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Spiritual Mediums

Updated on June 4, 2017

John Edward


Spiritual Mediumship vs. Psychic Mediumship

According to some of the well-known mediums in the world today, there is a somewhat important difference between spiritual mediums and psychic mediums.

A medium is a psychic, but a psychic isn't always a medium. This is a point that takes on a lot of confusion and I will try to cover that on this page.

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects currently in the physical world by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future.

A spiritual medium takes their intuitive abilities and is able to tap into the energy surrounding the person they are reading that is currently in the physical world IN ADDITION to the spirit energies of the person being read. So they take their gift one step further.

So in addition to being able to see and feel the energies of the person being read that is physically here in their body sitting or stainding in front of them, the medium is also able to connect to that person's non-physical energy and the people or events connected with their past, present and future.

It would seem that the connections are made through four different ways:

Clairaudience - mentally "hearing", Clairvoyance - mentally "seeing", Claircognizance - mentally "knowing", and Clairsentience - mentally "feeling" messages from the spiritual realm.

It seems that most mediums and psychics alike agree that every one of us has a certain degree of this ability to connect with the spirit world. After all, as the saying goes, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around.

Whatever it is and whatever you believe to be true and whatever you call "it", one thing can not be denied and that is that there is a lifeforce within all of us.

John Edward

John Edward McGee, Jr. better known as John Edward is one of the more famous psychic mediums in the world today.

He grew up on Long Island, (so did I!) so I feel like I know what kind of person he is, even though I don't know him personally.

In interviews I have seen him talk about how his ability just developed from a young age as a child. He was raised primarily by his mother and grandmother and started sensing and feeling spirit as a teenager.

People from all over Long Island heard about his ability and started seeking him out and getting in touch with him so that they could be read. It was this that started him on a path to more seriously developing his "gift".

I am a person who does believe in the connection that mediums can make to the spirit world so that may be why I believe in what John can do, but... BUT... it's something else too, it's his confidence in what he's saying.

There are many interviews in which John explains how he gets his information and how the spirit world communicates with him personally. It seems that each medium has their own artistic way of doing this and that it's not the same for every one of them (more about this later).

I like John Edward's confidence and honest delivery in the information he gives to people. Sometimes, however, it seems he is so confident in the infromation he is trying to deliver that he comes off as a little abrasive if the information is not being received well by the person getting the reading.

He often explains that when a message is not being accepted by the recipient in the physical world that it is most likely his own interpretation of the information that is incorrect. He has said that because spirits have no physical bodies, they do not actually speak physically but can lower their vibrations to make sounds, hence John will get a letter to a first name, and not the whole name.

The spirits will deliver messages through his own life's frame of reference to get him to say what he needs to say to the person he is reading.

My own personal opinion is that John is great at what he does. I don't think that he is out to dupe anybody. He seems like he really cares about wanting to help people heal from their loss and that's why he does this work.

He does not really care about whether or not people believe him, because he believes in himself and his gift and is only sharing it with people who are open to it.

John has had two different shows on television in the past, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country. Deeply compelling, often startling and very often humorous, John has a down-to-earth approach that most people connect with. His wait list for private readings is over two years.

I do not think he is currently doing a show, however he is a common guest on many talk shows where he reads people in the studio audience.

While he is the author of over seven books, John has also been featured in articles in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, People, Entertainment Weekly and in the Associated Press, and was named as one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People of the Year.

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Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo is also know as "The Long Island Medium". Her television show airs on TLC and takes place mostly from her home on Long Island where she lives with her husband, Larry, and two children, Larry and Victoria.

In the opening of her show, she states "I'd like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom, but I have a special gift... I talk to the dead."

In my opinion, I think she has an amazing gift and shares it with people everywhere she goes. However, there are many people who are skeptical of her ability to connect with "Spirit", as she refers to "it".

I think the naysayers just don't get her. This woman is phenomenal. She has a very vivacious personality and way of making people feel at ease like no one else I have ever seen. When you see her give a reading to a stranger, you just know she knows what she's saying is true and spot on. Like she says, "There's no way you can make this stuff up!"

Although I believe John Edward has a similar gift of being able to "talk to the dead", John achieves his connection to the spirit world through prayer and meditation, Theresa seems to always be connected, and feels spirit wherever she goes.

She approaches complete strangers and tells them things about their loved ones who have passed that absolutely no one would ever know. You can see the complete shock and relief at the same time on the faces of these people she reads.

Whether it's the grocery store or an exercise class, she is always stopping people and giving them impromptu readings because she is always feeling something coming through and feels "compelled" to deliver these messages to them. It's really fascinating to watch.


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