism are the regular curriculum. There is something wrong with this picture but what is it?

We must have a Spiritual cleansing that will bring a visitation of God’s power to burst forth and vanquish the darkness of sin and declare the righteousness of Jesus and his lordship as being the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

God is raising up people who will spend time with him in prayer and communion. God’s plan for this hour is for his people to turn from their worldliness, and prayerless lives yes and repent of their selfish fleshly cravings for power and positions. He desires for them to repent of their church quarrels and denominational jealousy.

God wants our pulpits to once again thunder and burn with the power and the cleansing fire of his Holy Spirit through men and women that have a made up mind to not compromise the truth for a meal ticket.

My Conclusion

Church, it is time to wake up to the call and task upon us and strip ourselves from the love of this world and the love of self. Yes, and turn to the Lord with our whole heart with fasting and our prayers being saturated with our tears until we hear from heaven.

Let us remember that our view of the Living God will affect our view of our fellow man and as the word says, "How can we say we love God whom we have not seen and hate our brother whom we have seen who is made in his image and likeness?

© 2012 Jerry W Hulse


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