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Spiritual Magnets

Updated on October 27, 2015
Graham Laidler, 8 December 1937, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
Graham Laidler, 8 December 1937, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Do you sometimes feel things that you know you shouldn’t feel? Like you suddenly feel emotional out of the blue? One minute you are smiling and laughing and then you may leave and go to another place and automatically feel this overwhelming sadness or fluctuation of emotions? You might be what we call an empath. So what is an empath? It is a highly sensitive person. This would be someone who feels emotions in every fiber of their DNA. Let me break down how this works.

Empaths are magnets of energy and you attract others emotions towards you just like a piece of metal would be drawn to a magnet. Why does this occur? We are all composed of energy and our energy fields are all part of the vibrational grid. Some people vibrate at a higher level than others which allows this energy transference. The transference of energy is not observed with the human eye but emotionally. You will automatically feel things you normally wouldn’t.

When I used to work in a call center with over 500 people, I often felt so overwhelmed. I would speak with my best friend and I knew when she was having a bad day or not feeling good. I didn’t know how I knew but I would pick up on it. I would turn to her and ask her, is something bothering you? I believe she would get freaked out and said she would rather me not ask that question but I’m glad I did because I was always there if she needed someone to talk to. I would feel her emotions and we sat next to each other because our cubicles were attached. The closer I was next to someone the strong the connection was. I sat for roughly 8 hours a day 5 days a week and most days I left feeling so tired and fatigued. I often listened to other agents and their gossip, not to be nosey but it’s avoidable when so many people are in the same floor. Not to mention the customers who just had a bad day or were irate with their service. I was always on the receiving end of their emotions. It never crossed my mind that I could be an empath.

Michael via Wikimedia commons
Michael via Wikimedia commons

So as you can see, the connection as I like to refer to it between and empath and another person can be felt stronger the closer you are to the person. However, regardless of the distance between two people emotions can still be felt. For example, Sally could be across the world in England and I’m here in America and I can still feel her emotions. Remember we are all “connected” to this grid of vibrations. Here’s some important things to know about empaths.

  • Distance – Distance between the empath and other person does not matter. However the closer you are to people the stronger you can pick up information.

  • Crying/Teary eyes – You might get water eyes often or one eye may produce a tear. You are subconsciously connecting. This does not make you weak at all. In fact you are quite strong if you tear once in a while. It’s your body’s ability to clear energy.

  • Crowding – You can tune into anyone at any given time although ethically you shouldn’t but sometimes we don’t choose to. The larger the crowd or audience the stronger the feelings and physically you might feel ill.

  • Age – Age doesn’t matter as some people develop these empathic abilities at any age. Some are latent while others are born with this connection.

  • Nervousness - Empaths often have major anxiety attacks and panic attacks. If you are just beginning or don’t know why you are having these attacks it’s quite possible it is attributed to others emotions. It’s a coping mechanism of our body when we don’t know how to rid ourselves of others emotions.

  • Music – Don’t get me started. OMG, if you listen to that LOVE song about heartbreak you might just ball into tears or get extremely emotional. We can relate to the song or feel the emotions of the artist singing and relate to it on a deep level.

  • Goosebumps – You might feel goosebumps at any given time or any reason. You might be scared by the emotions you pick up and not realize.

  • Photographs – Seeing pictures whether it be in a magazine, online, or newspaper you might pick up on emotions.

  • Passed – Doesn’t matter if you are alive or have passed. Emotions are imprinted in the etheric atmosphere so if the person has passed you will pick up on information.

  • FACEBOOK – Any form of news especially FACEBOOK newsfeeds. You might find yourself overwhelmed by other people’s statuses. I used to go through my newsfeed and become so overwhelmed by emotion from the messages left by friend like images, breakups, anger, etc. I had to remove a lot of people who were just negative individuals. Once I cleaned up my list I found it enjoyable once again to see what was on FACEBOOK. But this is true for any form of media or news.

  • Movies – Movies or any films are all set up to evoke some kind of emotion from you and regardless of what you watch you might feel happiness, laugh, cry, and feel upset. Football games especially and the winning teams. You know there are a lot of sports fanatics who will go through these range of emotions if their favorite player or team wins or loses.

  • EATING – You might find that you are empathic if you are resorting to food to calm your emotions. “COMFORT FOOD” as I like it. We often suppress those emotions by trying to substitute it with food.

  • ANTIQUES/USED items – You might stray away from things others have used because energy imprints are left and you will pick up on them.

  • Reading between the lines – Empaths will know if a person is being sincere or deceiving. You often have the ability to read between the lines.

  • Selfless – Most empaths will do selfless acts and help others. You might stop someone being bullied. Speak up for a great cause. Most empaths have a great sense of compassion.

  • Healing – You might be empathic if you find yourself trying to heal others. There may be a fascination with reiki or holistic medicine or therapy.

  • Attentive Listeners – Empaths are usually the people who friends or family go to for advice or counseling. Something about you is wise and comforting. You know the right words to say to make someone feel better or calm.

  • Energy Loss – You might feel drained or tired if you are tapping into this energy a lot. Be sure to relax and get adequate naps, sleeps, and drink plenty of water.

Although I started off with tapping into my clairvoyant abilities, the empathic side is always a part of who I am. I’m happy I can help others. The list I mentioned above is just a few items that can help you or give you a better insight with being an empath but there may be many more things. Whatever you feel embrace it and if you are overwhelmed learn to set boundaries. Make changes in your lifestyle or the places you frequent.

Here’s some use tips to help you if you are an empath:

  • Meditate – It’s essential to meditate at least 3 times a week if not daily and at minimum 15 minutes during each session.

  • Grounding – Always ground yourself if you are around large group of people or if you just spoke to someone negative. You will know when to do so because you might feel the intense change in your emotions.

  • White Light – I find surrounding myself in a bubble of light especially white helps me. Think of it as a shield. Try envisioning yourself in that.

  • Schedules – If you are a reader or someone who accesses others energies, be sure to set limits in between readings. You don’t want to drain yourself of energy as you might feel physically ill.

  • Crystals – You might want to invest on crystals if you don’t have any. I would start off with rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz as the foundation of your crystals and then you can experiment and try others that calm you or help clear energies

  • Sage – You might want to sage your home after you’ve had a get together at your house with friends or family.

  • Nature – Sometimes it’s a good idea to relieve stress and just reconnect with mother earth. Sit outside and close your eyes and listen to the trees. You are one with the universe.

  • Massage – Pamper yourself sometimes a good massage or acupuncture can help you relieve the pressures of being an empath.

  • Angels – Call upon your angels when you need guidance or to help them heal any energies you may have picked up. They always listen just need you to call them.

As you hone your abilities you will be able to feel more liberating and go out amongst public. This is not a curse or some horrible ability that cannot be maintained. Remember to control the inner in order to control the outer. Years from now you will look back and laugh at how you picked up so many things and now are a master. To feel others emotions on a deep level means you totally can help and heal. It’s just a matter of deciding what you feel like doing. Always use your abilities for the greater good and you’ll always be rewarded. Blessings in love n light. X


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